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  1. By that , you either haven't read the post properly ..or you have and by "pretty sure we're playing Burnley" , you mean "are you mad? , we've got not chance" ?
  2. ...as per my reply ...What isnt good enough?...and who's fault is it??
  3. Well its one of two things Everyone was patting themselves on the back less than a month ago about what a great transfer window we'd had, including Farke himself who commended Webber for his work So either...we did have a good window and these are good players, who are being badly coached Or.. We didnt have a good window and we've spent a lot of money of substandard players, in which case the recruitment team, headed by Webber are culpable
  4. I'm not as prepared to lump the Leicester game in the same 'unwinnable' file as Liverpool and Man City . Yes on paper when the fixture list came out it looked tough...but when it came to the game ,they had 5 defenders out (Fofana Evans Vestergaard Justin and Bertrand)..and had Pereira go off injured during the game. They basically had a winger (Castagne) at right back...a midfielder (Armarty) at CB and their third choice LB (Thomas). We couldnt have timed meeting them any better when we did and I maintain most other clubs in this league would have taken advantage and beaten them Only got to look at their results before and since to see that they were beatable...or at least not to be beaten by It would have been an interesting last 10 mins had McLean's goal been allowed to stand
  5. Theres some folk on other threads who apparantly think Farke could withstand losing the first 12-15 games of the season!? Fortunately there's enough of us around who would let the board know that this would be unnacceptable long before it gets to anything like that
  6. What? We've only played 6 games? ..and after 6 games we statistically have the worst record since the start of the premier league ...after 7 games it might be different...but we havent played 7?
  7. Well it is...after 6 games we have the worst stats in points and goal diff
  8. Nothing is worth being made to look a national laughing stock week in week out for the rest of the season Evidence is there (5 wins in 44 premier league games) that Farke isnt a good enough operator in this league ..and I wont buy into the idea that its him or nobody
  9. ..but we are in the Premier League NOW ...shouldnt we be fighting tooth and nail and doing everything we can to maintain that? Even if that means changing the manager? There's absolutely no guarantee that we can keep thinking we'll come straight back up each time we get relegated because it just might not . We didnt sack Alex Neil when we should have done in his relegation when the warning signd were there that he wasnt going to keep us up We left it far too late in sacking Hughton when he was taking us down to have given the next man a fair chance to retrieve it. Please ,lets not make the same mistake. I just cant accept that there couldnt be another manager out there that could give us better chance of getting points in this league. If every club thought there wasnt, no club would ever dismiss their manager
  10. How patient?...how many more defeats would you think a manager could survive??....
  11. Its too late if it gets to 10+...let alone 15, why would you be happy at that? Thats a third of the season and barely then worth doing at all. If we were to make a change it needs to be whilst theres enough of a season left for a new man to retrieve. It is still is just about now, whilst there are 4 other teams who havent won a game. Someone quoted a stat on a thread last night that the bottom 7 teams had only won 2 games out of 39 between them. So there's a lot of other catchable teams as it stands...but leave it a couple of games longer, there won't
  12. There's no way fans will stand by and allow anything approaching 15+ straight defeats!!?!....especially off the back of Farke losing his last 10 , two seasons ago, They'd be tearing the place down long before it got to that stage, let alone the poisonous atmosphere inside the stadium
  13. Yes it is that bad....in fact its the worst start after 6 games made by any club in the 29 seasons of the premier league
  14. If we lose at Burnley and he hasnt gone, surely a defeat at home to Brighton would be it?...nobody could/should survive 8 straight defeats at the start of the season ...I'm not one for tagging 2 seasons worth of stats together, moreso when theyre 2 years apart but the 10 defeats at the end of the last premier league season dont count favourably either but even discounting them ,8 this season is enough alone
  15. Where is the heart of the Lambert team that played in the Premier League?...where you knew that we'd give it a go,home or away? ...or for that matter , the bit of steel we had in Hughton's first season, after the likes of Bassong and Turner were signed Amdittedly someone like Grant Holt beig around the club then made a big difference. Some of the current squad probably are better technical players but for heart and bravery, nowhere close
  16. The club were patting themselves on the back for having a good summer transfer window. Its one or the other?..either we did have a good window and these are good players not being coached right....or it was bad window and we signed inferior players ,in which case the recruitment team are at fault
  17. Not sure if thats true....nobody would ever change their manager if this was the case
  18. I thought we should give him one more game at Burnley next week and then act in the following 2 week international break if its another loss....however upon reflection , any new man coming in would be without most of our players for that fortnight as they will be away. I think we actually need to act tonight to give someone else a chance to work with them this week leading up to Burnley
  19. 2 week international break after next week. Lose at Burnley and we MUST act in that time otherwise it will be too late
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