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  1. Well said ,some of these people saying what a great signing he is without ever seeing him play are living in a dreamworld .  I phoned my mates and they said he is excellent ....whatever next .
  2. 100% improvement from last season ....jesus some people.
  3. Who would want Huckerby now ? getting old and has lost his pace , no Premiership sides unless the mighty Watford or Sheff Utd are interested.
  4. I would like our first tactic to be driving the Irishman out of the club , a 100% winner.
  5. Head , sand , we will never improve while so many are so stupid.
  6. Total garbage Saint , Klinsmann has worked miracles with a German side thought to have no chance , Worthington has turned a fancied side into the laughing stock of the division. People who think Worthington is doing a good job should go support Ipswich YOU PEOPLE ARE HARMING THIS FOOTBALL CLUB.
  7. More people want Worthless out than want more of his third rate signings.
  8. Well if a manager cannot get his players to play how he wants them to , hes a pretty piss poor manager wouldnt you say.Get hin out asap ...10 games is 10 games to many.
  9. We have not put a bid in for Howard according to local sport on teletext , sure i read on this site that Worthless had put in a bid and was waiting for a reply .Who at the club is telling porkies ?
  10. If hes never fit and it looks odds on he never will be hes a waste of space . Newcastle bought a pup too Owen is way way overated and always injured ,  Real Madrid sussed him out quick enough and what did they do ? got shot of asap.
  11. Should just release him on a free the guys a total waste of space and wages.
  12. I would not give the clown one game , he should be got rid of asap by whatever means possible.
  13. Sit tight and wait for the Irish fool to buy another load of laughable rubbish just like he did last summer. Good luck to Birmingham they are showing the ambition to get back to the Premier League that has been so sadly lacking at Norwich City.
  14. Hunter wont make a blind bit of difference , it will be a re-run of last season no play offs or promotion.Worthington is a loser always has been , he got lucky with a loan signing once , its not going to happen again.
  15. We are not skint its just that the Board will never invest in the team , look at the class of player Birmingham are signing  to the utter rubbish we signed last summer .
  16. He will always be criticised because Norwich City fans hate the man , and with good cause. Would any other club in this country suffer the fool ? no not a chance , hes a parasite feeding of  an old woman who does not have the bottle to sack him.
  17. No we have a do sod all and cross your fingers and pray type.
  18. We wont do so well next season , crowd will be calling for Worthingtons head from day one . lets all chip in and pay the executioner , his head in a basket now that would be success .
  19. Bring back Robert Chase , kick the little old cook out and lets get a team back on the pitch instead of Worthingtons poor excuses for footballers.
  20. Did not sound like it fizzled out against QPR did it ???? so many people HATE this manager with a vengence , only the love of little old Delia keeps him in a job , but then she was the same with the other Irishman .Maybe shes into all things Irish , nudge nudge wink wink.
  21. Worthington would only waste the money anyway , he will be gone 10 games in , save it for the new man.
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