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  1. Webber also made clear in the week that it was his belief that by the outlay of the club this summer they had 'given it a go' and that the team should be doing better than they are. So by having absolved himself of any blame as to the quality of signings he's overseen , Webber must therefore believe this is a failure in how theyre being coached. If thats the case , he must act or he'll be tarnished with it too
  2. At the same time a manager's (possibly one who's soon on his way out) grudge with an individual player isn't bigger than the club either. In the last few weeks , when we played 5 at the back , we couldnt really find a place for him but in today's formation, it would have been prefect for him to have played, instead of Dowell...yet apparantly we cant find a place for him in a squad of 20?!? Stop bullsh!tting fans with fake stories of injuries
  3. Whereas we apparantly have given it a go this season At least you could see a vague idea of how we would score 2 seasons ago albeit with the one dimensional method of threading a ball through to Pukki. Can anyone say how exactly we're trying to score goals from open play at the moment? £65m wasted I'm afraid Webber
  4. Farke has signed his death warrant with that team If anything we should be doubling up on Rafinha down their right. Instead we-ve picked a side that will allow him to have an absolute field day
  5. Farke has signed his death warrant with that team If anything we should be doubling up on Rafinha down their right. Instead we-ve picked a side that will allow him to have an absolute field day
  6. If he has personal problems then he deserves every support ...but lets not have the club making up injuries about him and trying to take us for mugs if he isn't
  7. We cant have had too many managers in our history that we want it to work out more for , probably since Ken Brown. The guy has won 2 championships in 3 seasons afterall ...but there comes a time where statistics just cant be ignored. Defeat and he has to go .Sadly i fear it might then be too late for a new man to retrive it
  8. We're not asking him to do that that job At the start of the season we were playing him at the base of the midfield which was just madness but since we signed Normann to play there we havent then given Gilmour the chance to play slightly further forward in a more free role alongside him
  9. If McLean atarts ahead of Gilmour ,Farke should be sacked before kick off
  10. We certaintly werent rubbish...we matched a team who were 4th. If you thought that was rubbish you havent seen some of our other games this season
  11. Its no doubt a crossroads game tomorrow for us. A win...and we're off the bottom which psychlogically will be a relief, will reel Leeds closer to us ..and then give us the chance to go to Brentford next week to claw 3 more pts back on them ...lose and everyone has pulled away , Burnley, Leeds etc Just wish we had someone else in the dugout tomorrow i.e Mark Robins to have given the club a bounce
  12. 3 still have to go down...Burnley are more streetwise at this level than Brentford, Newcastle will have money to spend in Jan The likes of Watford and Southampton will win their games. I'd still be looking at Brentford as a candidate. 1 goal from open play in 10 games from 'hitman' Ivan Toney. We've seen teams start well before and run out of steam I remember Blackpool under Holloway getting 30 pts before before christmas and tgen only getting another 2 or 3 afterwards and getting relegatex
  13. Whatever happens in the 2nd half they haven't pathetically capitulated before a ball has been kicked vs a side with no centre forward
  14. A chance to make up 6 pts on Brentford in the space of 7 days ...if we could score any goals
  15. Continuously picking McLean ahead of Gilmour is the kind of decision that will cost Farke his job
  16. Bit harsh on Phelan..he's coached us on two occasions whuch I doubt he'd have done had he not played and captained in one of our best ever teams
  17. Gilmour is The fact that we apparantly cant find a place for him in THIS team is a failing by our coaches
  18. I read the other day that Canvey Island FC is below sea level? WBA is highest
  19. You say the players are 'clearly going to treat this like a cup final'....or they may see it as an opportunuty , live on sky sports to demonstate that they have lost faith in the manager and arent playing for him any longer, as Joe Cole identified last week at Chelsea Amyone recall Worthington's last game in charge and the 1-4 home defeat vs Burnley?
  20. I'm not even looking at points anymore...just looking at goals..we scored 1 goal in the last 10 games in the premier league two seasons ago after the restart and we've scored 2 goals in 9 so far this season (1 from open play) 3 goals in 19 games is reprehensible and I'm afraid displays that Farke isnt able to mould us into any kind of attacking force at this level No..we cant judge him after 38 games. The board left it too late with Alex Neil and with Chris Hughton and if unchecked will do exactly the same again
  21. I thought he looked good vs Brighton? ...there are however other midfielders who proved they werent good enough for this league 2 seasons ago and again this who the manager persists with playing
  22. Its only purgatory as long as we're in promotion contention every season we're in the Championship. It wouldnt take much of a slip for that not to be the case
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