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  1. I''m sure this is the guy we keep signing on Fifa 12 or 13 in career mode when I''m with some lower league club.
  2. Not that I agree with the statement that it was ST holders fault we lost but there is the point still that if it had just been a normal league game you would have been there, no excuses. We had 4 regulars around us in Block E of the Barclay, the rest were around 20 Under 16s all giggling and making stupid comments. Our support was clearly lacking but if the ST holders didnt turn up then neither did the players, apart from maybe Norfolk Cafu. The team that Hooton put out should still have wiped the floor with Luton. It was their chance to prove their worth and they failed. I happily stayed and applauded the Luton players, fantastic acheivement for them, but £10 wasted for us. Lets hope we can stay up, I have no doubt the 22,000 STH''s will be there supporting the team.
  3. The River End was named after Mark Rivers
  4. We''re Barclay season ticket holders who actually moved over one block and had a snakepit season ticker holder with us. Given the fact there was 4-5000 Spurs fans filling up the Jarold stand, how can you tell if the least loyal fans arent in that stand? Community stand was pretty empty too as was the N& Pee. If you''d gone, you would have known this. Mungo, real fans dont disrespect other fans
  5. I remember that day Nigel, I was on my chair screaming them on, I didnt care the Boro fans taking the pee, it was hilarious when we equalised and they stopped. I remember in the interview after the game Fleming saying we spurred them on singing "We''re gonna win 5-4" not quite, but it was a great fightback. At least the music isnt Tom Hark. Theres always a whinging few who will be in the minority, no doubt this will come up in the fans forum taking time away from more important subjects. The kids love the music too, its good to see people happy and dancing when we score, even if we are losing 5-2. If they dont get rid of it after the forum, then stop moaning about it and stop pestering McNally on Twitter, he has better things to be doing then deleting your tweets.
  6. Sadly just before my time but obviously a true City Legend. R.I.P. Graham
  7. Initially I was angered by Grant calling us a disgrace, but then I have to agree with some of what he said.  It doesnt help the team when they''re winning 1-0 to start singing "we''re sh!t and we''re beating you" nor while fans are chanting Hughes name does it help shouting "sh!t" after his name!  We were very poor on Saturday but I guess like me many people were annoyed by the lack of commitment and how poorly we played!  Having said that, Grant can''t go on calling the fans a disgrace, this club would be nothing without them and wouldn''t be where they are today if it wasn''t for the support and money of the fans.  We''ve put up with alot of rubbish the last season and a half and when alot of us are paying £360+ a year for our season tickets, you can understand why we''re annoyed when we see rubbish like that and our team throwing away 3 points in added time! Personally I thought the disgrace at the weekend and previous was the players, theres no effort, no commitment, no passion and no pride.  They only seem to worry about getting paid.  Grant said against Ipswich the effort was there!  What effort?  It doesnt take much effort to keep giving the ball away so some youth reject can score 2 goals against us.  As for the mentallity and intelligence not being there, its not surprising when the manager makes unintelligent comments about the fans! I''ll be there tomorrow and I''ll join in with the singing, but I want to see the players earning there money and the manager doing his job! OTBC
  8. I totaly agree, the fans singing worthy out during the game were a disgrace, especailly as we went on to win 3-2, no matter how rubbish we played.  You would have thought people would have learnt from the Middlesborough game that its not over until the fat bloke in black blows his whistle! Well done to the players for ignoring the boos and chants and getting on with the game and actaully turning the result around, especially to Huckerby for getting us back on track. I believe it may be time for a change of manager but I still don''t agree with the protests, he''s even done what most fans have been moaning about and givien some of the youngsters a go like Spillane, Henderson & Jarvis. Well done to Paul Gallagher as well, worth keeping hold of him, done well in the last two games showing that he deserves to remain at the club. For all those who are going to the Wolves game for the last game of the season, if you don''t like the protests sing over them with "Y''army" or OTBC.  Lets get behind them for the final game and hope we can beat the second Sc...Rivals. OTBC
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