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  1. 5 minutes ago, Surfer said:

    You know Bill this is what the entire political “argument” is, or should be about. Forget Brexit, or immigration or medical access or climate change,  those issues are just symptoms of this root cause and won’t get fixed unless this war is won. It needs some wordsmithing on “divesting” to make the point clearer, but “for the exclusive gain of the few” Is a great shorthand for all the policies of the UK Tory and the US Republican parties. 


    We've seen so much stripped from public ownership to enrich a few, whilst simpletons have convinced themselves the nonsense they have been fed justifies this theft.

    " The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. -John Kenneth Galbraith

  2. 22 minutes ago, Mello Yello said:

    Anyway whatever, as we're going with what we've got......and as some Champagne socialists preach...."Money is the root of all evil.....especially when you haven't got enough"......

    never one to miss a dig, eh hand crank ?

    and the actual comment is " the love of money is...................."

  3. " No analysis of the likely economic damage from Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will be carried out, the government has admitted. Ministers have dropped plans to publish a Treasury assessment, amid estimates of a hit to the UK economy of anything between £70bn and £130bn, leaving people thousands of pounds worse off.

    The stance was attacked as “a dereliction of duty” by Julie Ward, a Labour MEP, who uncovered it after submitting a freedom of information request. “The government doesn't even know, or don't even seem to care, what their new Brexit deal will mean for the economy, business and families across the country,” she said."

    So support something the Tories don't want you to know how much it will cost you.

    Support a prospective PM who has had his questionable dealings with some floozy delayed until after the election so you won't know what level of fraud was committed.

    Likewise delay a report that outlays the suggested 'dodgy' money propping up certain Tories...... so you won't know until after the election.

    Nothing to hide, is there ?



  4. 21 minutes ago, Jools said:

    If Labour were for leaving the EU on WTO terms, scrapping HS2 and refocusing part of the foreign aid budget on domestic priorities, I'd say yes to free base level broadband...

    They're not, in which case they/We can't afford the investment.

    And no, Broadband is not as vital as water and power, ffs.

    oh dear, you cannot help yourself from misrepresenting posts - or lying as I would have it

    (it's what gives you way so easily)

    no one has claimed that broadband is as vital as water or power - that is just you making up stuff again

    what was said was " Broadband is at this point a utility like water and power", nothing about vital

    and to ensure the whole country has access then a comprehensive approach is necessary, one that I have no doubt will allow for extra spend as with private healthcare and schooling but the base level will be there

    and how that is arrived at, I don't doubt, will be a mixture of suppliers, but having the one commissioning body

    investing for the future, not divesting for the present day gain of a few

  5. 1 minute ago, Van wink said:

    You are going to be proved wrong on everything Billy, and you know it🥃

    Oh dear RTB is lying yet again.

    Having stated that the 2017 GE would be a hung Parliament, that the meaningful vote would be used, that the extension would be granted (twice), that the UK would not leave in both March and October and much more....... I can hardly be wrong on what has already been proven correct 😅

    Now why not use another of your 'names' to tell us about that campsite motion, how you were certain that a deal would be agreed before March 29th ?

    or better still come back and wobble your gob when you have actually got something right .... like the single carriageway A11 🤣


    anyway I must be off, meanwhile why not try and come up with some plausible story that explains how you were able to travel from Aylsham to Standsted without using the A11 - and remember some of us will be trying to work so do try to keep the lies down, there's a good crank

  6. To instale and reap the benefots of full fibre broadband requires it to be in every home/business/school etc

    However you would be up against strong resistance were you to insist that everyone one had to pay for it hence it will be freely available...... initially is my thought.

    Those who have an idea of Norfolk history will know that a huge number of roads were 'metalled' in the 1930's. A project that would not have happened if the same Tory mentality was prevalent then. One that would have had only those who wanted tarmac roads from their village to the next should pay while those who didn't could either use the fields or not travel at all.

    It would have given a county with bits of tarmac'ed roads stretching miles or yards with virtually nothing joined up.

    What this proposal has shown is how much Tory/brexiteer voting is driven by pig ignorant dogma. Within less than an hour of it being announced all manner of ill informed sh ite was being regurgitated from bigots who probably previously thought 'full fibre' was some kind of carpet material - but were sill happy to repost stuff they clearly didn't understand ....because ithe idea came from Labour.

  7. 10 hours ago, ricardo said:

    I've been right all along. We are leaving and there won't be a second ref or a revoke.

    That is based on the law of averages ie having been wrong every other time you must be right this time


    ps remember when yu told us that there would not be an election in 2019, or the Tories would secure a 70-100 seat majority  in the 2017 election ?

  8. 5 minutes ago, TCCANARY said:

    "Brexiteers are, as is commonly known on Earth, small brained white squeaking animals who spend a lot of time being experimented on.

    Those expirements are to see how much ****e they will swallow from their 'betters'.

    Quite a lot if this afternoon's results are anything to go by

  9. 4 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    However I do believe that energy and the trains need to be nationalised before BT.

    many are...... only they are run by German, French and Dutch government owned companies

    the UK continues to be held back by outdated dogma

  10. 23 minutes ago, canarydan23 said:

    I did French's yesterday. Much better than No 1 if you ask me.

    I can't today though, gotta work. Someone has to pay for your jollies.

    French's are vastly over rated

    Excellent a decade back but not used by locals anymore

  11. 3 hours ago, BigFish said:

    Fair point @Van wink, although it is important to take account of @Jools intent (and that of the the so called "article"). Clearly both wanted to rubbish the policy and the technique they used was to take one element of the financial calculations and attempt to extrapolate this to give the impression that Labour's figures don't add up and furthermore they are financially incompetant.

    In the case of the article @Badger has rather debunked a rather weak piece of Tory propaganda from Tory journalist Iain Martin. As for Jools, if you are correct and he indended to refer to the pension liability that means BT has pension ASSETS OF £57 BILLION.

    Of course the deficit would be taken into account with regards to the nationalisation and would negatively, quite correctly, impact the compensation for the shareholders. In addition it would be possible to take the pensions off the books as part of the process and make them free standing.

    It is instructive to examine the actual problem here. BT have a 90% market share of the fibre market. The companies roll out has failed and at 8% lags behind the countries competitors and even countries like Madagascar. This is while in the free market and under Tory control. BT have also been fined for uncompetitive practices, using its wholesale arm to favour its retail arm to the detriment of competing ISPs. The companies share price has tanked and it has been compensating  its shareholders with dividends of 15% while paying its CEO a seven figure salary.

    This is what I mean by your lack of imagination. This problem has been placed in the too difficult to solve category by the Tories. The breakup of BT has been shelved and they have no idea how to address the problems. In fact they don't have the imagination to even see it as a problem. Labour do, they have put up the costings and time limited it. If there is a criticism it is the question whether fibre is the correct technology rather than wireless not whether the funding is there or whether this addresses the identified problem. In both cases the answer is yes.

    And that is an accurate synopsis.

    With an eye on keeping dividends at a high level so as to retain their bonuses BT have failed, as have the railways and utilities.

    However I would doubt that Labour intend to fully nationalise Openreach and this is merely a shot across their bows. Focus on your customers not your shareholders.

    But it is quite noticable that the Tories have been caught flat footed on this, as they have let this concern drift (ever downward) and can now only react with outdated guff about it being 'communism'.

    Another case of a choice of whether we embrace the futue or cling to the past.


  12. On 15/11/2019 at 14:00, Rock The Boat said:

    Of course, if Labour did roll out broadband everywhere, it would put every other ISP out of business. So there would be no competition and as everyone who lived through the years of socialist nationalised industries such as British Leyland will know, both product quality and customer service goes right out of the window.

    But there are more sinister aspects to why you don't want the government to be your broadband provider. Firstly, the government will have free licence to snoop on everything that you do online, from your chat, your shopping to your bank accounts and your location. Secondly, with a monopoly power the government can restrict your access to the internet if they don't like who you are. This is already happening in China where social credit is earned, and those who the regime doesn't like are unable to buy travel tickets or hold credit cards. If you let the government run your broadband connect then you will hand over all your rights as a private citizen to them.

    is hand crank as clueless about this as he is about much else ?

    well here he is, posting as RTB, clearly emonstrating his ignorance

  13. Not a good day to be a bigot.

    Last night' affrontary, whereby one of our betters was questioned by a commoner was bad enough - but today it got even worse.

    "Farage accuses Tories of "corruption" while saying claims of Brexit job offers and peerages are "fact"

    The Brexit Party leader has told BBC Radio 5 Live that claims his party's candidates had been offered negotiating roles and peerages in return for them standing aside for Conservatives in the general election are "fact". "Ann Widdecombe made it perfectly clear she received two phone calls, from a senior official in number 10, offering her a job on the negotiating team if she stood down as an election candidate. Fact," said Mr Farage.

    "Fact number two, Sir Eddie Lister, rang up our candidate for Peterborough offering him a job in higher education if he stood down as a candidate. "They’re the things that are already out in the open and what I have said that is there was actually a package put together, in which eight senior figures of the Brexit party would go to the house of Lords and be part of the negotiating team ... in order for us to stand down, and I was shown the list that we'd be be given from Number 10. "It’s corruption. It’s corruption." The police are investigating allegations of electoral fraud in relation to the claims."
    Things have hit rock bottom when even Farage is accusing you of corruption 😉

  14. On 15/11/2019 at 12:39, Jools said:

    In your haste, you seem to have forgotten that in order to re-nationalise anything in the UK we need to be out of the EU.

    Labour now advocate leaving the EU do they?

    I haven't heard or read that anywhere 🤪

    which, unsurprisingly, turned out to be another lie

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  15. 24 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    No that’s wrong as well Daz
    I think BF was having a senior moment last night, from what I can read Jools didn’t say BT had a pension debt or deficit of £62 billion, what he said was a pension liability which in fact is quite correct. 

    Is there a difference? It still has to be paid. ANd do pension liabilities appear on company balance sheets or are they separate?

    The pension liability is what is the likely cost due should all eventualities happen ie how much will have to be paid out.....as say with a player's add ons.

    The deficit is the amount short of that sum in it's fund ie City have £10m but if all the add ons happen we will have to pay out £13m so there is a projected deficit of £3m

    Any transfer of BT pensioners would cause a pro rata transfer of pension funds;

    However what I did notice happened very quickly was that the same ill informed nonsense was being put out on many varied 'platforms' which suggests the intent was not to refute the Labour statement but to re-assure it's faithful that it was still ok to be a Tory. I doubt any had a clue what they were posting, but they had something to cling to.

    What is behind Labours idea, perhaps this rebuttal of the guff about 'competition' ........"According to research by Cable, a price comparison site, Italy has Europe’s cheapest broadband, with the UK fifth, behind France and Germany. The UK scores particularly poorly on a cost-per-megabit basis, ranking 21st out of 29 countries. "

    As with the 'on the cheap' failing 'free' schools, the cuts to the emergency services, and the NHS it is time to reverse this lunacy to get the country back on it's feet and start investing...not see huge sums paid out in dividends to non UK holdings.

    A simple choice ....invest in the UK or divest the UK of it's assets

  16. Why will nobody be surprised at this ?

    "The Brexit Party has selected a candidate to vie for the approval of voters in Tynemouth... who lives 9,000 miles away in Australia.

    Ed Punchard runs a documentary-making business in Fremantle, western Australia, but says he is ready to leave if he should be elected next month. He has lived in Australia for 30 years

    So many jokes to be made there ...................... 😁

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  17. shame when they don't keep to the script

    but at ;east there some action whick must have come as a pleasant suprise as it is normally slightly less boring than watching the test card

  18. 7 minutes ago, Herman said:

    Who to believe?? A bumch of habitual liars and conmen or a bunch of habitual liars and conmen?

    Maybe that was their plan from the start. Muddy the water so much that you can't tell the turd from the silt.😀

    Talking of which what has happened to the 'stick insect', Rees-Mogg ?

    Has he been hidden away after his clueless guff about the Grenfell fire ?

    It's bad enough Johnson turning the Glastonbury bake off into the Boris run off, without Sajid Javid avoiding debating in public Labour's spending plans. Which, if are as bad as claimed, should be an open goal. Yet like the other two he shys away. Just as with the Withdrawal deal when it was to be scrutinised.

    That 'something to hide' suspicion only grows greater when we learn that the two enquiries into Johnson's dodgy financial goings on with his previous floozy, and the even dodgier Russian money, funding the Tory party have both being 'delayed'.

    The stench of corruption reeks to high heaven.

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  19. So who is lying ?

    Farage, who claims that the Tories tried to bribe some of his members by offering them peerages etc ?


    the Tories who said no such offers were made ?

    as they can't both be telling the truth, perhaps some of the brexiteers on here might care to enlighten the rest of us as to who is lying.


    "In a tweet Mr Farage alleged: 'Even Boris Johnson’s Chief Strategic Adviser Sir Edward Lister is calling our candidates and offering them jobs if they withdraw. The system is corrupt and broken.'

    The Conservative Party deny the allegations which, if true, would contravene Section 107, 'Corrupt withdrawal of candidature,' of the Representation of the People Act"