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  1. i think Tierney will start instead of Naughton but they''ll all get their chance also think Surman''s goals v Parma will mean he gets the start on the left of midfield - not sure if he''ll go for the diamond or 4-5-1 tho, could go either way they all can see how many options we have as clearly as we the fans can and that''s got to spur them on to have a great game every game (not that playing in the PL wouldn''t do that anyway) can''t wait!
  2. please please please let us trash Wigan, 3 points whichever way they come is all i want prediction Wigan 2 - 3 Norwich  
  3. can''t remember when they usually post it but more likely they are waiting for certain players to go by 31 August rather than someone else to come in.  unless Tevez fancies a change from living in Manchester...
  4. can anyone remind me the code to join the pink un league on  fantasy premier league please?
  5. i think the player most likely to get a call up (not a cap) for England is John Ruddy.  clearly Holt is the better player but we don''t have a lot of English PL goalkeepers.
  6. it''s not so much the terrible use of English, it''s the impression you get that this journalist has been asked to write an article on Norwich, he doesn''t know anything, so he''s used wikipedia and a thesaurus and got away with it still, it''s better than the dribble written by an Englishman on Yahoo yesterday; (apologies if most have already seen it - it''s bad enough to read the first time) http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/early-doors/article/343438/  
  7. what really annoys me is the constant stream of made rumours by these so called journalists that bigger clubs are going to try and poach our players...
  8. i watched the championship bit on iPlayer yesterday morning, mainly to get me up to speed with who has signed for who etc.. wasn''t interested enough to watch it when they moved on to League 1 but i bet the people of Sheffield were!
  9. as i said, only time will tell.  it''ll depend on the formation as to what kind of midfield we play - in some games we may need two central midfielders, in some the likes of Hoolahan and our new wingers may mean there is only space for one person.  Fox has the edge on passing but if they are going for strength against teams like Stoke or Bolton then Johnson and Crofts might have an advantage. as long as we are picking up the points, i really don''t mind who plays! plus when it comes to Foxes i prefer Megan to David  :)
  10. what are you giving us for the first home game then? didn''t get there early enough to get my free scarf last year so was hoping for something similar this year - free shirt? flag? year''s free car insurance?  :)
  11. i live 20 mins walk from ground with no woman to nag at me or make other plans ah, single life has some benefits!
  12. considering he hasn''t kicked a premier league ball i''d say no, and only time will tell i hope he and the other lads do well.  he will have strong competition in the middle with Johnson and Crofts (now we have right sided midfielders)
  13. I honestly have no idea how we are going to do in the Premier League.  on paper, some of the opposing teams look far better than us, but i have a lot of belief in the team spirit and hardwork we used so magnificently last year to acheive something almost no one predicted.   a good start is a must, and from then on it will be a case of scrapping for every point we can get.   I can''t wait! OTBC
  14. I thought Naughton did really well at left back last night, and i really can''t see R Martin being dropped from the starting 11 for Wigan so i suspect Naughton will start on the left with Tierney on the bench. My only issue with the starting 11 last night was Johnson.  I thought he did well, but he clearly prefers being in the centre and left Naughton exposed on the left a few times.  Since Bennett and Pilkington swapped sides a couple of times last night i wonder if Bennett might start on the left for Parma to see if he could start there, and Crofts could start on the right..?  just a thought   also thought Morison''s performance stood out and to be fair, all new signings looked good.  bring on Parma!
  15. I would describe Johnson''s performance last night as "dogged but out of position".  he is clearly a central player and since Zaragoza pushed most of their play to their right hand side in the first half, Johnson was constantly running back and forth from the centre where he clearly prefers to be to the left wing where the rather excellent Naughton was left on his own   i too am surprised Surman didn''t get a look in. i think the starting midfield will be Bennett, Fox, Hoolahan, Crofts. i also think the back 4 that started last night will remain for the Wigan game.
  16. bit surprised there are no articles about the match result on the pinkun or canaries website - unless i''m looking in the wrong places. 6-0 is a great result for the youngsters, half debated about going but didn''t in the end
  17. best of luck to him.  hope he does well.   use the force Luke!
  18. can someone help cure my ignorance and explain the phrase ''stonewaller''.  i know what it means - definate, without doubt etc.. but don''t get the reference to stone walls!  is it just another one of those old cliche sayings that lost its original meaning many moons ago?   you can tell it''s off season i know!
  19. i don''t mind if the N&P is a little quiet but that''s because (i) i don''t sit there (ii) they may not sing or stand but they still pay a decent amount of money to the club and (iii) since Lambert has joined we have actually started scoring down the Barclay end every now and then!
  20. i think he''ll do great, i hope he does amazing   clearly he has to prove it all over again and with a lot of our budget being spent on strikers he knows what''ll happen if he cannot perform. i really think he''ll be fine though, defenders are gonna have a torrid time with him!
  21. i guess it all depends on your perspective   i am not concerned about the current level of ticket prices as i accept anything to do with tourism or entertainment in this country is expensive.  i love film but rarely go to the cinema due to the rip off prices of tickets and food/drink.  would much rather pay for my season ticket and get a live action drama once every couple of weeks at Carrow Road.   i would not however, pay up to £50 per month for my mobilephone like a lot of people do or pay £60 per month for ''repeats tv'' like even more do.  i won''t pay for online gaming, or download useless ''applications''.   i guess what i''m saying is that whether or not it''s expensive depends on what you like to spend your money on.  in my opinion, the cost of my season ticket is ok as i''d rather have a season ticket than have an iphone!
  22. the millionnaire who got out of paying a speeding fine because he is technically ''unemployed''.  if that were me, i''d make a donation to charity for the same amount - least he could do. doubt he''ll ever play for us, but i do rate him as a strong midfielder.
  23. i would like a youngster to cover for R Martin (we had several and released them all over the past 2 years) and an experienced centre-back as cover for our existing players   sure PL will do what he thinks is best tho remember the transfer window closes 31 August which doesn''t give a lot of time for PL to assess how the existing pack will do.  after that, only freebies allowed til January
  24. the radio is no substitute for being at the ground can''t wait for the first home game of the season!!
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