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  1. I hope this gives everyone as much satisfactionas it did to me (a grovelling binner!!! :o) ) This is the end of their match report from the bluesweb website. ''So, Town sacrificed their Pride of East Anglia Crown in this encounter at Portman Road, and although the match was dogged by some poor refereeing, it is not a valid excuse as the bottom line is, on the end of the day Town were second best, and got what they deserved. Passion, Comittment, and determination were three qualities Norwich had, sadly, Ipswich did not and the display overall was nothing short of a disgrace. The fans have been well and truly let down in a game that means so much to them, but the players clearly did not seemed to be bothered by this, and on this evidance are very much the second best team in East Anglia.'' Sums it all up really, thanks NCFC for a fantastic 2003 and keep up the good work!! Top of the league at Portman Road OTBC
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