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  1. Only happens in Scottish Premier League games, but the rule where Rangers are awarded dodgy goals, contentious penalties or quesationable free-kicks on the edge of the penalty box in the last 10 minutes of 0-0 games - that rule has to go I''m afraid. It''s ruining the game north of the border (as if it needs ruined any more).
  2. Check out Stan James betting for the game - England 0 Andorra 6 is only 100/1. A bookmaker I am not, but is that not a bit on the skinny side ?  
  3. Tell you wot guys, Oscars 2007 gonna be a tough call for the Academy - pure class. For all us that cant get to the game, this is invaluable. Joking aside, brilliant idea guys, nice one.  
  4. Think that 14/1 is a fair price to win league, though wouldn''t put my mortgage on it. Would like to think that if you end August playing 5 games (Leeds, PNE, Luton, Derby and Barsnley) and have say 10 points from that lot the 14''s might be cut a touch. Personally I have backed the 11/1 Leeds to win league. Hail Hail the Celts are here
  5. Sorry for infiltrating your site guys, but just want to let you know and maybe you can show one of yer own a wee bit of your support through this forum. He''s a good mate of mine and has given me tickets to see your Norwich when he can (the muppet in the Celtic shirt and nae coat on a freezing cold Tuesday night against Cardiff - Gawd it wiz cauld that night). Anyway, Ian is gonna do 2 marathons in a week in aid of a Spinal Injuries Charity - first one is in Bungay (quite near to Norwich I think) on Sunday 3rd April and the following week, we both head off to Paris if the Forgein Office of The Sun lets us go of course. If you around the Bungay area on Sunday, look out for Ian, he''s a good Norwich supporter and chances are he''ll be giving it "we want Worthy out we want Worthy out" all the way around the 26.2 miles - in training he has been like this for months ! Wish him well everybody, he''s worked hard in training and the Spinal Injuries Charity is a good cause. Good Luck Ian and Good Luck all you good Norwich supporters - altogether now "We want Worthy out, we want Worthy out ...." Mick
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