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  1. If there had to be a winner...prob better it was brentford Theyre not a good side but somehow ,even with us beating them are now 10 pts (?) ahead of us. We've got to set our sights on other clubs.
  2. When everton play 4 ay the back and everyones fit, he's never a first choice ahead of keane and mina, instead shoving across to one of the full back positions Had a glorious chance to put himself into the euro 2020 squad on the summer but played himself put of contention with a couple of dodgy displays in the warm up games
  3. Why is Cantwell not playing? After a week back in training, didnt even get on the pitch yesterday when Sargent ,Dowell and even Sorenson did
  4. Rashica and Cantwell (either side of Pukki) are the best of the bunch we have...but approaching halfway through the season , Farke and now Smith , have played them in the same team painfully few times
  5. You say theyre not good enough....but are also saying they're not performing well enough? Which is it?, perhaps they're performing at the limit of their capabilities?
  6. He's one that cant beat a keeper in a one on one from 9 yrds out. That missed chance at Newcastle has/will cost us big time
  7. As decent a run as November was, cant help feel that 8 pts from the last 5 fixtures just wasnt quite enough, given the tough December we now have. Probably needed an extra 2 or 4 pts from either/each of Wolves and Newcastle May get something at home to Villa, not sure where else
  8. Wouldve had even more of a chance to impress in the second half against a tiring 10 man team
  9. This is a second half masterclass from Dean Smith in how NOT to play against 10 men. Absolutely scandalous,negative half time substitution in taking off a winger and putting in a FOURTH central mid, when we had an extra man Exactly what we deserve. Big black mark on Smith here. A real chance to show his tactical nous in how to manage the game to our advantage with an extra man for 80 mins....and so far has failed miserably
  10. As Daniel Farke found out.. not beating Leeds at home is a sackable offence
  11. Semi finals were, finals appear to have just been decided by a secondary draw from a hat
  12. Madness that the home advantage in the playoff finals is decided purely by who gets drawn out of a hat. Far too big of an advantage to have been decided at random. Should have been 2-legged
  13. With the ball now being central its almost as if the bird is leaning too far to the right hand side to fill the crest. It looks more and more blatantly obvious and wrong everytime I look at it.
  14. This is something we will be lumbered with for potentially decades to come and all for a worse version of the crest we currently have. The definition of faux outrage is people being up in arms over a bloody sponsor on a shirt which the club would have only had for 1 year. The cancellation of which cost the club millions
  15. If theyd have simplified it along the lines of Bristol City's current badge (in yellow and green) you could understand it ...but this is just a worse version of the current one
  16. Dreadful...just a worse version of the current one Who was consulted?...the same half dozen or so fans who are consulted on everything??
  17. Credit to Smith for the h/t ...but credit also to Hassenhutl who gave a second half masterclass in how to lose a game ..played 3 different formations in the 2nd half, each progressively worse and each making them less of a goal threat, culminating in them bringing on an extra centre back and going 5 at the back...AGAINST US!! ...extrordinary display of management. Smith almost just had to stand by and watch Southampton self destruct
  18. Wonder if he'd like to re-sign Sargent in January...
  19. I think lt might be an affectionate name Southampton call themselves , as Portsmouth refer to them as it??
  20. Given he'll have only had 48 hrs with the squad after players arecback from int. duty , the easiest thing for him to do will be to go with a winning side from brentford, which is what i think he will do His 2nd team selection after a full week of training will be more interesting, particularly if it hasnt gone well vs Southampton
  21. If we field a team of reserves who havent played much football in months come January...and they put out their first team...at a full portman road, then yes, I wouldnt be overly confident
  22. He was ridiculously being played in the holding defensive midfield position in the early part of the season being asked to do a job alien to him. Since we bought Normann in , I dont think Farke then played Gilmour alongside him at all in a more free advanced pisition, which was scandalous
  23. I think its fairly obvious and established what our strongest XI is...I cant think that Smith would stray too far from it. If Farke played it he might still be in the job... Krul Aarons Hanley Kabak Williams Gilmour Normann Lees-Melou Rashica Pukki Cantwell
  24. Have to be happy with this If you'd have said a couple of weeks ago that another premier lge manager would now be managing us , we'd have thought it would be unlikely as we would assume that we'd be regarded as a lost cause I'd lowered my sights to a previously out of work manager , or someone like Mark Robins...and I was even doubting that we could attract him from Coventy given our respective positions
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