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  1. I had the same issue, changed browser and its working fine through firefox.
  2. Haha, I feel fot him. One of my earliest memories of going to the football was being sat on the terrace rail at West Ham watching the players do their warm up when Robert Fleck hit the ball over the bar and knocked me flying. ''Flecky'' came straight up and was very appologetic, in some strange seven year old way I felt kind of special lol.
  3. I saw Delia in the upper tier with 10 empty seats around her 
  4. A good point,you only need to look at where Bolton are to understand the value of  practicing set pieces,i''ve heard quotes from Martin Hunter before saying how they practice set pieces in pre season and "tweek" them on a friday,which for me seems too little.After all how many set pieces have been succesfull in getting goals and how many goals have been given away from oposition set pieces? I think the stats speak for themselves!!
  5. An excellent appiontment,I wounder if he''ll be training anyone to nut the crossbar!! lol
  6. What a joke!! frozen pitch,I live 2 miles from luton and its been raining all day so the snow is all but melted,I thought a frozen pitch meant that the ground is to hard,but obviously I am wrong because my garden along with every other field around here is soft.Should the referee or the groundsmen or whoever it is that postponed the match have waited at least until tomorow morning before making such a desision?    
  7. The one we missed out on for me is Howard,if the board had of put the money up for him he would of come,the wounders of hind site lol. To be fair Dion was better value and if it wasnt for the fact we have no cover at center back he would up there banging em in!! I may be on my own here but im happy with the way PG is slowly getting his squad together.Things can only get better!!
  8. MLJ must be without a doubt the worst bit of buisness done by city ever not only the fact his been injured for ever but he cost us one of our top midfielders who to add to the issue has been replaced by Carl Robinson. I wouldnt usually post a rant like this but seeing Gary Holt play at Chelsea today speaks bfor itself.
  9. Is he gonna be the 20+ stiker that has illuded us so far? Do you not see Earnie as a 20+ striker
  10. I may be setting myself up for all kinds of abuse here for my second hand information but around sept/oct time last year I was playing for a team in Bedford where some of the lads were close friends of Callum Davenport who incidently would be one of my first choices to bring in this Janruary,but acording to them Dean Ashton was a "done deal"  at the time I laughed it off but they were very sure of it. Rob Earnshaw is a very diffrent character to Dean and in a totally diffrent age bracket,I just hope he shows a similar sort of loyalty to Norwich as he did to Cardiff.
  11. I wounder what odd''s are like for worthy to take over at Sheffield Wednesday its'' gotta be worth a tenner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
  12. Im going and cant wait to see the start of a new era even if it''s not official until Monday maybe knowing the new boss is in the stand will inspire a top performance. QPR 0 Norwich 3   hat-trick for Earnie 
  13. Agree with evrything you say but im just afraid it will all be brushed aside by the board with the usual quote of  "we''ve been unlucky with injuries"  
  14. I agree it is A worry that should Shack''s or Doc''s were injured cover is limited to say the least but surely with the money coming in from the sale of Green, Davenport would be A great signing and make good competition for places.   
  15. "norfolk n good" cant remember who wrote it but its a classic IMO.
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