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  1. Why does the mood need to be lightened?...we won this weekend AND Farke was sacked...
  2. Ironically in the 2nd half today we had 2 left backs on the pitch...whereas last week vs leeds against Raphina , Farke opted not to play one at all
  3. McLean's comprimising photos of Farke now no longer hold any sway
  4. Maybe whoever wrote it wants Farke Out?? ...a large percentage of fans do afterall
  5. Should we lose tomorrow, most clubs would use the following 2 week int .break to sack and replace their manager. Our board on th other hand will use it to bury their heads in the sand and hope it all blows over
  6. The bottom 3 last season had the lowest combined points total on the premier league. 28 pts would have kept you up .
  7. No square pegs in round holes...none of that nonsense selection we saw on sunday. Best players in each position... Krul Aarons Hanley Kabak Williams Normann Lees-Melou Gilmour Rashica Pukki Cantwell ....should have played this side vs Leeds and I believe we certainly wouldnt have lost and would given ourselves a chance to win
  8. If we're happy with a draw at Brentford, just relegate us now and spare us the next painful , long 6 months
  9. Under this board, theres been only a handfall of times that they've acted swiftly...most of the time when we have changed manager, the decision was made for them ...i.e Peter Grant resiging or McNally stepping in to remove Gunn and replace with Lambert. The vast majority of the time they've only acted when the fans have turned vocally at games. Unlike previous managers , the fans really really want things to work for Farke , which is to date why there have been no calls for his head at games. It really shouldnt have to come to that for the board to act...we would instead hope that they would make what is the correct decision by standing him down through their own diligence and professionalism and responsibility that they have for the club .....but clearly they won't...again....and its up to the fans, again to force the issue home Its a shame its come to this but this bunch of negligent bast*rds in charge ,with their heads in the sand,have left us with little choice and it didnt have to be this way
  10. A new manager would be without most of his players for nearly 2 weeks...getting them back about 48 hrs before the Southampton game. (Krul,Aarons,Hanley,Kabak,Omobomidele,Giannoulis,Normann,McLean,Gilmour,Tzolis,Rashica,Pukki;Sargent,Idah)...there'd barely be anyone on the training pitch Its these previous couple of weeks leading up to the Leeds game where we needed a mew man , who had a whole week to work with his players
  11. A very different time In the opening day of the Premier League there were only 12 non British and Irish players across the whole 22 clubs starting XI's. A more even playing field back then, when Jack Walker was the only individual throwing the money around then
  12. If we're now going down the road of playing whatever brand of football that was on Sat...we may aswell have someone who specializes in it rather than Farke Pulis is better at it
  13. The 'canaries trust' are the only ones to watch out for. They're the Illuminati...
  14. Well the club posted an annual profit of £21m last week How much will relegation cost us? A manager is the most important person at a football club. I'd say it is money well spent to get the person we need ( and to remove one we don't)
  15. No thanks...the guys a pr!ck...and we should remember that at this stage last season he also had 2 pts aswell. I'll take someone who doing a succesful job right now in Mark Robins...however our board have possibly left it so late ,he might think he's better off and has got more chance of being in the premier lge next season at Coventry
  16. You'd have to question whether Farke himself would really have the motivation for another Championship slog for a third promotion push ...plus next season there are a couple of extra factors that could make the Championship more of an unknown. 1) we could have one of Europes richest clubs down there with us in Newcastle...thats one promotion spot already gone 2) there's a world cup in the middle of the season which could throw the whole thing into chaos
  17. We left it far too late with Hughton, giving Adams 5 ridiculously hard games to save us ...under Alex Neil, they should have sacked him when we lost 2-0 away at a dreadful Villa team in February when we could see that Neil was out of his depth and a relegation battle looming...but didnt act. ...and now , even at this early stage they probably left it too late. Manager's who mught have thought they could have done something with us a couple of weeks ago will now think we're a lost cause. ...Sheff Utd took too long to act with Wilder last season and ended up with Heckingbottom in temporary charge for the remainder of the season as nobody else would touch it.
  18. Until the pandemic hit , we were still being relatively competitive....we'd just beaten Leicester and were 3 (?) points from safety. What happened after the restart was deplorable but the club had the alibi that there were no fans in stadiums ...a further abili still when Webber admitted post season that having decided to invest in the infastructutre of the club that we hadnt given ourselves a real chance given the sparse investment on the team So I can give Farke a free pass on 2 seasons ago ....what I can't however is after heavy investment on the squad this summer, we are a WORSE team than we were 2 seasons ago. 2 pts from 10 games is deplorable and is beyond sackable
  19. Theres a 2 week int. break after Brentford...which for some might seem a logical time to act ...but its probably the worst time. A new manager could walk in on the Monday after the Brentford game but not see most of the players for a week and a half until they come back from international duty 48 hrs before the next game. We've already wasted too much time. Farke should have gone after Chelsea so we-ve already wasted a week. He should certainly have been gone tonight to be giving a new man a week with the players ahead of Brentford
  20. Only the board can prevent that.. He doesnt deserve it, there probably hasnt been a manager of this club since Ken Brown that the fans have wanted the fortunes to turn for so much....but if the board arent seen to be acting in the clubs best interest, then the fans will have to
  21. The crowd havent properly turned at home yet ...once they do , a manager doesnt often survive after 3 or so games of that.
  22. It'll be a very long season for these two if thats the case , if they believe they can front it out ,week in, week out for the next 6 months. We're 8 pts adrift already before November. If/when the crowd properly turn it will get ugly. If the board, Webber included arent seen to be doing everything in their power to give us a chance of staying up, replacing the manager included, the crowd will quickly turn on them too...and thats often when a board acts.
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