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  1. I agree WLTFO.  alot depends on the team''s mentality.  for example, a very different captain was needed last time we were in the premiership than this current squad.


    and i think it''s safe to say R Martin ''captained'' the defence on Monday.  I didn''t go to Bolton but vs Sunderland you could see him directing the back four, communicating a lot with Ruddy and Fox, etc..and very much lead the defensive part of our game, leaving the attacking side to Hooly

  2. very good post, like your positivity.


    at the end of the day, the pressure is on them to win against a team like Norwich. We fans can be a little more relaxed having got 6 points from our last 2 games and not expecting much at Old Trafford anyway, so who knows what is going to happen.


    if we continue to play well and the ref is as quiet as Monday''s was, i''ll be happy

  3. [quote user="AJ Wizard"]Like all of our strikers, he just needs to start scoring[/quote]


    a problem i''m very familiar with...  :)


    in all seriousness i thought Morison played very well last night.  Brown and Bramble battered the crap out of him but he carried on undeterred.  the tactics to begin with seemed a little off as putting him on long optimistic runs was nevery going to work.  he played to his strengths and got the goal he''s deserved.


    i''m torn as i love Holt and want him to be playing every minute of every game, but i really like Morison and can''t figure out how they can play together without comprimising someone like Hoolahan.  good job i''m not the boss.

  4. from the title i assumed it was you that started this thread WLTFO!


    another excellent performance from him last night - we need him in the team for the long passes, set pieces (i actually thought they were a little off last night compared to his usual high standard), and the claming presence he provides in the middle. 


    whoever is picked to play centre back must be delighted to see him in the team.  it''s testament to how good he is that he''s keeping Crofts on the bench

  5. some advice;


    you are correct in that the pinkun is often quite a childish and juvenile forum, and to be honest i probably wouldn''t use it as much as i do if it weren''t the only one i can access from work.  it has it''s good points - they are plenty of NCFC fans who have serious debates or share useful info on our fine football club and city and plenty of fun, less serious posts can be found too.  the focus, however, seems to be on picking sides and mentioning posters who are popular for winding others up.


    when someone critises what you say, it''s not especially clever to say ''f*ck off, you troll'' etc..  you''re never going to win and will only make yourself look childish.  best thing to do, which is also the last thing most of them would want you to do, is ignore them and get back to the main topic under discussion


    you didn''t ask for this advice so please feel free to tell me where to get, but hopefully you see my point.


    and ShackAttack - i think they are hilarious, you should start a thread on the non-football bit to see if other''s can come up with more.



  6. i think it''s more a case that for the last 2 years we have made the opposition play our way and so far this season we have at times looked like we are accomodating the opposition instead.  it''s not what fans are used to and with the added pressure to win it''s going to cause people to doubt the tactics we have employed.


    clearly the opposition are better than previously and there are plenty of valid reasons for doing this, as you''ve pointed out, but there are downsides as well - such as players form and confidence in being picked and dropped, inconsistency, danger of being less prepared than normal, etc..  for example, i don''t think it was right to play 5 at the back against Chelsea as it invited them to attack, which they did, and made it hard to release the ball upfield.  it took an injury to change the formation and make us better for it.


    the biggest problem is time ,or lack of it - we have no time to settle in, and no time to experiment in the Premier League as you get punished for even the slightest mistake (or mostly, if the ref is just sh*t) and as Saturday''s results proved you have to get points on the board straight away or else you''ll be left behind.


    i have a lot of faith and confidence in Lambert for reasons obvious to everyone and i think we have started the season with some good performances.  i do hope the formation stays roughly the same against Sunderland but 3 points is all that matters!



  7. i quite fancy going to this one but football is expensive and £40 plus travel and food is a lot of wedge when you''re paying for a season ticket too


    for those who''ve been before - is the ground easy to get to if you drive there? 

     are we likely to sell out tickets quickly?  (what am i thinking - it''s Norwich so of course we''ll sell out!)

  8. [quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="San Miguel"][quote user="Joanna Grey"][quote user="San Miguel"]

    I went to see Cowboys and Aliens the other day - it''s ok, but of fun, not particularly serious film.

    Daniel Craig was excellent and Harrison Ford was good, Olivia Wilde did well in her role.


    Made me laugh when walking out of the cinema my cousin heard someone say "well it was a good film but a bit farfetched for me" - you went to see a film with the words Cowboys and Aliens in the title - what were you expecting?  a biography?   :)


    I probably see where he was coming from though, there''s a nit-picking element amongst hardened SF fans that want their stories to be believable, which is hard because none of us knows how we would react when encountering an alien for the first time. Given that all SF is far-fetched perhaps there was a plot element (I have not seen the movie) that did not ring true?


    despite not being a particularly serious film it did have a ''beliveable'' element to it in that the aliens were here for the gold, being an extremely rare element in the Universe, and that made sense for them to visit Earth in the Wild West era when the gold rush was booming.

    i still maintain that if you see a film with that title you can''t expect too much.  it would be like going to see Snakes on a Plane and expecting Samuel Jackson to put in an Oscar winning serious performance.


    ''believable''? I see why you put it in quotation marks. There is more gold in your average asteroid than will (or can) be mined from the Earth. Our planet has nothing that can not be had easier and in more abundance elsewhere.



    umm... not really.


    the heavier the element the rarer it will be, as it takes enourmous energy to make it.  physics and chemistry are universal and we know that the same elements that exist here on Earth also exist trillions of light years away as we can see it in the radiation from their stars.


    gold is extremely rare which is why we place so much value on it despite it being a crappy metal in all aspects other than appearnace.  so the theortical storyline of aliens seeking out this rare element is beliveable - the quotation marks were there as we are talking about a story with aliens and cowboys!


    most asteriods are made of iced water or gas elements and whilst it''s not unlikely there will be gold in some of the rocky asteriods, everything sceintists have learned about the Milky Way and the Universe suggests that what is common or rare in our solar system is more than likely to be the same in any other system.


    sorry we were talking about films so let''s move back to that - anyone seen Warrior yet?  i really like Tom Hardy as an actor so am keen to see this one - i don''t usually bother with boxing films

  9. i''m surprised so many people don''t like MOTD - ok it''s not great but for me the BBC coverage is still a long way better than the drivel ITV or Sky can muster up. 


    Lawrenson was actually quite complimentary of us last year and backed up to be promoted and whilst the highlights were a little poor on Saturday, i really don''t care what any pundit says about us - we''ve quietley worked our way through League 1 and the Championship and don''t need the media attention.  i guess at least they didn''t make some stupid Delia or cookery reference.


    Linekar is ok but i think it''s time Manish took over - he''s the best presenter they have and i was sad to see him replaced by Hooray Henry on Football Focus.  Hansen is the best analyst on tv in my opinion.  The rest of the crew, particularly Shearer, are boring and uninteresting for me. 


    I liked it when they had Desailly on there - ok you couldn''t understand a word he said but he was a million times more interesting than the rest.

  10. I was expecting a post from you Who Let The Fox Out and quite rightly so.


    I''ll be honest and say that when Fox joined i didn''t see a need for him.  Crofts was my preferred central midfielder and at first i really thought Fox wasn''t helping the team.  As last season went on and his long passing and set piece play became better and better I was proved wrong.


    Fox was the man of the match vs Bolton in my opinion.  Without him we have not looked very creative - our only attacking tactic being shove it down the wing and hope the cross works out.  Fox''s set pieces were outstanding and, whilst Johnson has done well in most other aspects, he can''t take a set piece.


    We have to have Fox in the starting 11, in my opinion. I also think we should be playing 2 strikers and Hoolahan so quite how that works out i don''t know but Fox is as important as Ruddy, Holt, or Tierney right now.  Long may his outstanding performances continue...

  11. [quote user="Gingerpele"]San Miguel, do you think Holt and Morison will work up front together? Or just that Morison is key when he''s playing?

    I seriously think, unless he proves he''s not up the the job, Vaughan needs to be starting, could very well prove to be our best player. Maybe a risk starting him as he missed most/all/some pre-season and Holt took a while to get back to full fitness last season when he missed pre-season, but if/when were not winning after an hour, Vaughan needs to come on, not with 15/20 mins, he needs a full half an hour at least, maybe from half time if were not playing well at all.

    Lets just hope Hoolahan is at his best, then it will all be fine...[/quote]i think Holt and Morison are our best 2 strikers, and whilst i hope Vaughan will do great i can''t really judge him on a brief and bloody display vs. West Brom.Holt is Holt, and Morison looked great at Wigan and really lifted the team when he came on vs. ChelseaWith good passing from Fox and Hoolahan i think they could work well together, but i myself can''t pick our best 11.  i want 2 strikers and Hoolahan which means either ditching Fox or leaving us exposed at the back. good job i''m not the manager then!let''s hope we get a bit more ''luck'' in this game than we have had previously - COME ON NORWICH!!

  12. today''s line up tells me one of two things ( i can''t decide which one it is )(i) Lambert doesn''t know who his best 11 are yet or(ii) we are going to spend the whole of this season picking the team to accomodate the opposition rather than focussing on ourselvesi hope today''s formation works - it has Fox, Hoolahan, and Morison who i think are key but Holt should be in the team unless he''s fully fi,t in my opinion.anyways, best of luck to the lads, hope for the best! Come on you yellows!OTBC!

  13. Holt - it has to be.  no other player in the current squad has as much influence on the team and the opposition.  he leads by example, scores a lot of goals, and brings a bit of character to the game.

    when he has an offday, NCFC has an offday but fortunately that hasn''t been very often in the past 2 years.


    first name on the teamsheet by a long long way...

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