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  1. Morning,

    Do Capital canaries still arrange cheap train travel to Norwich on match days?





  2. N4 Canary

    Bunn - Appeal?

    In response to the Op. Yes I would, There was nothing deliberate about Mark Bunns''s handball ( if you call the underarm handball )

    There was no change of movement in Mark''s actions. HARSH

    We had a number of decisions go against us today and were magnificent. Bassong''s hand ball was also not deliberate, unlike Rose, who moved his arm towards the ball in the box.

    Great performance.

  3. N4 Canary

    One that got away.

    CMS looked excellent tonight, full of running and 2 goals. Should of bought him!!
  4. N4 Canary

    Southampton Tomorow

    I''m In. 2nd away trip of the season. Better ground than Brentford, which would not be hard.
  5. N4 Canary

    Ted McDougall Top Cherry

    Cheers BroadstairsR,

    This was a great read. My story is I was born in Bournemouth and moved to Australia when I was six, the reason I started supporting Norwich in the 70''s was the John Bond and Bournemouth connection.

    Thanks again, I don''t normally look at the times on line so I would of missed this.


  6. N4 Canary

    Drinking tonight

    By Heck. The New Inn is the Away Pub.

    Is there parking at the Weir, I am driving up the 315?


  7. N4 Canary

    Any Spare tickets for tonight ??

    I will have my ''yellow Forever'' shirt on underneath a jumper. Sorry that was sounding a bit Gok....what I was trying to say is ''I would leave the Colours at home''
  8. N4 Canary

    Any Spare tickets for tonight ??

    Keelen''s Glove.

    Certainly sell them on the night. I will be doing that once I get away from work. I believe The New Inn is the away pub on one of the corners.



  9. N4 Canary

    Capital Canaries

    Thanks ACE and Jim.


  10. N4 Canary

    Capital Canaries

    Hi All,

    I need some information on Capital Canaries and train travel and costs up to Norwich, I generally drive, but Iam looking for alternatives.



  11. N4 Canary

    Who leaves early?????

    never normlly leave before the end of either half.......but must depart early this sat to get back to London I bet I miss the only Norwich goal of the game..but after seeing Tuesday night, I''m thinking I could stay in Norwich until 4am and still not see us score
  12. N4 Canary

    Anyone else getting this?

    Just having a try Wiz.....looks like it is fixed
  13. Ipswich

    Bournemouth ( I was born there)

    Perth Glory ( I was raised there )

    Australia whenever they are playing.

  14. N4 Canary


    loved it mello...very funny!!


  15. N4 Canary

    Where are you based?

    Was based in Turlewray Close Finsbury Park when I joined the board a couple of years back. Have been in Putney for 18 months but dont see the point in changing user names.

    Still love North London, but it''s not good for work.

    Hey and no problem with you asking canaries in bed.