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    Poor old binners

    What on earth is going on down at poorman road ? Surely if this investor chappie was serious about getting our dimwitted neighbours into the Premiership he would have coughed up a few shekels before the loan window closed and bolstered the squad. Points lost now cannot be made up after January''s transfer window.Of course if you are to believe the suffok simpletons then it''s a pretty much done deal. ''Evan ''elp us'' is bunging red chops enough to pay off NU and ruffling mad jim''s head before giving him £12m (!) in January. " Here you go young Jim, fella me lad, and don''t spend it all at once "Reality suggests a much harsher deal. The paupers are, thanks to the gross incompetence of their inep chairman, pretty much a sneeze away from admistration and have to take whatever is on the table however uncomfortable - without the Darren Bent windfall they would have posted up yet another two and a half million or more loss. Their income dropped yet again from £16.4m to £15.3m as their season ticket holder numbers have decreased year in year out. Odd how no no one else seemed to be clamouring to get involved. Still at least if they do end up like Brighton, Leeds or Cardiff they know who to blame - though maybe that''s why Marcus Evans is not so forthcoming with pics !.The debt to Norwich Union is still owed by the club, only in this case it is owed to MEI (Marcus Evans Investments Ltd). The £12m is invested in the sense that it is buying new shares that supersedes any others. Shares that also give it first dibs on any dividends payable. So for £6m MEI have aquired the right to squeeze the binners for the £32m previously owed to NU. Hopefully this isn''t an asset stripping excercise and the training ground won''t be sold off (and leased back ?) in order to meet that debt. I suggest there maybe amusing times for City fans as the binners finally get to grasp the full implications of the red faced buffoon''s reckless gambling in years gone by.Watch this space !
  2. Bill

    Annoying protests

    More self centred rubbish from the rabble. A true fan posts up his thoughts. Thoughts that seem to be held up by the majority and once again he playground response of the rabble is to have you labelled.

    In this childish fantasy land you cannot hold the view that you are yet undecided as to whether Worthington should be sacked now, whether he should be sacked in May if things don''t look better or whether you think the board should decide in May with all considerations evaluated, without being abused and labelled Keep the Faith.

    A pretty meaningless slogan that expresses nothing other than the stupidity and emptyheaded reasoning that lies behind it.

    Many fans have different views. Why not respect those views ?

    Why not recognise that your childish squeaking will most likely entrench the boards views ?

    With season ticket sales holding steady (up in some places), the playing staff united against you as well as most fans you are not going to achieve anything other than to annoy the genuine fans.

    You''ve made your point. Now either have the guts to put your money where your mouth is and go, or shut your gobs and give the rest of us a bit of peace.

  3. This thread pretty much explains the clueless nature of the ''johnny come lately'' rabble. Their assumption is that if you don''t over excite yourself by making ridiculous demands the you support the mangers position 100%.

    This is what is causing a lot of anger from the more sane element. Having a mass ''squeak in'' before the game serves no one other than those who have little else to offer in the way of reasoned debate.

    The club, the players and the real supporters have only contempt for those who claim they speak for the rest of us. We have contempt for this gutless, infantile rabble who believe that their Cpl Jones " Don''t panic " behaviour is the best solution.

    Be assured the club will not sack Worthington because of a handful of teenagers and kids. Neither do the latter speak for the rest of us.

    Thank god most will be gone by next season.
  4. Unfortunately supporters are not that easily classified.

    Sure there are the simpletons (kids) who know very little about the game and will happily shout out any slogan.

    Those vast majority have their own differing views. At best they can be said to be united by one thing only - the certain knowledge that the club will not bow to an unrepresentative rabble of ''johnny come latelys'' and ipswich fans.

    Beware the backlash as genuine supporters respond to this irritation.

  5. Bill

    Picture of Todays Protest

    Try looking at the picture on the EDP sports page - it makes the pied piper of hamlyn look like a saga holiday
  6. Bill

    jostled and verbally abused by KTFers

    Shame you can''t formulate an opinion as well as you can invent stuff lgt. You''ve no idea what support I gave today - though it hasn''t stopped you presuming you know.

    You claim my opinions are baseless, which is a bit rich given what you have claimed about me today.

    So lets haver a look at what base there is for my opinions.

    Worthy outers previously claimed 90% support -

    check back through this forum. That certainly wasn''t there today and has never been.

    Fans uniting against you -

    Even you yourself admit that in your own post. Up till today I had not heard anything serious or loud voiced at the Worthy outers. Today was different. I think the idiot near me left early through the bad feeling around him.Something I don''t welcome but can understand. Huckeby''s remarks before the match. Green''s response when the goal was scored. This from a player who the worthy outers have claimed hates being here and doesn''t get on with the manager or club.

    The club has gone through this up and downs and will go again -

    oops that''s where I''m wrong. My opinion falls completely flat here, absolutely baseless. You''re right.

    That is if you are one of the minority of good time charlies who only been here over the last few seasons. Of course it has always been this way. Thats'' why the supporters are not doing impersonations of farmyard fowl minus their heads. We are all frustrated, all disappointed, all feel like kicking the cat regularly but we don''t kick the club. We don''t let our petulance get the better of our support. And I''m afraid there''s a fair few who when roused are not going to stand by and let others kick it either. I don''t condone violence and stand against anyone who used it today but there is a lot of anger boiling up over the way a small vociferous minority have set out to highjack the rest of us.

    Now my suggestion lgt is that next time you actually respond to what someone writes rather than posting up vacuous cliches that make you feel better about yourself. I would add that you might do the same about chanting vacuous cliches but I wouldn''t wish to rob you of one of your pleasures in life.

    As to the silence and lack of atmosphere, that has been in steady decline for seasons. All seating, curtailment of certain words, ejection and loss of season ticket for minor infringements are but a few of many reasons.

    The whole ground make up is different as well. Football has attracted a whole pile of idiots who believe it that it is something to do with entertainment and they have a right to be entertained. It happens in TV also where there are endless shows that feature clueless dimwits forever griping about how a normal relationship is beyond them so they feel the need to clog up the airwaves so as to parade their stupidity for all and sundry to watch.

    Sadly that mindset oversplit into Carrow Road today. If there is any benefit to our projected mid table finish this season then it is that we may well at least be rid of them and their endless whinging.

  7. Bill

    Picture of Todays Protest

    On that picture alone you would struggle to amass 100. Try counting the heads.

    Bit short of the 90% of 24,000.

  8. Bill

    jostled and verbally abused by KTFers

    That rather blows a hole in the protesters claims. Anyone reading the posts on here without living in Norfolk or attending any games would have believed that over 90% of the supporters were in agreement.

    If anything the antics of this vocal minority has united supporters, players and club in unison. Up till last week most fans were not really united. There were as many opinions and views as there were fans it seemed. No one was happy with the situation but the consensus appeared to be that it wasn''t that drastic. The club had been here before, would be here again and we would look at things in May.

    However recent events have pushed many supporters into action in defence of their club. Expect a backlash over the next few weeks. The players are sick of it as the reaction before and during the match showed.

    The idiot near me today was shouted down when tried to start a Worthy Out chant. Funnily enough it was only a couple of weeks ago that he was stating loudly to all who would listen that he would have not bought his season tickets if he had known that we were not going up this year. Even funnier was that he left before the last goal, taking his wife and two young kids with him.

    Whilst I wouldn''t go as far as to call his sort scum I''m getting a feeling that many others are beginning to.

    The club has gone through a lot of ups and downs in it''s history and will survive this attack. If nothing this rabble hasserved to give a reason for the club, the players and the supporters just to come together.
  9. Try reading the post. Where do I say that Worthington should not be sacked ? My commemts were aimed at the muddled headed thinking that was in the post.

    Posting up ridiculous claims doesn''t help the argument either way. Defending silly posts just because they fit in with your believes doesn''t help either.
  10. It might be because they have already decided upon the course of the action and such childish gimmicks serve no purpose other than to appease the less bright amongst us.

    The club has stated quite clearly that Worthington is not leaving and that no action in that department will happen till the end of the season.

    It also looks as if they maybe taking a few that any drastic action now will be deemed as bowing to a minority of ill informed hotheads and binners on a wind up.

    Not a way to run a serious business at any point.
  11. Full of contradictions and muddled thinking I''m afraid.

    The management are accused of not having the foggiest idea of what to do in the Premiership apart from signing players who were capable of keeping us there.

    The club is likewise questioned about whether they had a plan to stay up whilst also being commended for providing the players to keep us up.

    Fans shouting abuse are praised for being in support of the club whereas directors replying to that abuse are deemed to be making snide remarks. Though curiously strong wiled fans convinced of their views (those not of the silent 90%) are supposed to be fearful that a withering remark in response might scare them away.

    Predictably this ''tears before bedtime'' type grizzle is eventually forced into invention to pad out the bellyache. And so we are informed that the manager has little or nothing to play for. ''Life is too easy'' it is claimed. That would presume no wages cut in half for relegation, no loss of win bonus, no loss of league position payments and no door to be shown if certain aims aren''t achieved.

    Of course that all makes sense if you sit in the stands and have convinced yourself that, like our neighbours, you support a special club. A club so special that the normal rigours and disappointments of football are immunised from your weekly experience. A club so special that the normal everyday financial and contractual constraints don''t exist.

    Nope, in the dream world you exist in Auntie Delia will soon come along and kiss it better by conjuring up a new manager. Everything will then again be alright with fluffy bunnies hopping over daisy strewn meadows. Yep all this will happen as long as you scweam and scweam until you are sick. Just as long as the naughty director chap (boo hiss) doesn''t get jolly cross with you.

    Yours is the easy option - that''s the luxury of being a fan An easy position that allows you to simplify things to a level where the board and management are all baddies and are hell bent on conspiring to deliberately thwart your dreams.

    But then it is far better to cling on to that comfort blanket of self delusion than ever it is to face the grim reality that faces almost every other supporter and club board.

    Because that reality would mean becoming a supporter - not a fan.

  12. A word to the wise. This was found on the twtd site

    Great Fun

    Illinoisblue Posted on 2/3 2:58

    chortle chortle :)

    can''t believe so many of them fell for the ''dennis the menace'' post, hahahahahaha!

    This was posted in response to a town fan bragging about how other town fans are posting on this forum to stir up things.

    I would suggest that genuine City fans ignore this binner and be wary of others posting similar stuff.