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  1. [quote user="Millo"] Like another poster explained look at the trouble bradford, rotherham, leeds etc have been in and did they go under? That just does not happen anymore.   [/quote]   And look at the hole they all have found themselves in
  2. The UKs contribution to global warming is minimal in comparison to that of the USA and China.  Unfortunately the reality is that unless followed by the major poluters, reduced green house gas emissions in the UK will have no effect on reducing global climate change.  The dilema is that if our efforts to reduce global warming in this country are futile are we morally obliged to help fix the problem or should we just continue making lives easier for ourselves with big engine 4x4''s etc?
  3. Sorry jas but I have to disagree with the statement that you have to put out the best 11 players.  Norwich need to put out the best team which is balanced and can match the opposition.  Take for example the England Gerrard/Lampard/Hargreaves situation- Playing Lampard on the left doesnt work- technically, experience and honours wise Lampard is a more gifted player than alot but if the team doesnt gel then some players have to be dropped to create the correct balance. 
  4. [quote user="Smudger"] We are now looking certanties for relegation this year [/quote]   If you know anything about football then you should know that nothing in this game is a certainty.  
  5. It may well make our current "untouchables" have a long hard look at themselves, and their work ethic, and their commitment, and their passion, and their ability, and their wage packet.  They need one hell of a kick up the backside (some just need to be kicked out of Norwich altogethor mind).  The only problem would be if the youth got a complete spanking, the old guard would walk straight back in and the young lads would be seriously demoralized.  
  6. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Undecided 4. Yes 5.Yes 6.Yes 7. Did not see the game so can''t comment 8. Yes 9. unless things change- board, management team, players
  7. Tonights sheffield star leads with a story linking Earny with the blades.  Do people think he would consider a move?  What, realisticly, do we think he is worth if he does want ouy?
  8. Please RR, If you are not going to add anything to what you have said numerous times on other threads then don''t bother saying it.  I am a great advocate of free speach but you are saying nothing new.  All you other posters out there- Dont give RR the satisfaction of responding to this thread.  PLEASE, lets end this thread with this- We wont get relegated this year, give Grant a chance and support your team.  In the summer we can discuss removing Grant if it is deemed necessary.
  9. [quote user="ronbol ronbol"]and it''s all the boards fault. Sticking with Worthy for so long, now appointing the newbie Grant. it''s all down hill from here. Not so sure of not getting relegated - have you seen the team play this season? GRANT OUT NOW [/quote]   Ronbol Ronbol- So good they named him twice!!!  More like: so repetitive he named himself twice
  10. USA- maybe we could sign him up to the wwf (or is it the wwe these days?) and cream some of his earnings into Norwich transfer kitty
  11. please try not to waste my time. I spend 90 mins watching crap every week and dont have time for this tripe
  12. It has to be Dubs and shacks at the back.  The Doc is no longer an option.  Because of this a centre forward is essential this january.  My worry is that if we lose earnshaw Dublin will be forced to play upfront alongside whoever we get to fill earnshaws place.  We must : Keep earny, buy another center forward and thus allow us to play Dublin at the back.
  13. Heard a hammers fan on sky sports news claiming that PG was the backbone of the managerial side and since his departure things have not been the same at Upton Park. 
  14. In a Harry enfield tone... We are considerably richer than yow.  Nice one Wiganer.  Shame your wealthy chairman doesnt pay his staff a fair wage hey. 
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