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  1. Confirmed as off...probably a good thing in hindsight, we need a draw from this game , not an easy win for Watford ....but what it does mean is that if we win in Friday ...WE'RE OUT OF THE RELEGATION ZONE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The flip side of this is that the teams that they were due to play at the time may not have anything to play for when the games are re-arranged or some might be playing in europe where they werent over christmas and of course Burnley may well have spent that Chris Wood money to have improved their team ..
  3. Thankfully the football league still allowed in to happen for at least one season after 84/85 as the following season Oxford beat Arsenal after Ipswich had played their last game and condemned our friends to relegation ...and 6 subsequent seasons in Division 2 !
  4. Anyone of a certain age will see a Coventry 84/85 situation looming here Disgraceful
  5. ...well Farke was sacked...and a failure to upgrade McLean in the midfield dept for this premier league campaign was a contributory factor
  6. He's a good player, as long as we keep him away from the opposition goal More useful to us in the build up play, what he can't be criticised for is a lack if effort. He's always in the game, trying to make something happen and is a nuisance and certainly doesnt hide from the ball There's something there but , as you say not goals and perhaps now probably shouldnt be judged on them
  7. Too many have become institutionalized and blinded with McLean , thinking that he's a permanent fixture and he's the best we have Its only when he isnt there that we see how restricted we've been in that department when he's there and that other players can bring better attributes into the team . We dont have to be putting up with McLean , there are far better players outside the club we could be bringing in that would be an improvement and better players even already hrte at the club I would say that a trio of Normann-Sorenson-Lees Melou are better than Gilmour-McLean-Rupp
  8. Not in the team or not in the squad...either way he's not in the team , whichever way you want to 'nuance' it
  9. Only if you choose to look at it as a negative I'd take it as a positive that we've found a better combination of midfielders at the club than we'd tried before
  10. But just to clarify...you dont think he's good enough to be in our team
  11. So I've pointed out that we've won today with an improved midfield performance that for once didnt contain McLean ,questioning whether it is partly due to his absence and the presence of better players in a crucial area of the pitch. you yourself have then stated that he's not good enough to be in our team and only on the bench but are labelling others a 'muppet' ?
  12. So you'll agree...not good enough to start and to only be on the bench?
  13. No midfield lapses of concentration, giving balls away cheaply, losing runners, ducking out of challenges and generally being over run by the opposition midfield Finally
  14. I'd have Hernandez back here ahead of Placheta or Dowell Dowell has been useless in the chances he's had , at least Hernandez wpuld show a bit of directness and pace and willingness to run at the opposition
  15. Just shut the fcuk up and play some football
  16. When we've scored 8 goals in 19 games in hard to say anything other than attack
  17. Has he picked Phillips over Rice? He's played them together but I dont recall a game where Phillips started and Rice didnt (unless injured) ...I would agree though, Phillips is nowhere near international standard. If England are going to win something, they need to come up with something better than him
  18. Sick of him now. Over halfway through the season and he's fu#ked us about with a succesion of excuses His team mates need him , can he really say he's putting himself all out to play? If he does play for us again , I can see the fans reacting badly to him now
  19. I fear we either needed Kabak in for Idah to strengthen the defence or Sorenson for Idah for the midfield To do neither I suspect is sucidal
  20. I think this transfer has slit both Burnley and Newcastle's throats. Burnley have lost their best striker, as for Newcastle, if this is the best they can sign for all of their money, it's not going to be enough to keep them up. The big winners here are Watford , who have the best strikeforce of any of the clubs at the bottom
  21. Thought the 2nd half at charlton provided a 'glimpse' on what might be a good pukki/rashica partnership This formation might help that? Krul Aarons Kabak Hanley Gibson Williams Lees-Melou Sorenson McLean Rashica Pukki
  22. They beat Villa at home a couple of weeks ago, and took advantage of a poor Everton team by beating them a couple of weeks before that ...thats the different between them and us, we didnt vs Villa and wont vs Everton
  23. Must admit to feeling slightly uneasy at some of the chants at the Valley toward the team after the 6th or so ,time If theres any animosity or chanting ,I'd rather they be directed more toward the board than the players/management.
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