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  1.   Always a reader never a poster : until now!.Todays ktf phone-in after the game was the proverbial straw that broke this camels back.The final caller today,a clever chap called Rodney( who has mastered the art of being able to speak while his tongue is not in his own cheek,but between worthingtons!)said" all wo''s  are ignorant kids,"well this ignorant kid has been a diehard fan since the 67/68 season,attending away games as well since 71/72,so i feel i''ve paid my due''s and some.My final point is for load of squit,beelsie,dicky,darlo dumplin,uncle tom cobley and all ktfer''s,21 wins in the last 76 league games,if you lot are satisfied with this abysmal record it shows what is so wrong with this club.To quote Rodney''s parting shot ..".we are just a pokey little club from the back of beyond",and said with such pride!,another example of the chase/stowmarket two philosophy built on a lack of ambition and missed oppertunities!.We areNOT a small club, in our first season in div 1 well over 30 yrs ago we had more than 10 home gates over 30,000.If you take into account the huge rise in population in the catchment area of the club and popularity of the game we should have a capacity and average attendance of at least 30,000+,as the capital of east anglia should''nt we have the biggest club and ground?.Never forget the supporters ARE the club, the board are not,they should have the grapefruits to say to the unsackable one" thanks for taking the club as far as you can but we need to go further."After all Nigel,its not as if it has''nt happened before....remember blackpool!!,
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