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  1. Cannot believe that people are grumbling about lack of entertainment. I''ll tell you this....I was pretty damn entertained when each of those goals went in !!A win at Blackburn, and I really will start believing that the top 2 is on.Alex Neil is doing an amazing job.
  2. The finances available to improve the squad will vary hugely depending on whether we go up or stay in the Champ.Clearly the squad last season was NOT good enough, and we''d certainly need strengthening in most areas if we were to make a fist of PL life. All areas of defence, CM, and at least one striker.If we stay in the Champ, I''d still expect something of a clearout, and would not be at all surprised to see AN turn to some of the youngsters to fill the gaps. It seems to have been his policy at Hamilton.
  3. Difficult to disagree with anything Lakey says, but the problem here is where do you draw the line, and who does the drawing ?For example, if racist chanting is considered unacceptable, is it any more permissible to sing homophobic songs at Brighton fans, call Cardiff/Swansea supporters sheepsh@ggers, or, dare I say it , howl how we ''beat the scum 9-2'' at our dear friends from down the A140 ?What happened on the Paris m├ętro is against French law, but I guess it''s not really feasible to have bands of Gendarmes on every station in the event of this sort of incident happening. So Lakey is right that ,there, it''s not for the football authorities to do much about it, but, there again others seem powerless to stop it.And it IS creeping in elsewhere, to be fair . A friend of mine is a Saracens supporter, and he''s noticed football style chants beginning to emerge at their games . Perhaps not a blatantly racist etc as those at football grounds, but unpleasant nonetheless.But I would say that the level of racism at games here is pretty minor compared to other countries, including ''civilised'' ones like Spain, where monkey noises are de rigeur. I gather that even in liberal Holland, it''s not unknown either.
  4. Whisper it quietly, but it just seems like we are seeing the first green shoots of the benefits of having a settled side. So, to my mind it would be silly to start tinkering with it now . Watford seem to have a goal or two in them, so we need solidity born out of understanding at the Vicarage. So, same again please.Incredibly, after the ''bare bones'' Brentford midfield fiasco we seem to have plenty of options in midfield now, so, if things do not go according to plan, AN can easily shuffle it around during the game. Early days I know, but I''ve just got the feeling that he has a lot more of  plan B and plan C about him than either Houghton or Adams ever did.We are sure to pick up the odd injury/suspension over the course of the next few weeks, so the above will be all to the good.
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"] Physically music may be less demanding, but psychologically, the demands to perform in front of thousands at the highest level, sometimes millions of people, is pretty similar.    Nerves, confidence, concentration, expectations, mental stamina are pretty much the same in most performing situations, sport and music and other performing arts.  The competition in the music business to get to the top is probably on a par with football too.    [/quote]That is kind of my point. I''m sure that the young musicians have to have all the qualities you mention (concentration, mental stamina etc), in the same way that young footballers do. But the footballer needs to have physical strength/stamina in addition to the mental ones.Where I do agree with you is this.Though I''ve never been directly involved myself, I''ve read articles that have suggested that more than 50% of young trainee football players don''t make it not because they are not good or strong enough, but more that they are just not switched on mentally enough or even not dedicated enough.
  6. A few years ago I''d have agreed with you, Lakey, but many of these kids have not even stopped growing at 17, and certainly few have the necessary body strength to cope with the ''cut and thrust'' of top level modern professional football. There are exceptions of course (eg Rooney), but pitch some of these lads in too early, and not only could they get injured/disheartened, but how many top teams can afford to take that sort of risk these days ?Of course, that''s where your music analogy falls down. In an orchestra, there is little or no physical strength and stamina needed, so your child prodigies can compete with more seasoned operators. And I"m sure you''ll disagree with me, but surely music is not as ultra competitive in the same way as team sports are?! I''m rather assuming that there were not hordes of rival lads itching to break the young Mozart''s fingers when he was entertaining all those people in the royal Vienna palaces !!!
  7. [quote user="lake district canary"]It needs a conscious decision to go with youth more.  If you send a player to a L2 or L1 they will likely end up as L1 or 2 players.   If they are good enough to be at Norwich they should be blooded in the first team asap and trusted.   It is imo the only way you will ever establish a culture of moving from youth team to first team.  You have to just do it. [/quote]But that was my point earlier Lakey. Norwich , like the majority of clubs, clearly feel that buying the semi finished article in either from British clubs or abroad is a more cost-effective way of stocking the first team squad . On the basis that you can only have 11 players on the field at any one time, the openings for youth players are going to be thus limited. Conscious decision ? Well possibly.I''m not sure I agree with your other point. One of the reasons why young players are sent to Lg1/2 teams is not just because they are only that standard. More to do with toughening them up and getting them fit enough for first team football . Unfortunately, a lot of younger players who get used to the levels of fitness required for Youth team games cannot hack it when asked to up the levels for League football of any level. Even Conference and Lg 2 football is played at breakneck speed and intensity these days .
  8. In the broader analysis of this, doesn''t it, as so often, come down to our old friend, good old hard cash ?It''s nice to think that producing your own youngsters is a good, cost effective option, but, for a lot of clubs, much of the time it isn''t . Running an academy is not cheap, and, as others have said  for every Bellamy, Bale and Oxlade Chamberlain  who get sold for big bucks,there are literally dozens of people like Ryan Jarvis who simply disappear without a trace.In fact, it''s a hell of a lot cheaper to buy in European or African talent from the French, Belgian or Dutch leagues . Whilst there are transfer fees to pay, it still works out often cheaper than growing your own. Surely one of the reasons why foreign players are not just the preserve of Prem and Champ sides, but can be found plying their trade in Lgs One and Two , and even lower.
  9. A lot is going to depend on what happens over the next 3 months. If we go up into the Prem, then clearly we''ll have to invest heavily in experience. The kids will still be bit part players if at all. On the other hand, if we stay in the Champ, I''m pretty confident that AN will have a big clear out, and start afresh with a mix of  our better remaining players and several of the youngsters.I''m afraid that the likes of Toffolo, Mc Geehan and Morris will just have to wait till May to see what  future there is here for them . If they do get experience in the Champ next season , then the comparison with Southampton will be more valid. Don''t forget that the top youngsters that Saints have blooded early in recent years were mainly in Lge One and The Champ. They have started a few raw youngsters in the Prem, but not as many as people would have you believe.
  10. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]OP...you must be joking! I wouldn''t want that lottery! Automatics would be brilliant though[/quote]You are so right, Rob.There are one or two misty eyed bravado merchants on here who are conveniently forgetting one basic fact of life.....Wembley 1985 aside, Norwich City FC do not do big days out  !!!!
  11. Have noticed the same thing with the various videprinter/txt score providers as well.Canaryplayer/BBC seem quite a while behind Sky, but I''ve found flashscore.com easily the quickest.
  12. [quote user="lake district canary"] The play off final we were in was not something I would like to have to go through again.  If we do end up there, so be it, but the top two has to be the aim still. [/quote]I do so hope you are right Lakey, but fear we''ve left ourselves with just too much to do.That said,I''d gladly forego the possibility of Hopeful''s joyous pm journey back from Liverpool St as the guests of  Abellio Gtr Anglia if at all possible !
  13. 1,  Derby2,  Middlesboro3,  Watford4,  Norwich5,  Ipscum6,  BournemouthWe will beat those nice lads from down the A140 over two legs, and play Watford in the final. Am bailing out of the Wembley match predictions now.....
  14. Pretty accurate reflection of proceedings, Rick.To my mind we are looking more and more cohesive with each passing week. Clearly after the Charlton hiatus, there is still work in progress, but it''s obvious from yesterday that AN is addressing this problem, and we are beginning to look a good deal stronger defensively. Wolves'' threats were really kept to a few half chances. Although Wes has his fans, it''s a no-brainer for me to put Tettey in before him, as we just appear far more sold. Unchanged side at Vicarage Rd , anyone ?The only pity about this is that one is now coming to the inescapable conclusion that if  this, or a similar, regime had been here from the start we''d be looking nailed on for a top 2 place now, as opposed to having to settle for the play-offs. But there''s no point crying over spilt milk, and we''ve just got to go with it, as it stands.
  15. [quote user="HertsCanary93"]With regards to those saying how he is representing fans on the radio, is that not missing the point of the show? [/quote]Not sure if those of us who''ve posted making that observation are ''missing the point'', Herts. Because the powers that be at RN have gone out of their way to say that that is the point of the show.However what you say later is fair because, I for one am not sure if that idea/format either works or gets the best out of the time available. As I said earlier, its a moot point, but to be fair to RN, they are never going to please everyone. Personally, I''d like a professional broadcaster alongside a regular ex-footballer pundit, but I''m perfectly prepared to accept that this type of format may be too rigid for some.When posters come on this thread saying ''idiot'' callers should be banned or edited out (or words to that effect) it says more about them than it does Butler, CC or Radio Norfolk though.....
  16. [quote user="Clint"]We had just won 4-0 but yet Butler spent most of Saturdays show banging on about ''Seb Bassong walking gingerly across the pitch'' to absolute tedium. His diagnosis of ''not looking good'' was also a complete waste a time and just an uneducated guess. Given that Bassong then played against Charlton, it was a complete non-story. It was a bit like when you hear a story or bit of gossip about city and you want to be the first to tell your mates for a bit of ncfc kudos.[/quote]I think that''s an example of the point I made earlier, Clint.Butler''s whole persona on CC is meant to be as if he were just a regular fan, doing the kind of stuff you refer to. We''ve all done it in our time, and I guess his style is in that mould.Whether it''s a good idea, or it works ,is a matter of debate. As with so many TV/Radio programmes you really cannot suit all of the people all of the time . For example, I''m not too sure about the ''different guest every week'' format.  Around Xmas time, Darel Russell was the guest and he openly admitted he''d not seen a Norwich game, as he''d been away coaching in the USA.  I preferred it when Neil Adams was the regular pundit, as he was very conversant with the recent games. But maybe they have difficulty in finding someone who''s prepared to tie themselves down to attending every NCFC match ?
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]How could I make up what I assume. Reg, you''ve lost it. At no point have I said posters were moaning about the 3-2 win because it was not 4-0. I said I assumed that was why. So how on earth do you expect me to find the quotes? If they were there I wouldn''t have had to assume. So now can you see how your subsequent posts have been dishonest? Indy, if you are being honest those things will be in the archives so either put up or shut up. And Sports Desk Crabbie...... Hurry up and sort the forum upgrade ;)[/quote]Word of advice , Nige.Leave it, for gawds sake.  When you try and wriggle out of what you''ve said, THEN have a pop at three different posters in one badly worded rant, you''re making yourself look even more stupid than normal.
  18. [quote user="TCCANARY"]There are no posts a 1 minute past 5 on that thread.     [/quote]My mistake. ...one minute past FOUR.But just to save everyone the trouble...  nutty nigel wrote: Then moaning about a 3-2 away win assumedly because it wasn''t 4-0. What can the team do to satisfy the never satisfied negativeNancies?....oh and while we''re about it Nige, perhaps , in the spirit of accuracy, you understand, you can point us all to the post where as above , you claim that people have moaned that our 3-2 success  v Charlton was not 4-0 ?
  19. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Finally!! Now list all the quotes you attributed to me since and if you still think it appropriate we''ll discuss honesty.[/quote]If you were as sharp as you like to pretend you are , NN, you''d know that I quoted the statement that you claim I''ve ''finally'' done at one minute past five yesterday on the Inconsistent Norwich thread.Do try to keep up. there''s a good chap. We''ve, I think established for some time that you made that one up.But crabby is right. We''ve rather gatecrashed his thread. Enough.
  20. [quote user="Indy"]If the board had of appointed Malky in the summer......Nutty would have said what a great appointment as he is and always been 100% behind the board..[/quote]You are kind of thinking along the right lines here Indy.He would have indeed done that. But if and when the sh!t hit the fan, he''d have denied it, made up some other fantasy scenario, and accused people of being negative. Then when his position became untenable he''d have labelled anyone who disagreed with him as dishonest. And wriggled and wriggled and wriggled.Threads with Nutty involved always follow the same pattern.
  21. [quote user="TCCANARY"]It could be this one; http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/3217763/ShowPost.aspx    The bit NN was referring to is here. "I liked the guy who said he won''t be happy unless be beat Charlton 4-0 and dominate Wolves, just imagine being the poor people who have to live with someone like that."       [/quote]Oh I see TCC, we''ve shifted the goalposts again, have we.? You should''ve said.Let me remind everyone what Nige actually said yesterday::  nutty nigel wrote: Then moaning about a 3-2 away win assumedly because it wasn''t 4-0. What can the team do to satisfy the never satisfied negativeNancies? But instead it seems we are now talking about  is what someone allegedly said on Canary Call on Saturday evening long before the Charlton game. Not on Pink Un at all.Still, when you make stuff up as often as Nige does, it''s easy to get confused........
  22. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Well done Reggie. Now quote my post about you suggesting Slade and all your follow up posts. Then, if yyou still think its appropriate you can post about honesty...[/quote]No need, Nige. People are perfectly capable of finding the posts to which you refer. If they can be bothered.But..... they might have some trouble finding the ones to which I refer. You know..... the ones where you said that people had moaned about our great 3-2 win on Tues and complained that it was not 4-0. And the reason why they might have some trouble locating them ? Because they don''t exist, do they Nige ? They were made up by you, as is so often the case with your postings.Still, never pass up an opportunity to lie ,and run down a large section of loyal NCFC fans ,eh ?
  23. Like pop singers are only as good as their latest record, for most people football managers are only as good as their last few results.All these people (eg Rosler, Slade,Lambert, Malky etc) do not just suddenly become bad managers? Mackay had a pretty good record at Watford and Cardiff, but either there is an inherant problem at Wigan or the racism baggage he''s carrying around at present is taking its toll.It''s easy to be wise after the event, but MM looked a really good shout last May, and I think those who rejected him out of hand then are being a bit selective with the facts . He may have been a good fit here; I guess we''ll never know. But, certainly, AN is making all the right noises so far.
  24. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Lol Reggiewhat happened to you using the quote facility in ALL cases to avoid this constant embellishing of others posts? I reckon your New Years resolutions are always broken by Jan 2nd![/quote]Nice try at swerving the issue, Nige . close, but no cigar.What you are saying then is that you lied when you made up the story of people complaining that the 3-2 Charlton win was not 4-0 ?Thought so , all along tbh.  Dishonesty in action.
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