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  1. At a time when the new boys to the Premier League are taking their first vital steps into a brave new world (in which their newly-acquired Sky money can only stretch so far), I find it refreshing that NCFC''s board has decided to be so public spirited and allow our best players to leave at knock-down transfer fees - thus easing the burden on the likes of Sunderland and Derby, and helping to bridge the gap between the Championship and Premiership. Sadly when we were promoted other clubs in a similar position to ourselves did not act in a similar manner and thus we came straight back down - indeed Crewe even had the temerity to ask for £3 million quid and a sell-on clause for one of their boys when we finally got around to making a signing after Christmas... I for one though applaud this gesture which shows great solidarity for our fellow smaller clubs - and will feel truly proud when Huckerby goes to Birmingham on a free transfer and the new Czech bloke vanishes to Wigan after Christmas (assuming he''s any good and scores a few goals). Good work board! Let''s hope many more of these wonderful clauses have been negotiated! (I realise now why I got upset all those years ago when we sold all those players like Sutton for half-decent fees - it wasn''t because they were leaving, as I thought at the time, but because we had let them go for far too much money...)
  2. [quote user="kevin brighton"]I have been converted to Smudger land but this latest disgrace to fall on fans that want to see a team built not destroyed. I am certainly going to look at the small print and see if what you say is correct. I travel a number of miles to matches at home and have been doing so since 1966 but maybe now is the time to take up fishing. If what you say is true that fans are entitled to a full refund having received no beneficial use of the product bought or was it the product we thought we purchased than maybe its time to run a poll on this to see just how many supporters are ready to make a stand. [/quote] I certainly returned my season ticket a couple of years ago when a move meant I couldn''t attend games. I was paying via the direct debit scheme at the time and didn''t get charged. Just took the card to Carra Rud and they did all the paperwork without a fuss.
  3. Problem is, how do we know we''ll get anything like that amount for them (at least straight up before add-ons). I''d be amazed if we get more than about 700k for Safri at any rate. At least if we''re going to sell players let''s hope we actually get ridiculous transfer fees - something other clubs (e.g Cardiff and Chopra) always seem to manage... Plus, players don''t generally fall over themselves to come here, so I''m not that confident we''d get two like-for-like blokes in. As to the players you suggest I haven''t seen them so can''t comment. Any transfer is a bit of a lottery though, so suddenly having an untested midfield (let''s not forget Brellier may not be the saviour we hope) strikes me as a real worry, particularly this late on...
  4. if you really feel had you''re perfectly entitled to return your Season Ticket for a full refund before the start of the season, I believe (as you haven''t had used any of the ''product'' until the games have started)... Check the small print.
  5. when have pre-season friendly results ever had a bearing on actual league performance? Especially the first one. Not being rose-tinted or anything, but relax everyone, you can''t read anything either way from this. Similarly if we had beaten Exeter 8-0 it wouldn''t mean we''d be dead certs for promotion...
  6. [quote user="Ralph Wright"]The character they chose was a red faced old etonian who stated to anyone who would listen what a wonderful supporter he was. [/quote] A sorry tale. But most amusing! Sheepshanker also bears an uncanny resemblance to that Katie woman off The Apprentice - another ruddy-faced fantasist. And David Cameron, come to think of it...
  7. Do the Binners still own Portman Lane, or did they have to do a Leeds and flog it all off?
  8. How can we possibly comment on players before we''ve seen them turn out in a number of competitive matches? I agree with the general feeling of optimism (isn''t that the way of the football fan at the start of a new season), but unfortunately I remember similarly naive thoughts entering into my head before watching Jarrett, de Waard, Thorne et al for the first time. Making good signings is such an inexact science that I''m definitely not going to make that same mistake again.
  9. Or you could argue they''ve had two lucky let-offs, and start worrying they might actually sign someone decent!
  10. I''ve just applied to take part. I''ve also just gone out into my garden and thrown a heap of £50 notes onto the bonfire.
  11. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]Interestingly the rumour is that he will be signing on loan rather than permanently [/quote] A four year loan seems a bit weird! Surely we''re going to sign him properly?
  12. [quote user="Wings"]Frankly, Eastwood didn''t do too well towards the end of last season. I think you''ll find he''ll be a big disappointment for Wolves, and with Cureton (someone who scored twice as many for half the price) on our books, I''m sure we''ll look back and be grateful for not signing him. [/quote] We''ll see soon, I guess!
  13. Doesn''t the headline refer to the fact that Dave Striker currently has a release fee in his contract with the Czech club - in which case his agent has presumably told us exactly what it is so that we can do a Derby and this time use it in our favour! I don''t think it implies any detailed knowledge of any contract we might have agreed with him. (For argument''s sake though if City do have to put a get-out clause in place hopefully a lesson will have been learnt and it will be set at least 3 or 4 times higher than the fee we actually pay for him...)
  14. How can we possibly judge what Striker he will be like unless any of us have watched him play? And I''m guessing none of on this board have... Presumably though the scouting team have... He certainly looks a good bet on paper but as always the real proof will be if and when he turns out in a City shirt. Equally though lower division players like Chris Porter would be just as big a gamble at this level, so if he does sign I applaud Grant for widening his horizons - am just crossing my fingers that this time they''ve got their background checks right...
  15. Wonder what will happen now with Lewis and Gallagher. Interesting to see if Lewis goes out on loan again. Hopefully Gallagher will get a move as he''s always seemed a decent enough bloke - must be pretty soul-destroying for him knowing how far down the pecking order he is.
  16. And we managed to just pip Grimsby. Fantastic! (This must be one of the most meaningless set of statistics I''ve ever seen!)
  17. We''re all writing Safri off here - he''s not gone yet... If he stays and is fit will be interesting to see how the midfield lines up...
  18. Much as I rate Safri I think I would (in the words of Bullseye) take the money and run because: a) this new Frenchman looks as if he could be promising and do a similar role b) Safri''s fitness is pretty questionable c) His Morocco committments are a big burden on the club d) £1.5 million straight into another one or two players seems a good deal. Not for less though - especially not to another Championship side like the Baggies.
  19. [quote user="Shack Attack"] Surely as West Ham and Sheff Utd have both broken Premiership rules, Sheff Utd stopped Steve Kabba from playing against them after he''d moved to Watford, the only way that justice can be served is for them both to be relegated! [/quote] And then the only fair thing to do would be to promote NCFC in a surprise reward of mediocrity!
  20. Given our inability to make signings I would thought it would be a disaster if he were to go, particularly given the fragile and understaffed nature of our midfield. Yes, he''s inconsistent, but Dickson is a presence - and he seems to be improving (let''s just hope his recent yellow fever hasn''t knocked him back)... If we are going to sell him we should definitely: a) for once demand and receive an overpriced transfer fee b) have actually signed two central midfielders before he goes.
  21. If we get a transfer fee then that''ll be a result as Grant clearly doesn''t rate him. I thought he was getting better, though didn''t exactly set the place on fire...
  22. Sutton was incredible the season before he left, but over the last twenty years I''d have to go with Iwan overall for his prolonged contribution - not only his many goals, but also his fanastic hold-up play and sheer awkwardness for opposition defenders. I think he almost singlehandedly kept us in the 1st division on more than one occasion.
  23. [quote user="foxile"]Our last legend in the mid 80''s? Couldnt be further from the truth. Where do i start. Steve Walsh - 14 years for the club and is Mr. Leicester City, best moment was probably scoring two goals in the 94 play-off final to beat Derby. [/quote] Steve Walsh - now there''s a real Carrow Road legend!
  24. But as well as not signing enough quality when we got promoted don''t forget that Worthington then preceded to drop the quality he did buy in - like Helveg after one game. Incompetence on two fronts.
  25. And good a goalscorer as he was he ended up making no difference to out mediocre team. It''s not even like we can say he kept us up - we just managed to claw our way up without him last season when he was injured. All in all he was a waste of space, we might as well have saved all the money spent on wages, Hummer servicing and Dunston Hall bills... Still, at least we''re getting new scoreboards next season and we have a nice hotel now.
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