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  1. oh im ever so sorry mate , so what do you think then would you want worthy (worthington) or hunter ? sorry again..
  2. also it could be a good excuse to give that clown the boot and get Martin Hunter in as manager and see what he can do.
  3. My theory is right......... if city have another DREADFUL start to this campaign i think we have appointed martin hunter as first team coach coz he will be drafted in as the next manger? i woudn''t mind any1 is beta dan the irish fool in charge now!!!
  4. how do you know this and worthless has already ruled him out because he not young and hungery.
  5. most of our transfer targets have gone to other clubs all ready such as elliot ward going to coventry who should i say have maid there 4th signing of the summer, davenport goin to either watford or wolves, david norris of th derby, we are giong to end up with the same old signings we get each year, the jarretts and hughes''s aload of s#*t i say!!!!
  6. and i just remembered the 6m parachute money we got? so would anyone trust worthy to spend or shoul i say waist the remaining budget we have............ no!!!!
  7. What happened to all the money for example the rest of the dean ashton money we got and the rest of the damien francis money we got for wigan staying up? please someone tell me?
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