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  1. I have to say the lack of a new coach is arguably more worrying than the lack of new players. Because whoever it is will probably want to have input into transfers and in any case, the coaches need to decide what type of team they are trying to build. I''m not so worried that we haven''t signed anyone yet, but the complete dis-interest is an issue. Id say it would be best to have the squad complete ready for pre-season training which presumably starts around the beginning of July
  2. [quote user="Trent Canary"] Surely numbers one and two contradict each other. 1 - "A certain Mr. Worthington said that there''d be no transfer action before the World Cup" 2 - "The imminate departure of Thorne and Etuhu" [/quote]   Not neccessarily. Bringing players in is different to getting players out, after all, players are often released very soon after the start of the transfer window.
  3. The great advantage of kicking this particular man while he''s down is that he''s in no fit state to kick you back... All in Yellow I agree with you, although I can think of a few blunders (but those are equalled by blinders) well said! (didn''t know about the Clemence thing though)  
  4. poor guy.. Hope he''s ok. Regardless of how much he wants to be at NCFC thats no way to end your participation in a WC. and no I wasn''t smiling ironically, I was too busy hurling abuse at the Belarus players and hoping he was ok.
  5. so did  saint. In whih case, I guess the goal shouldn''t have stood. I agree that Belarus were rather unfriendly, frankly the tactics they resorted to in the end would have been biewed as a bit much in a competitive geae in soem quarters. Also, had it been the other way round,  think England might have let Belarus score, and a lot of the England fans would have been unhappy if they hadn''t
  6. I think Green''s good enough to justify his place in the squad. How good he actually is is debatable (and the way things have been for the past 18 months or so you can''t blame him for losing form/enthusiasm). Personally, I think that when he''s on form hes a cracking keeper, certainly good enough for the prem if not as good as Robinson.
  7. I thought he was good enough to sign if his wage demands were resonable. He won''t win us the league but he''d win us afew games. Although that would require Worthy to play him...
  8. Yay for Greeno! Hucks is definitely a forst fan, his kids are brought up as forest fans and i''m sure there''s been stuff in the past about it. I don''t really mind, its not like any of them can be accused of not playing well against their former clubs
  9. well doen watford, especially Adie and Malky. even if it does mean we have to go to Crystal Palace next season
  10. Good riddance. I think he had a point with the citizen journalist thing but he made it very badly and generally gives the impression of not caring what his readers think. I doubt his new venture will work out but if it does it''ll be useful and if it doesn''t it''ll be amusing. Overall,  don''t think he''s a loss and I can only hope his replacement is objective and sensible
  11. I personally thought we played reasonably well and were unlucky. When we opted to pass the ball we looked quite good at times.
  12. can''t have been that many people in it, we left on the final whistle and there was a crush to get out. Luckily, we were spared the moral dilemma of staying or going by the fact that we didn''t know when the train home was so we thought we''d better go
  13. My brother nearly got Hughes'' but teh steward gave it to a kid next to him. He wasn''t happy, so i guess we''re staying for the lap of homour and hoping his luck changes
  14. thats a lovely design, I agree we''re tending towards over complicating and I hate the collar on the current home shirt
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