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  1. i''d be picking;                         Ruddy Naughton  Barnett  De Laet  Tierney           Crofts    Fox     Surman                     Hoolahan             Morison         Holt
  2. in terms of new players i''d say Morison.  his battling displays away at Wigan and Chelsea really lifted the team and he put his all into those games.  don''t understand why he didn''t start vs West Brom   overall Ruddy has impressed me most, i guess i was a little nervous about him before the season started but he has looked assured and even saved a penalty.  shouldn''t have caused one at Chelsea (yes, Ramires dived but Ruddy was never gonna be first to the ball).
  3. [quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="San Miguel"] I went to see Cowboys and Aliens the other day - it''s ok, but of fun, not particularly serious film. Daniel Craig was excellent and Harrison Ford was good, Olivia Wilde did well in her role.   Made me laugh when walking out of the cinema my cousin heard someone say "well it was a good film but a bit farfetched for me" - you went to see a film with the words Cowboys and Aliens in the title - what were you expecting?  a biography?   :) [/quote] I probably see where he was coming from though, there''s a nit-picking element amongst hardened SF fans that want their stories to be believable, which is hard because none of us knows how we would react when encountering an alien for the first time. Given that all SF is far-fetched perhaps there was a plot element (I have not seen the movie) that did not ring true? [/quote] despite not being a particularly serious film it did have a ''beliveable'' element to it in that the aliens were here for the gold, being an extremely rare element in the Universe, and that made sense for them to visit Earth in the Wild West era when the gold rush was booming. i still maintain that if you see a film with that title you can''t expect too much.  it would be like going to see Snakes on a Plane and expecting Samuel Jackson to put in an Oscar winning serious performance.
  4. a few modern classics; Man on Fire John Q I Am Legend Inception Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  5. so Tamas will miss Swansea away, Everton away (cup) and Sunderland away - gee that really helps Norwich, thanks FA(!) seems so harsh on us...
  6. much like Whitbread - if he can stay injury free he will be a great signing.  but injuries will be a major factor for both of them for the rest of their career''s.
  7. with all the money that there is in football and since it''s 2011 not 1911 why is there not video technology?  i''m not talking just goal line stuff but a 5th official watching instant replays and telling what he sees to the referee?   it''s talked and talked about with no one making any effort to implement it, or at least trial run it in one of the lower leagues,   makes me wonder if the likes of FIFA are intentionally stopping it from coming in.
  8. [quote user="komakino"]The ''mixing and matching'' that has been deployed so far just doesn''t work for me. We''re paying too much respect to the other sides, and ones that aren''t that great either. We''ve binned the system that won us two promotions, which I think is wrong. The way I looked at this season is that we would play the diamond for the vast majority of games - we would get humped now again, but the system would also give us wins, which are crucial as Lambert knows - draws are no good. Hoolahan must start and is crucial to the formation, unless of course that the rumours of Wes being sold in the next transfer window are true..[/quote]   Couldn''t agree more with this and was going to post something similar.   It''s still early days but to me, we have lost our identity.  the last 2 seasons we have had a solid system and solid style of play so everyone in the team knows what is expected of them.  Playing a different team and a different system in every game doesn''t seem right, and the best teams are the ones who know their best 11 and stick to it as much as they can.  Perhaps we don''t know what our best 11 is yet but we need to figure that out quick. For me the best 11 has to include the following, assuming fit and suspension free;  Ruddy, Tierney, De Laet, Fox (we need his passing and set piece ability), Crofts, Hoolahan, Holt and Morison.  That''s 8 out of the 11 i think should be starting every game at the moment
  9. whilst i''d welcome the signing of McFadden or Malbranque i really can''t see it happening.  wages would be an issue and the fact the club has shelled out cash for players in similar positions.
  10. i''m sorry but i thought he was poor yesterday.  yes there were some good link up passes but absolutely nothing in front of goal.  if he were meant to be playing centre midfield i''d give him 6/10 but since he''s a striker i would say 3/10 at best.   the whole team were awful yesterday, nothing like the performance vs Chelsea.   Morison should''ve started with Holt in my opinion.  I''m not sure Holt was fully fit and it was right to bring him off but Martin did nothing for me.
  11. i''ve been fairly disillusioned with England since WC 2010 so, whilst i don''t hope they lose, i just don''t really care.  i''ll be watching with interest in Morison and Crofts and hope they come away injury free.  if no Norwich players were playing, i really wouldn''t bother watching it... much like on Friday.
  12. I went to see Cowboys and Aliens the other day - it''s ok, but of fun, not particularly serious film. Daniel Craig was excellent and Harrison Ford was good, Olivia Wilde did well in her role.   Made me laugh when walking out of the cinema my cousin heard someone say "well it was a good but a bit farfetched for me" - you went to see a film with the words Cowboys and Aliens in the title - what were you expecting?  a biography?   :)
  13. obviously he''s at West Ham now so it means little at this point in time.  glad we won''t be facing him this season though, he seems a good lad and could have a big future ahead of him..
  14. on the bright side they seem to have gone a whole article without mentioning Delia or cooking puns. well done   (d''oh)
  15. English lessons aside I do not think playing 5 at the back worked - we were much better when Pilkington came on and took control of the play.  With 5 at the back we were inviting Chelsea to attack and providing no width to pass to. and yes, i was at the game, not basing this on radio or highlights...
  16. I thought the rule was 5 players on loan at any one time, only 2 of which from the same league.   So i think we could look at the Championship or other leagues...
  17. of course we have to start winning and hopefully that will come vs West Brom. if the performances were bad i''d be worried but since they''ve all in all been very good (i''m talking in the League only) i''m still very positive.  the games so far, esp the last 2, have shown how tough it is to win in this League.  Should we have won against Stoke? absolutely and the referee made a truly awful decision which cost us dear - someone mentioned yesterday that the ref was given a game this week in recognition of his mistake but i fail to see how that helps us. Chelsea - we could have beat them, had Morison scored that great chance, or one of the other chances gone in then yes i think we would have won.  in the end, we concede another penalty (that has got to stop!) and the end result of 3 - 1 makes it look a lot more comfortable for Chelsea than it was.
  18. I was sitting in a corporate area of the East stand and had similar thoughts Hooleyfan the away section was by a long way the loudest part of the ground, and apart from the goals and the music before kick off the crowd were largely quiet and passive.  the place is far too corporate, far too ''premium''.  it''s what i would imagine Red Bull Salzberg are like in Switzerland, or if Coca Cola were to create a football team and let the marketing department make all the decisions. craziest of all, the bit i sat in costs £2,750 for a season ticket - you''d have to be a muppet to pay that glad to a Norwich fan, no other team quite like us.  just hoping we start to get a few points on the board to go with our gutsy performances
  19. i doubt he''d sign for a club not in one of the European competitions
  20. i''m laughing AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!   because it''s better than rising to boring un-original posters like you   MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  21. really Gingerpele?  wonder what Dabo and the rest of the then Man City team would think of that. he''s a c***,  end of story
  22. what''s done is done with the Milk Cup   and Barton?  i''d hate to see him join us and would be happy to see him sign for a relegation contender like QPR.  he''s got a terrible attitude, can''t stay out of the press for all the wrong reasons and would only unsettle the team.
  23. remakes that happen too quickly annoy me, and often are dull copies of the original only quick remake (if you can call it that) which i like is the Christopher Nolan Batman films.   can''t believe they are remaking the Steig Larsson films which i thought were excellent, but a lot of people are put off by subtitles.   i''m surprised no one has remade The Great Escape.  Tell you what remake i''d love to see - The Blob!  always laugh at the title alone...
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