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  1. I remember singing ''You''ll never get past Drury''. I think it was in the 03/04 season but it could have been earlier.
  2. I felt that strongly having seen the results at Yeovil yesterday. How could a team who were SO dire when they played us last week, score four yesterday (albeit at home)? I really think they felt they''d lost it before they came - and the comments of their manager after the game would suggest that too. It''s interesting to think that while we''ve been ''bigging'' up yesterday''s and the next two games as tricky ones, I''m guessing from other teams'' points of view, we are the trickiest! It''s an odd feeling for a Norwich fan!
  3. I''m hoping he''ll last another month as he''s Mr June in my NC calendar. I''m not sure any of the players on calendar have done that yet.   Mr May - Crofty - made it through most of the month.   After June, not sure how many of the players we''ll keep. It''s been a rubbish year for the calendar. In fact a rubbish year all round! 
  4. [quote user="Badger"] Who is he? [/quote] I know him as Curly in the National''s production of Oklahoma! a few years back. And very good he was too! Yes he got the date of the Milk Cup wrong, but surely the biggest inaccuracy was describing us as ''a good footballing side'' at the moment. Anyway, I think it''s very cool that he''s a fan.
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"] I think the attendance was capacity while the Jarrold was being built.   [/quote] Ah yes, of course! (Glad that explains it, I''d been a bit smug about the rubbish Birmingham support yesterday compared to ours!)
  6. Wow! Look at the attendance figure! Can it be accurate? Where was everyone that day?! I know I missed it because my mum and sister were visiting. I was fed up missing Huck''s last game, especially when it turned out to be so great. I took them to Delias in the evening and it seemed to be full of NC backroom staff being very merry!  
  7. In August, Hucks will be the player of the month on my NC calendar - just hoping it won''t be a bitter reminder of better times every time I look at it.  [:(]
  8. Good post! I agree with everything you say. The guy on Canary Call who blamed Jamie for all our problems this season was unbelievable! Absolutely agree that it will be incredibly hard to replace Dion. 
  9. Blimey! Anyone else notice that The East Anglian Daily Times has made a whole article based on this thread? Must be a slow news day for Ipswich. http://www.eadt.co.uk/content/eadt/sport/story.aspx?brand=EADOnline&category=IpswichTownFC&tBrand=EADOnline&tCategory=zsport&itemid=IPED11%20Dec%202007%2016%3A24%3A45%3A773
  10. He definitely deserves an award if he''s been going for 50 or more decades! I take your point though and will always thank him for Italia ''90.
  11. [quote user="Trent Canary"] Agree the goal music should not change. I loved Insomnia by faithless when we used to run out to that (Title winning season?) And for the millionth time please get rid of "And heres dave from bungay to lead us with kick it off".....  We can do it ourselves! [/quote] Didn''t we run out to the Star Wars theme in our title winning season? I loved that! I''m happy with the choice of the Ramones or the Proclaimers (though haven''t we had that since PG came?) My big problem is, unless they''ve done something about the sound system, I can never hear the music. We upper level River Enders need all the encouragement we can get!
  12. Just watched the video. Thanks for posting it. I think we were lucky to keep him after making him wear that shirt!
  13. Both guests on ''The Scrimmage'' last night said he was unhappy at West Ham. I''d not heard that before. Anyone got any info about it?
  14. I thought they stopped playing it when George Burley moved from Ipswich - the lyrics that the crowd sang didn''t make sense anymore!  I would love something to get the crowd going again, the atmosphere at Carrow road was dire last season. I really miss coming out to the Star Wars theme, that used to always get me excited.
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