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  1. *His performances at RB were solid. Yes he made a few mistakes but who doesnt? He has also turned some cracking performances in. Notably Scum at home. Wasn''t Hughes playing at RB because we had run out of options?  We''ve got Otsemobor coming in this season.
  2. It seems as if the agent concerned is a certain Willie MacKay - who seems to crop up quite a bit in the report.  I hope this doesn''t mean more faffing about in our attempts to get Marshall to Carrow Road.
  3. the forecast for Saturday is for much milder weather
  4. Good luck Carl, You were always one of my personal favourites - I have huge admiration for the way you kept turning in professional performances in the face of unpleasant and often vindictive comments.  Your critics have been vocal, but I think are in a minority. I enjoyed watching you play - thought you were MOM at Blackpool.  Best moment - watching your quick-passing game for Wales against Cyprus last October.  You were playing in Wales, there were two of us cheering for you in a bar in Cyprus! I hope the Canadian experience is really great for you and your family.    
  5. If he''s going, I''d personally like to wish him all the best (not that he''ll be reading this!).  I wish we had known last night and could have given him a better send-off. I think he''s been given a really rough ride - and often unfairly - in his time here.  He''s been putting in a good professional job against a chorus of boos and catcalls most games.  It''s no coincidence that since he''s known he''s on his way he has put in two excellent performances - at Blackpool and last night.  I should imagine he''s very relieved to be off.  
  6. isn''t Adrian Forbes playing for Blackpool now?  He was still looking very fast at Alex Notman''s benefit!
  7. At first I thought Grant''s outburst was a bit over the top - but he''s said as much in his post-match interview.  What is most important - it worked!  Thinking about it, I''m more annoyed about the huge fuss that was made about really very little - that was really a disgrace! Why have we all become such thin-skinned whingers?  PG shows most of the qualities we desparately need at the club - pride, passion, belief that we can win. This is football, not a garden party.  Thank goodness common sense and a sense of humour prevailed last night!
  8. We could just turn our backs to the pitch as our talented team and inspirational manager jog past - after all that''s what the Board have done to us supporters this season!
  9. Different papers, same gruesome story, "Norwich, without an away win in 2006, were awful.  Theur return to the Championship has been miserable although their manager, Nigel Worthington, said:"Preston had the rub of the green, otherwise we might have got something".  Independent on Sunday. "Jason Shackell, unchallenged at a corner, thumped a header in off the bar. "It came off the wrong corner of his head" said Nigel Worthington.  Gary Doherty, under pressure from Marcus Stewart, then slid in a cross.  Norwich were running out of men to mark their own defenders. And a year ago Norwich were beating Manchester United. Here they were more paltry than poultry.  Tchaikovsky never got to The Dying Canary and it will probably take Defra a week.  Worthington owes it to the bottom three aswell as his own esteem to pick them up for Sheffield Wednesday next week". The Guardian. I''m a supporter, I can take defeat - if I feel the team has at least done something worth watching. But I cannot stomach NW and the ostriches in the Boardroom turning my team into a national laughing-stock
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