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  1. We dont need a 'focal point'...we need a goal scorer. Who exactly would he be the focal point for in our team currently? No evidence to say he can score goals in the Premier League as yet
  2. Well I wont be ruing the fact we didnt sign a striker who's scored 1 goal from open play in 8 games...not quite sure why anyone else would be.
  3. Whats the fuss about?,....he's scored ONE goal from open play in 8 premier league games this season !?! (+ 1 penalty) ...we're perfectly ok for strikers that can't score in this league ,already thankyou
  4. We could still do that but maintain the 3 the the back to keep it tight... Krul Kabak Hanley Gibson Aarons Normann L-Melou Giannolis Sargent Pukki Rashica
  5. This is the Toney who has currently scored 2 goals in 8 premier league games, one of which a penalty?
  6. How Mount managed to stay on the full 90 mins was some achievement. Southgate should have just conceded that the midfield experiment wasnt working at half time and brought Henderson on for Mount. It would have gained some control in midfield and freed up more space in a congested area where all the attacking players where trying to operate in the same spaces. ...and why wasnt Bellingham in this squad??
  7. If we're continuing with our current formation of 3 at the back and 2 up front, if after 70-75 mins and Sargent is flagging ,if you looked down our bench I'd rather have had Hugill to bring on
  8. Theyve kept all of players from last season..and added a few ...we lost our best 2 players ,one we didnt own i.e Skipp..one who seemingly had an 'agreement' with that we would sell him in Buendia ...and replaced them with sub standard players
  9. Indeed...shouldnt be fooled by the result against us, I said after that game that they wouldnt beat anyone else bar us on that evidence. They obviously identified their manager's shortcomings and have acted whilst there's still time as theyre obviously serious about maintaining their Premier League status....Rainieri being mentioned. I wonder if we can say the same?
  10. Blimey...if we were Watford we'd be on our third manager this season by now
  11. For once, they'll lay the boot into our opposition more tonight
  12. Whatever happens in this second half..Burnley are down this season. The Premier League has finally caught up with them
  13. ...on the same day..only 8 miles apart...potential flashpoint? Wonder if both clubs have played an away game so close before on the same day? Neither will probably take a huge following but still strange to see
  14. Anyone going to watch us get a pasting at Chelsea would need a mental examination
  15. By that , you either haven't read the post properly ..or you have and by "pretty sure we're playing Burnley" , you mean "are you mad? , we've got not chance" ?
  16. ...as per my reply ...What isnt good enough?...and who's fault is it??
  17. Well its one of two things Everyone was patting themselves on the back less than a month ago about what a great transfer window we'd had, including Farke himself who commended Webber for his work So either...we did have a good window and these are good players, who are being badly coached Or.. We didnt have a good window and we've spent a lot of money of substandard players, in which case the recruitment team, headed by Webber are culpable
  18. I'm not as prepared to lump the Leicester game in the same 'unwinnable' file as Liverpool and Man City . Yes on paper when the fixture list came out it looked tough...but when it came to the game ,they had 5 defenders out (Fofana Evans Vestergaard Justin and Bertrand)..and had Pereira go off injured during the game. They basically had a winger (Castagne) at right back...a midfielder (Armarty) at CB and their third choice LB (Thomas). We couldnt have timed meeting them any better when we did and I maintain most other clubs in this league would have taken advantage and beaten them Only got to look at their results before and since to see that they were beatable...or at least not to be beaten by It would have been an interesting last 10 mins had McLean's goal been allowed to stand
  19. Theres some folk on other threads who apparantly think Farke could withstand losing the first 12-15 games of the season!? Fortunately there's enough of us around who would let the board know that this would be unnacceptable long before it gets to anything like that
  20. What? We've only played 6 games? ..and after 6 games we statistically have the worst record since the start of the premier league ...after 7 games it might be different...but we havent played 7?
  21. Well it is...after 6 games we have the worst stats in points and goal diff
  22. Nothing is worth being made to look a national laughing stock week in week out for the rest of the season Evidence is there (5 wins in 44 premier league games) that Farke isnt a good enough operator in this league ..and I wont buy into the idea that its him or nobody
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