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  1. Got to be Pilks and Vaughan for me. Bennett I think could either be brilliant or a flop but really hoping it''s not the latter.
  2. Lets get brown on! He needs his first goal and this would be the perfect time.   ONBC
  3. I live in King''s Lynn and from what i have heard fisk has done a pretty good job. I remember reading that he got man of the match in one game so im a little bit supprised by Grants decision.
  4. Good post and one that is worth reading. I come on here to see what people have to say every now and again but lately its been the same old s**t. Sack Grant! some people must to mad to think that their just going to sack him when he hasn''t even signed anyone. At least give him till the end of the season because the moaning is doing everyone’s head in.
  5. This has brought a huge smile to my face! Can’t wait to see him play as I hear he is a good player. The wikipedia thing was hilarious! I can’t believe they did it that quick. OTBC!
  6. Good post rustyboy. I agree with you that it makes sense to get hunter in as hardly any of the youth players are played but I still think the youth we have would not solve are main problems. The right wing is a major issue and a player is desperately needed. Do we have any youth players that cover that area well? Hendo has not showed us that he is great there but then he is a striker so why play him there anyway??? I think that eventually there will be signings but they may come in January which I feel is a bit late to start building a better squad. But yes I agree that the board are trying to achieve something with Hunter and the youth squad. [:D]
  7. Well said but it does get frustrating when other teams are signing good players. I hope we sort out are right sided midfield problem soon otherwise i might recommend myself as I play there! But yeh getting the right players and backing them is the most important thing for the club.
  8. LOL yeh he defiantly did that to get in with the Norwich fans! Have to say he’s got some balls as i couldn’t have jumped in there just like that. Played Mr Bigs.
  9. I was very bored today so I decided to watch some clips on canaries world. The presenter (James Big) jumps into the ice cold bath and I was literally in stitches. Did anyone else see this as I think it was hilarious! James Big you legend! [:)]
  10. I also want colin to do well. Would love to see some of the younger ones shine through, maybe they will show worthy in pre season that they could be good enough. I doubt thorne will supply the goods but it will be good to see him battle for his place.
  11. Every season there is usually a player who does surprisingly well and shines for Norwich, for instance last season The Doc and the season before Francis. Who do you think will do well and not so well this season? I think Etuhu will show us that he was a good signing. I don’t no why but I just think that he will play with more determination. What does everyone else think?
  12. I think the fans were absolutely disgraceful to do what they did to him today. Yes he has not performed for us this season, but he has at least given 100% whenever he has played (unlike certain players). Maybe if the fans actually cheered him on his confidence might get better and even his performance. Imagine how you would feel if it happened to you. I bet alot of people would never want to play for the club again but I think Hughes is a dedicated man who will keep giving 100%. He will only start performing when the fans get behind him so give the man a break.   
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