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  1. No Stream!!! I''ve watched every match of the season so far and now I am going to miss this one.
  2. Hi alex, I actually live in North Dorset,Sturminster Newton to be precise!
  3. Thanks for that.  £8 for three is a bit steep, particularly if they''re not branded and especially considering the amount I lose!!I have found a website http://www.best4balls.com/  who will print onto balls and you can choose from a whole range of well known makes which means I can stick with my usual balls.Still no joy on head covers though!
  4. Does anyone know where I can get decent quality golf balls with the club logo on? I would also quite like to get some head covers for my woods.As I live in Dorset now I would prefer something mail order if possible. It''s not life or death but would like to show my colours on the course as I play with guys who have Man-ure and Chelski head covers etc.
  5. Looking at the fixtures I am convinced that whoever is in second on Saturday night will probably stay there and get automatic promotion.What does everyone else think?
  6. Now all we need to do is beat Swansea away next week.
  7. That Nico Kranjcar could go out on loan. Discuss...
  8. Whatever happened to roast beef and mustard flavour Brannigans? I used to flippin'' love ''em!
  9. These loan players are rubbish aren''t they? They are just other peoples rejects and don''t have the passion for the club/badge etc.... ;-DMooney!Mooney!
  10. Fashanu vs Liverpool for me too! I was also in the River end when ehe scored that one. Close second has to be Goss vs Leeds SWEET!
  11. I honestly don''t think we had much choice, this transfer window period is ridiculous and only artificially inflates prices, how many big signings have been made by the prem teams teams this time around?? I think loans with the offer of a contract in the summer if they perform seems to be the best option. I think Gunny has signed players to fill the gaps that most people had hightlighted i.e. up front and CB. I say get behind Gunny and the team and support them all the way to the end of the season! I am certainly more confident that we are staying up than I was a couple of weeks ago.
  12. I apologise, I should have counted to ten before pressing reply. It just annoys me that the first time i post something in ages (something which I couldn''t see elsewhere) people can''t wait to have a go at me.I accept that the tone of mt reply was inappropriate and my only excuse is that I have been stuck at home with my two arguing kids all day trying to work. Bloody snow, they''d better be back in school tomorrow!Anyway I apologise and I shall now go back to the shadows and remain a reader not a poster!OTBC!!
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