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  1. can''t acces youtube here but i''d have thought a jingle would do. something like   You can''t beat Bennett    
  2. i had my summer holiday in Feb/March loved it at the time but it don''t half seem a long wait til next year! good job the NCFC news is keeping me entertained then
  3. pete-norw - what you do on your own time...   (sorry, i''m just having a laugh like)
  4. Nice one Mr Chops! very funny.   I think what people have to remember here is that we are entitled to our opinion on new signings, some will see them as good, some as bad, but ultimately none of us know (i) what the overall club plan is and (ii) how that player will get on.  I guess what i''m saying is that one persons opinion is simply that - an opinion.   Absolutely agree we show our support for the club, PL, and any new players that join but i''m not gonna slate someone simply for questioning it.   I recall my forever smug friend who supports Newcastle saying the singing of Michael Owen was the best thing to ever happen to the club.  His opinion changed over the following months...
  5. problem at Newcastle is that Harper and Krul are very highly rated with more experience than FF so it''s probably why they continue to loan him out.  i''m sure they want to keep FF in case Harper retires or is sold. i think Hull would be a good move for FF, as i think Hull might have what it takes to push for promotion next yr.  they ended the season quite well and i just have a feeling they''ll be a team to watch (not that i''ll be watching the Chumpionship :)  )  now i''ve said that, they''ll probably do a Sheff Utd.
  6. one of my more elderly colleagues expressed their dismay at being able to hear Rod playing on Weds, but i''ve assured them they are in for a treat on Saturday with JLS! anyone know what JLS stands for btw?  i assume something like juveniles love shitmusic ?   what we need at Carra Rud is a bit of Greenday!
  7. tis a shame he is leaving, i looked upon the whole of NCFC''s staff as one strong unit since Lambert joined but people come and go good luck to Chester - we''ll be playing you next year!
  8. da da da da da da da da da da Wesley Hardingham hardingham, Wesley Hardingham
  9. i really like it, tho i don''t tend to wear replica shirts anymore as for those saying we should have a big manufacturer like Adidas - no way, who wants to conform with the rest of the world? we are Norwich after all.  and the perception of quality with bigger brands is not always true, but their advertising campaigns like to make you think that way.
  10. spot on Shack Attack i''m sure part of the atmosphere on here is caused by anxiety for next season to start - i know i can''t wait and it already feels like ages since i was last at Carrow Road. not wanting to wish life away but bring on August!
  11. using the multi-verse theory there must also be a universe where Dowie is seen as a ''bit of a looker''  :)
  12. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Can''t see Johnson, McDonald or Wilbraham being here come August but Chris Martin will be named in the 25 and have an opporunity to grab a place in the 18 or even 11. They''ll start level when pre-season begins, apart from Holty of course and whoever earns the position through training and matches will get it. There is no doubting his ability, at times I thought he was superb this season, times not so good but for whatever reason the goals didn''t materialise. However he''s still young and will come again.[/quote] Being Captain, i''m sure Holt will start but all the others have to prove themselves next year. i think Martin will still be here but we''ll have to wait and see.  as for Wilbraham, McDonald, Daley, and Johnson i really do feel they will be sold.  someone mentioned Adeyemi and i think he''s an exceptional young player.  still too early for him to be considered for first team action so i hope he goes on loan to a championship club next year and comes back to us with even more experience.
  13. someone told me Colchester away was a dead-cert - guess that makes them a liar  
  14. Fox did have a great end to the season and as others have said i''m sure he''ll get his chance.  I thought Crofts did very well in that position when concentrating on defending, but when he went forward it did leave us a little exposed.  I think as an allrounder Crofts is the better player but in the PL teams like us really need someone to sit in front of the back 4 and not move. staying in the PL is all that matters and Lambert has to bring in enough players to have strength and depth in every position.  he didn''t mind dropping players last season who helped win League 1 and i''m sure the same will be true next season.  
  15. [quote user="CaptnCanary"]Is it just me or are the transfer valuations being bandied about for players like Morisson and CMS just crazy at the moment? I mean, those are figures similar to or more than the figures we paid for Ashton and Earnshaw. They were outstanding players at the time - far better and less risky than the current players being looked at.Why can this be?[/quote] i think it''s just a sign of the times - English strikers cost ridiculous amounts at the moment.  I heard that QPR bid £2.5m for Watford''s Danny Graham and they turned around and asked for £8m...
  16. me too - once the BBC is updated it will seem more real!
  17. i liked the look of Morison last year and clearly he is ''hungry'' to play for us. really like Vaughan and hope he does well for us, as we all do. CMS - i haven''t seen any of his games this year.   can''t help thinking tho that scoring goals wasn''t an issue last season with what 83 in the league alone. (yes i realise scoring in the PL will be more difficult).  A long way to go in the transfer market but i''d really like to see another quality centre-back join the ranks.  the suggested fees we are paying for Vaughan, Morison and suggested value of CMS aren''t huge but i hope the budget is spread out across the team.
  18. this reminds me that someone told me the other day we have a ''friendship'' cup tournament with Sunderland each time we play them - i''ve never heard of it but then according to wikipedia it''s true presume they don''t celebrate it when they win? other than the usual celebration for getting all 3 points - hope i''ll see it for myself next season in the PL!
  19. i think he''s a good player and as YC said, i''d rather he was in our team than playing against us but his injury proneness and wage demands would be a worry
  20. agreed it is just crass and i did say they are not intentionally mean or divisive in what they say, just a bit thoughtless.
  21. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Mahogany"] Hull agreed to the terms of his contract, no one put a gun to their heads. [/quote] you clearly havent spent a day in Hull have you? [/quote] nice one !  but at least he''s not a Yorkshire man at heart - else he''d cause disruption in the dressing room - constantly reminding the other player''s he''s from Yorkshire and how much better Yorkshire is than the rest of the world, and how in Yorkshire they say what they like and like what they say etc.. (sorry, this is a harmless dig at Yorkshire only said to annoy my friends from upt''north - i was born in Suffolk so can hardly talk.. really it''s a struggle)
  22. the phrase "the other one" is what i and others around me find offensive mate.
  23. i think we would have stayed up had Ashton been purchased in the summer and if his form and fitness were the same as they were Jan-May. but the mentality was an issue, and a lot of the summer signings were poor. i have so much more faith this time.  OTBC
  24. there is an old couple who sit behind me that are quite annoying as she says things like; "he threw it someone offside" and he generally thinks he knows much better than anyone else. they also both hate Chris Martin and Simeon Jackson. they are a little bit rascist too which pisses me off but somehow old people seem to think it''s ok for them to be rascist as they are "too old to change" - my arse. this couple aren''t intentionally mean but say things like "who''s that warming up - is it Korey Smith or the other one, Jackson, wait no it''s McNamee" so embarrassing to sit near - i suggest they are ''retired'' from going outside...
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