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  1. Yes, but what about Drury? Lost a tooth (some reports say 3 teeth), a quick drink and spit and carried on playing, now thats a hard man. I was right next to the incident and it looked nasty and he just shugged it off. Then he had dentist treatment and tried to play the next game, admittely he had to come off in the 1st min for feeling groggy, but how many other footballers would have tried, would you have?
  2. Germany 1 England 5, one of the best nights ever, but too many years ago now
  3. I think Hughes actual position is a right back  and he is played out of position in midfield. At right back you can get away with playing long balls up the wing or to the centre forward, you need a bit more about you in midfield. If Hughes got a run at playing right back I think he would be better than Colin.
  4. I don''t understand the critiscim Drury is getting. You will only realise how good he is when he isn''t playing for us anymore.
  5. Totally agree, Etuhu might have the talent but doesn''t have the right attitude. I find that more frustrating than watching Andy Hughes who has the right attitude but not the talent.
  6. Unfortunetly it is true as I was on the train. I was 12 at the time. He had a young wife and family and there was a collection for them at the next home game. So tragic.
  7. Well done hardhouse, that was the best post on here. Our ''midfield three'' is the problem. The reason we lost yesterday was becuase hughes, etuhu and robinson kept giving the ball away and offered no protection to the defense. Hughes and robinson just aren''t good enough, whilst etuhu just really annoys me. There is a good player in there, we see flashes of it. he has all attributes but I just think he doesn''t want it enough. All three on the transfer list in Januray please.
  8. Yeah I agree, none of them looked 100% but needs must at the moment.
  9. I agree we got what we wanted (worthy sacked) because of bad performances. I can''t see why you would think I was saying any different? What I am saying is that there cant be a massive change in performances until PG has a chance to get some new players in. We should all recognise that and really get behind them even if it isn''t that great at the moment. I just thought it was a bit quiet. Mind you I thought Colchester done a good job on us, Halford looked good.
  10. I think thats a fair assesment of the game last night. Another positive - the number of times our goalkeeper threw the ball out to one of our players instead of launching aimlessly up the pitch was greatly increased. In time with better player''s (hopefully) to come in in January this will see an inprovement in results.   Negative - fans, weren''t we all abit quiet? We got what we wanted- a new manager, all we need now our some new player''s! Lets get behind them.
  11. You have to feel for Grant right now, our 3 best attacking players injured and not much in cover, I think we should reserve our opinion of Grant until he has is own team established in a years time. Ferguson or Mourinho would struggle with this squad.
  12. I hope not! 2 weeks ago I had a £20 bet @ 40/1 that worthy would be the new leeds manager. I have been quietly confident of this until Sheff Wed sacked their manager.
  13. To be fair some of our most successful managers have come up from within the club - Stringer, Walker and Worthington, and I think that none of them were popular appointments at the time with the fans, just show what we know and that anything can happen.
  14. I agree hucks is a true Norwich Legend. How many players are there that truly excite you when they have the ball. We are really lucky to have him, whatever we think of Worthy you have so say it was one of the best signings ever for the club.  I just hope he wants to stay at the club.
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