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  1. Easy one for me.... Paul Lambert Ian Culverhouse Gary Karsa   OK..you mean footballers.. Kyle Naughton Curtis Davis Jordan Rhodes
  2. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]If we had to compile a team made entirely of overseas players who''ve played for City who would get in it. Michael Theoklitis Steen Nedergaard Ade Hareide Jens Bertel Askou Erik Fuglestad Dickson Etuhu Yousuf Safri Jim Brennan Dani Pacheco Matthias Svennson Efan Ekoku Is my go it''s a team of sorts, I couldn''t think of any other goalkeepers and I''m not sure whether it would fit any formations maybe 4-1-2-1-2 formation.[/quote]   I think I would rather have Mark Libbra in goal than that clown!!!
  3. I was the same......could not believe what was being discussed...AND....... There were fans coming on saying they wanted to draw Spurs or Liverpool away.........hello!!!!!  do we want a cup run or not???? AND Rob Butler was agreeing..... I thought the ideas of winning cup games was to have an "easy" tie??  certainly we would want to be at home.................    
  4. I was not saying I THINK he should be sold...but with money available for up to 3 more signings AND if say Leicester offer up to £2m for him....stranger things have happened.....
  5. I agree with Morty.... and wait for it.... If a Championship side come in with a good enough offer in January...it may be good-bye????
  6. He will need to ditch those Blue boots!!!!!!!!
  7. Easy.... Paul Lambert signing his new contract...no contest...no brainer.......
  8. we have the Norfolk Cafu...now we have the Norfolk Messi.......
  9. Has anyone else noticed this character who seems to be a canary call regular?? He has sent in a few texts over previous weeks but last Saturday, after the Coventry game he called in with his thoughts...... Not sure if he gets out much but I had to agree with his thoughts...if we shoot more we may score more goals...fantastic logic Baz.....
  10. how can you say he is only a league one full back..... he was fantastic in the champoinship and one of the reasons hucks was so good.
  11. I agree with what appears to be the majority on here that the "Ginger Pele" will not be missed and has been poor for a while...... However as many feel he is one of the worst players in our history can someone explain to me how he previously won the player of the year award and came runner up in another season.......the season he won he even beat Hucks!!......... This is voted for by the fans...so will anyone on here own up to voting for him....by the way I didn''t!!!!
  12. for sheer good fun and mikey taking...I think the trip to Old Trafford in the prem was awesome.....   Singing "My garden shed is bigger than this!!!!"      
  13. I presume the money here is better than the Disney Channel...He has been appearing on Disney with his brother Zack for the last few years!!!!!
  14. Looking at the selection today got me thinking.....was this Gunny''s way of saying he thinks too many loan players is wrong.... Today we had just 2...... Bertrand....cos I understand Drury is injured??? Grounds.....cos Rodent left us with one...yes one...centre half!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any thoughts???? Yes Lupoli was on the bench but again..we are hardly blessed with strikers are we!!!!
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