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  1. Strongly disagree here I''m afraid.  The players are good enough for a lower mid table place in the Premier League - and have proved it. In fact with the exception of Kyle Naughton we have a slightly stronger squad than last season when we finished 12th.  The fault clearly lies with the manager - a fact that saaddens me because I actually quite like him.  Here''s a few simple tactical mistakes he shouldn''t have made: 1/ We have one of the best keepers in the Premier League - play him 2/ Midfield should include Hoolahan and Fox (too late to do anything about this now as Fox must be shot to pieces) and Jackson should start alongside Holt. 3/ When a cross comes in from Pilkington Bennet or Snodgrass (pick 2 from 3) the other wide player should be in the box along with Holt and Jackson to take up a position at the back post.  4/ Full backs should overlap the wingers That''s just for starters and although I''m quite happy for either Howson, Johnson or Tettey to come into the midfield to have more than one of those playing completely unbalances us as an attacking force.  I completely agree with the earlier post that mentioned Hughtons lack of belief and vision but sadly I fear the last 2 games will be more of the same - hang on and try for a draw and score from a set piece if possible - 1 point max from the next two games and down we go I''m afraid!
  2. Agree with much of this very good report. I wouldn''t be quite so quick to wrote off Askou though. He had a difficult night for his first game back for a long time up against two quick and lively forwards and also wasn''t helped by Barnett having his worst game in a Norwich shirt particularly with regard to his distribution - Hoof...up she goes! Askou is a quality defender in my view abd when match fit is good enough for this league. I agree that we should review where we are going this season - if we are lucky with injuries we could finish top 6, but last night showed that the players off the bench either need more matches to get match fit or are not enough to get us a top 6 place. To finish with a statement of the boody obvious...we really miss Surman!
  3. Actually Gunn as chief scout would be an excellent appointment, the one (and sadly only) thing where he was really good was picking up new players...I doubt that he would come though. The big signing would be Forster. If we get him, a good right back and good cover for Drury at left back along with one really good midfielder we will be sorted. This squad is more that capable - and remember this will be the first time in the Championship with a proper manager since the promotion season to the prem. Worthy''s season after relegation was fatally undermined by poor decisions the previous year and we all know what happened after that! Next season promises to be very interesting.
  4. This is either a very poor piece of business from Southampton if they are buying him as a right back - or possible quite a shrewd one if they are buying him to play right midfield. I always felt he could do a good job as a right winger, delivery was OK and he had good pace. Dead loss as a right back however....
  5. Delia Smith....or failing that Delia''s Devonshire Dirtbox
  6. The game should have been on, it''s as simple as that. The temperature was 5 degrees plus from 12 onwards and there were a few small patches of very light frost around the ground. If someone had offered, for example, £20 million to Walsall a day or so ago providing they could get the game played today do we still think the game would be off? Nope I thought not, frankly my 3 year old armed with a hair dryer could have got that pitch ready to play in about 10 minutes. I couldn''t care less if Lambert or the ref called the game off, they shouldn''t have been given the opportunity to do so, the weather was perfect for football...we even left our jackets in the car! As usual lazy-ass official incompetence rules the day and the fans are the ones to suffer. The re-arranged game should be held at Carrow Road, then we might see how quick these Micky Mouse clubs are to call off games because they have a few injuries or they run out of firewood! Oh and as to the refund...all well and good, how much am I going to get for the petrol? A final thought - Doncaster cleared 4ft (!!) of snow off their ground in order to get their game on...just shows what can be done with a little planning and will.
  7. Norwich to win 3-2 with a large dose of don''t give a stuff
  8. This team of players with this manager (the main bit) would finish comfortably above half way in the Championship and would have a chance of a play-off place if they remained relativiely injury free.
  9. If we got 3 - 4 million for Wes then what? You could buy 3 or 4 good players that would give us cover at the same standard we have already got. We don''t need this, those players already exist. Other than that you would have to pay out 3-4 million to get in another quality playmaker, why take that chance - we have already got one that is settled and playing well. Same arguments were used to justify the sale of Chris Sutton for the then astronomical sum of £5 million. We can buy more players etc etc. Problem was that we couldn''t buy anyone as good because they weren''t available or wouldn''t come. Same thing applies here; a big transfer fee is only as good as the players you can attract in. We wouldn''t get one better than Wes so don''t bother - I''d rather have promotion thanks!
  10. Another reason Wes didn''t have his best game yesterday was that he was targetted from the start by some very effective closing down by Saints. This freed up the rest of the midfield to play with more space which they didn''t exploit often enough. It is there that the fault lies. Wes is going to be player targetted by all opposition managers this season for special treatment and attention so he will have games like this where he doesn''t run the show for 90 mins. Why do all the other teams target him? Simply because he is, by some distance, our best and most creative player and the one that will win us the most games this season. Every other manager in the division knows this and so does every supporter that knows anything about football.
  11. Strangest thing I have seen was a lone baldy guy protesting outside Carrow Road after a game. Standing by yourself and shouting at a brick wall....therapy anyone?
  12. I for one am hoping that we get knocked out of this humiliating and ridiculous competition. Bad enough that we have to play in it but we are now being told that we have to play 6 of our main players as a minimum at a time when we are struggling with injuries. Another 2 or 3 key players getting injured in meaningless games like this and we will be a mid-table side at best and I will be spitting feathers.
  13. Rudd every time - in fact I''d have him ahead of Forster as well as I''m less than certain about him. Very slow to come off his line and doesn''t command his area at all well, was at fault for both Charlton goals in my view by being too static. Rudd should be given a go and hopefully will retain his place. As for our Australian friend I wouldn''t worry about winning awards in Australian football, the national team is quite decent but the Australian leagues are really poor. He could well have won the award for turning up on time for training!
  14. Hit the nail eh? Bring on Karen Brady then we''ll all feel better! Oh and speaking of hitting the nail what about Mr Bly''s earlier classic "The truth is often boring, that''s why people ignore it at their peril"..fantastic! Sir Humphry take a bow; this means absolutely nothing, I suggest you don''t try to analyse this statement too closely or your brain will implode.
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