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  1. A more uncharitable headline might’ve read: ‘Footballing Donkey Banned From Races’
  2. There is a hope in hell. If Düsseldorf don’t have the cash then they don’t have the cash!
  3. But what if the Binners bottle it and we go up! Then some points deductions next season for our rivals would be a plus… 🤔
  4. And apparently the swine had a Lancashire hotpot with Yorkshire pudding at lunch today in a brazen attempt to court Red Wall voters…
  5. Certainly there does seem to have been some tea-bag involvement…
  6. Make that £15m, apparently. They’ve just found another £5m donation he’s given them; I wonder what he’ll get back in return for that…
  7. The divorcees of the Snakepit will be crying into their beer at this news, I’m sure…
  8. As the original poster has stopped going to our matches or even listening to them on the radio then I'm not sure that his opinion on the effectiveness of Wagner as a manager holds much current validity...
  9. I'm not sure this would be an 'easy' way around it! Quite a faff more for the mate!
  10. Yeah, NCFC are one of the root causes of the collapse of Great Britain. Nothing to do with Brexit, 14 years of inept Tory rule etc. etc. It's because we had Ed Balls as Chairman for a time and invited Starmer once to a Saturday match. God give me fecking strength.
  11. Who is this Penny Maundant? Is she a cousin of Penny Mordaunt's?
  12. April 13 is when the Scots Prem splits into top 6 and bottom 6. There are then further fixtures and the season goes on till May 19th. So Idah won’t be back with us this season unless we’re in the playoffs.
  13. I think you might be able to get one ticket from buyback if someone can't go last minute, but I'd be very surprised if you're able to get two together. Two in the same block, if you're very lucky, would be about the best you could vaguely hope for, I reckon.
  14. I reckon if he continues to do well at Celtic then they'll sign him for a max of c. £5m at the end of the season. Maybe with a sell-on clause or a few extras. The only way we're going to get more for him is if he scores enough to get on the radar of some Prem clubs who fancy him.
  15. No fans have seen anything of Sydney, because he's only made brief appearances as a sub. Unless you get a special pass to watch him in training. So I'm not quite sure on what evidence your line about him not being a "suitable replacement" for Sargent or Barnes is coming from... You might end up being correct, but you can't possibly say at this point. (And that goalscoring match fit sub striker has clearly been so impressive at Celtic that he gets another chance to impress off the bench today against the mighty Motherwell.)
  16. I just had the very same thought!
  17. Duffy back in should at least improve us in the air.
  18. I’m really not sure that’s a plus anymore seeing the virtual non-existence of local TV these days!
  19. VAR would probably draw some ridiculous imaginary line down from his outstretched knee and rule Barnes off. A bit like Pukki against Spurs.
  20. Sign the big guy up. He’d be a handful up front.
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