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  1. Not that I would want to test this theory but we could still stay up by losing both games if Coventry were to lose both of their games by a bigger margin.
  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] despite us being constantly told "there is money available" then why wasnt it spent?  We could of pushed on that 13 game un beaten run with 5 or 6 new faces and ended up in the playoffs.. or played it safe and signed 1 or 2 (A striker would of beenn nice) with the aim of surviving. Some people on here said Glenn was "saving it for the summer" only an idiot would of taken that strategy! we were not safe then.. just like we arent now... we needed players to build the squad.  we Signed Pattison for pittance... then relied on loans... most of them havent worked... We have probably forked out premiership wages and paid "fees" to get these players here when Longer term ambition was needed.... Prudence let us down.... Qpr Spent and pulled away.. Preston spent and pulled away... we shut our eyes and hoped it would all go away... Why didnt Glen Spend? well we can debate that forever... but the fact we paid next to nothing for pattison and relied on Loans should be a huge ndicator as to why... the annual accounts tell some of the story too.. in order to spend we need money... there in lies the problem.. there either is or isnt any.. if there is then Someones Cocked up big time and tried to rely on a pitiful squad to go the whole distance.. if there isnt then Someones told us, and Roeder, Porkies from day 1. Which is it? jas :) [/quote] If it was indeed true that we had money to spend and didn''t spend it, then were we to get relegated it would be one of the most inexcusable relegations ever. If you look at the sides which went down last season (and seasons before), Southend and Luton were victims of small gates and the need to sell, at least Leeds had the excuse that they were in financial meltdown.   This football club on the other hand has none of these excuses, with gates of 25000+ each week and money in the bank relegation would be scandalous. When you think back to 4 short seasons ago when we were winning this league to where we are now -it just shows how this club has been so badly and amaturishly mis-managed over that period of time. The same questions need to be asked of this board whether we stay up or not, and if we do stay up- what the hell they are going to do to ensure that this situation NEVER happens again !.
  3. I hear what you say but if we can avoid defeat against QPR (which surely we can at least do that?) then a win for Leicester over Sheff Weds and we would be safe - so come on Leicester !!
  4. Couldn''t agree more..there seems to be a lot of posters on these threads who seem to think that Roeder is totally blameless whatever he does ...even in relegation.  If it is true that it was Roeder''s decision not to buy Taylor in January for the sake for 200k and therefore not finally breaking up a Shackell-Doherty defensive partnership (which hasn''t been good enough in this or any of the previous four seasons) then he should take a fair share of the blame.  This football club has had the opportunity to buy both Taylor and Davenport in the last couple of seasons and has passed up on the opportunity on both - these sort of defenders don''t become available in the championship very often and we''ve turned our nose up on the pair of them......unforgivable.
  5. So after today''s results we now know that a win at home to QPR next week and we will definately be safe -asLeicester play Sheff Weds. A draw - and should either Leicester win or Southampton lose against WBA next week and we will also be safe. Those are the facts and ordinarily I would be fairly comfortable with that situation, however should the football league issue us with another total inept clown to referee next Saturdays match then this of course will be thrown into chaos. But perhaps the single biggest thing that I will be worrying about for the next 7 days what on earth Roeder will have up his sleeve for the team selection.   Todays decision to play Gibbs ahead of Russell was mystifying but I''m just no longer suprised anymore - I can''t actually remember the last match I went to where Roeder picked the side that was expected. It seems incredible that with 2 games to go he still feels compelled to chop and change his side and even now apparantly doesn''t know his best side.
  6. Wouldn''t necessarily call it a ''dogfight'' but I remember Robert Fleck equalising against Wimbledon in the penultimate match of 91/92 getting the point we needed to survive - a similar situation to the one we maybe in against Q.P.R next week.
  7. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="baldyboy"]Roeder i mean, continually picks the wrong formation, tactics, makes bizarre substitutions, blames everybody but himself, the list goes on.  he has had long enough to sort the shambles out, he is to blame as much as grant and duffy this season.[/quote] You are a clown. No club has ever been bottom of the league in November and stayed up.  Under Roeder, we will be the first club ever to do this.  Please think in future before posting. [/quote] I sick of people trotting out this tired line of "remember where we were in November blah blah blah" as if this means that Roeder is in some way beyond any sort of criticism in a kind of ''emperor''s new clothes'' fashion.   The fact is if we get relegated from the position we were in at the end of February then that would be as bad a job as it was good getting us there and it would be ROEDER''S FAULT.  In terms of the recent team selections and tactics, in recent away matches he has made some blatantly incorrect decisions i.e Leicester, infamously Coventry and again today.  What the hell was Roeder thinking about by playing Cureton ahead of Croft, not only did this unbalance the midfield it deprives us of having a fresh striker to bring on later in the game. In the press in the last couple of days all of the talk was would it be Evans or Cureton- Roeder bottled the decision by playing both - Croft once again the fall guy. Had Ipswich have scored any one of the THREE chances that they had in the second half as a direct result of Bertrand''s nightmare this would have exposed what was another bad decision by not replacing him at half time with Camara. It was only their poor finishing that masked that - all of the talk this evening would then have been about that lack of decisivness when Bertrand was clearly having a shocker. No manager can be above blame, even Wenger and Fergsuon.    
  8. I fear the only way of preventing this going to the last game at the moment will be the failings of other sides between now and then, WBA won''t be so wasteful in front of goal as Ipswich were today and QPR have lost 1 in 10. I think it maybe a day of ''ears to transistors'' at Hillborough !
  9. [quote user="POMPEY FAN FOR A WEEK"] they wont get docked points why cant you lot seem to see this teams like whu commited worse crimes and avoided docked points im not saying its right for fa not to dock points, but realistically this wont happen   at least if norwich win today you dont need them to be docked points [/quote] If it is only going to be a fine then COME OUT AND SAY SO If it is points to be docked then COME OUT AND SAY SO If Sheff Weds haven''t got a case to answer and have a legitimate reason for doing what they did then again COME OUT AND SAY SO. but to keep quiet on all fronts after they have now played 2 more matches since last weekend is pretty extrordinary.
  10. [quote user="canaryjock"] I live in Glasgow and a few of my mates are Motherwell fans and have been very pleased with him since they signed. He got MOTM today against Celtic http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/7328014.stm Can''t be too bad than can he? [/quote] It''s Scottish football for god''s sake !!!!, this is the same division that Ryan Jarvis was playing in from August-December, - he''s now playing for a team 4th from bottom in league 2.  (Isn''t Paul Dalglish also carving out a living up there aswell?)
  11. Yes, I take your point about the Fulham match- but on that day we went into the game in the driving seat, in this scenario we would go into it behind,  the pressure would be on Sheff Weds.    Which would you prefer on the last day- playing against a mid-table team knowing that even a win may not be enough depending on results elsewhere or playing against a side where you know a win against them definately saves you from relegation ?
  12. Well here we are 6 DAYS SINCE THIS MATCH and I must congratulate the F.A on their failure to make any sort of statement on this matter before the next round of matches in this division, therefore failing to clear up exactly how many loan players are allowed in a match squad or putting in place any kind of deterrent ahead of this weekends fixtures, not to mention the small matter of docking points !!. Incompetent and unforgivable.
  13. Pessimistic, I know, but should it all go horribly wrong over the next 3 games - the fact that we have still got to play Sheff Weds who may be 1 or 2 points above us come the last game of the season, may yet turn out to be a godsend. At least we would still have the situation in our own hands instead of relying on other results on the final day !
  14. With the F.A''s non action over this so far,I obviously dreamed it all and none of it actually happened, I apologise for starting this thread and wasting everyone''s time and also apologise to the F.A for any harsh words I''ve fired in their direction !!!.
  15. Deadline for loan transfers passed last Thursday, although Sheff Weds would probably find a way around that !!
  16. Would it really be a huge suprise though if Southampton were to beat Bristol City at home on Saturday?? especially if Bristol C were as ordinary as people have reported when we played them.   I''m bracing myself for a few more twists and turns yet for that final relegation place.
  17. DAY 4 Yes, its now the fourth day since this incident, if there is a rule written down then surely there is a punishment written down - WHERE''S THE DELAY ???
  18. [quote user="we8wba"] simply sheff weds gained nothing from breaking the rules if they played all 6players and got 1pt im sure they prob get docked the points [/quote]   How can you be sure that they gained nothing from breaking the rules? If they started with 3 loans and had a further 3 on the bench, those 3 on the bench were there to cover different circumstances during the game - lets say for arguments sake a midfielder, a winger and a striker. The substitute that was used was obviously to combat one of these circumstances that arose, but had they have only been allowed 2 loan players on the bench the player that did come on might not have been there in the first place - replaced instead by an inferior player.
  19. Sky sports have this evening reported that Sheff Weds are likely to escape with a fine in the region of £2000. So there we have it then !!   The football league have now set their price list for having a better quality of option available to you in your team or on your subs bench, £2000 apparantly buys you an extra player- a small price to avoid relegation !   What isn''t clear is if this means £2000 per extra player, if it is does, does this mean that if you are allowed the first 5 players ''free'' another £12000 per match allows you to play a full side of loan signings ?!!! Your''e a spineless disgrace the football league. If we finish a point below Sheff Weds and get relegated at the end of the season , who''s up for a march on parliament Sheff Utd style, any suggestions for who our ''Sean Bean'' might be?
  20. How many of these loan players actually played and how many were unused is surely irrellevant. The fact is by having 6 in the squad of 16 means that they had presumably better cover for all situations and circumstances during the game. If they had only picked the 5 which they were allowed maybe one of these substitutes which came off the bench to help them get a point wouldn''t have been sitting on there in the first place !
  21. a) Neil Doncaster asn''t got anything to do with Sheff Weds team selection - what he has got something to do with- together with representatives of Southampton,Leicester,Coventry,Barnsley and probably Stoke themselves is to bring this issue to light with the football league- If Sheff Weds finish a point above us at the end of the season -Wouldn''t this have been worth persuing? b) I don''t think 1500 words would be enough !!!
  22. http://www.whydelilah.co.uk/news/Breaking-news.aspx We''ve been juggling with 6 or 7 loan players into 5 in every match since January and then Wednesday go and do this !! Kevan Platt, if you''re reading this get on the phone or better still Neil Doncaster you''ve helped destroy this football club over the last 3 years how about doing something to try and partly (a very small part) rectifying this and throw any weight you may have behind docking Sheff Weds the point they got today ..if not more !!
  23. Sorry if i''m nicking this off another thread - but I think it''s worthy of it''s own post...... Sheffield Wednesday   Cards Rating Lee Grant   Richard Hinds *   Tommy Spurr   Richard Wood   Mark Beevers   Graham Kavanagh   Wade Small **   Sean McAllister   Deon Burton   Ben Sahar ***   Franck Songo''o   Substitutes Steve Craig Watson (17) *   Adam Bolder   Jermaine Johnson (65) **   Enoch Showunmi (79) ***   Bartosz Slusarski   Stoke City   Cards Rating Carlo Nash   Andy Griffin   Chris Riggott   Leon Cort   Carl Dickinson Rory Delap   Liam Lawrence   Glenn Whelan   Stephen Pearson *   Richard Cresswell   Shola Ameobi ** Substitutes Steve Simonsen   Lewis Buxton   Danny Pugh (78) **   Andy Wilkinson   Jay Bothroyd (72   By my reckoning - Kavanagh (Sunderland),Sahar (Chelsea), Songo''o (Portsmouth),Bolder (Q.P.R),Showunmi (Bristol C) & Slusarski (W.B.A.) are all on loan - thats 6 in the match sqaud of 16 - DOCK THEIR POINTS !!!!!!!!
  24. I''ve gotta say , remembering the pre-season friendly against Lowestoft at the start of this season- I wouldn''t have had them down for a side going to Wembley come the end of it !!
  25. [quote user="Branston Pickle"] Hmm.  Today we were playing AWAY at a side who now sit in top spot, and were extremely unfortunate to come away with something.  If you can''t take even a small positive out of that then it is pretty sad.  IMO at the end of it all we probably won''t actually need as many as 4 points but, even if we did, with ''reasonable'' home games against Burnley and QPR to come, I don''t see any particular reason to fret just yet.  I''m certainly not complacent as a poor run now could cost us dear, but with several sides and 4 points between us and the relegation spaces, surely it is the sides beneath us who should be worrying more. [/quote] Yes on the face of it ''two reasonable games'' but we''ve left ourselves with no margin for error from these two games now. With Ipswich away and WBA at home to come, these Burnley and QPR games are the games we need to get the points from IMO, (I just can''t contemplate a ''winner takes all'' at Hillsbrough). If we had held out for this point today it would have meant that we could have got the job done in one of these two games, now we have put ourselves in a position where we need something from both of them. I''m panicking now !
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