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  1. Nice to see that you end your bleat with a recognotion of where your club is going. !Taylor is returning to Birmingham as is the conditions of the loan, something I doubt you''ll understand as you didn''t have the funds for any loanees.Mega rich is a joke. Mega debted more like. And no means to pay either. Attendances falling so badly that you''re even having to cut prices to get a few more yokels in for the FA Cup. No attributable quotes either just more old invented nonsense. Council tenants up to the eye balls in debt. Maybe it''s time to help yourself to the charity money like before or maybe the youth teams dressing room as did a previous coach.No money, no hope and no no fans.The end is nighRIPswich

  2. " Fun times for the richest side in East Anglia Yes for sure, a point

    from the play offs, two easy home games coming up, shed loads of cash

    and a great youth system, your right it doesnt get to much better than

    this!"This priceless. Todays EADT has Bowden whinging about falling gates, taking £90k less a game. You lost close to £3m last season - only the Bent sell on money saved you from administration and skewed the balance sheet.Thankfully you accept that the club can be sold as and when your new owners decide. However no where does it say anything about repayment in 5 years. The words are " so that it can be repaid when the club can afford it. " Who will decide that ? The new owners !So my little fantasist could you now please show us all i) evidence of that five year claimii) evidence that the interest is not to to be restartedFalling gates, falling income and rising debt and you are sliding towards the day of execution (EGM) without even knowing the full details of your hand over of the club to some tax exile. All we can say with certainty is that the mugs who handed over their money for shares have been sold down the river. The shares will be pretty worthless after this smash and grap raid.Poorman Road, the home (for now) of the suffolk paupersRIPswich

  3. That figure isn''t too bad when you compare it to other championship clubs. It''s when it''s compared to their own expectations that things look bad.

    A few thousand off that figure and you are looking at a half empty stadium, something that would have been the fact had the club they were playing not been so close and the weather a bid worse - both possible.

    Current form doesn''t look good either. A win through the curtesy of a dodgy penalty and a wrong sending off hardly amounts to anything credible. With a paper thin squad and no injuries they are riding their luck but for how long ?

    No sponsor for the North Stand, shirt sponsorship ending and revenue falling year in year out the slide is all too apparent. A good run may mask this to the simple minded folk in suffolk but the warning signs are there.

    Even the much lauded takeover is now looking not what it seemed. The debt is still in place, in fact the interest charges are now to resume. Control has been handed over to a ruthless asset stripping group and the rather naive ruritanian administration is to be overseen by a bunch of hardfaced businessmen.

    The end is nigh

  4. Bill

    Pink Un Enquiry

    " what with no virgins in Lowestoft and all!."Rather reminds me of the young ipswich fan who takes his first girlfriend home to meet his family, whereby the first thing his dad asks is, is she a virgin. Somewhat embrassed she replies that she is. He gets angry and throws her out of the house." If she ain''t good enough for her family she ain''t good enough for ours ! "
  5. Poor little binner. Of the five yoof binners only three named actually played in the final. The rest, dumped as the paupers couldn''t afford to keep them. At least the local trades people they robbed got 5p in the pound, the binners got far call for these wunderkinder. As to the creditors the binners still owe £32m (after borrowing only £26m) and now they are being charged interest again ! They also owe for the training ground and a couple of million elsewhere (anyone remember when the cockney wannabees were on here squeaking in delight about how they had walked away from all their debts). Oh dear.Given they''ve been losing nearly £3m a year it won''t take much of a genius to work out where the new share money is going. The income and gates are going down faster that the collapsing spaniard in the penalty box so more shortfall to make up.No comment from our simple minded idiot on how MEI can sell them and their debt anytime they like. No proof of this fantasists stuff about no payments until five years either. Maybe the red faced chalatan has told them all that. Much like he told them that the original loan had ''all been financed'' or later that they could meet the payments outside of the Premiership, or even at the very AGM held a couple of months before they went bankrupt " I say, you pitchfork juggling chappies, there''s no need to panic what ho, it''s all in hand dontcha know "Maybe the deluded who coughed up money in good faith and now find that their shares are worth as much as Dave Cheapskank''s words might see things differently. Maybe those who feel that handing your club over to an unidentified bloke whose numerous holding and front companies are all registered in the most dodgy of places abroad might not be something to get too exited about. But then, this is Ipswich Town. A club who could give the canoe sinking bloke a few lessons in shady practice.But the funniest is that the red faced clown is saying that Marcus Evans has to pass some kind of probity test first to see if he is a fit a proper person to own and run the club. Run that grubby little Fagin''s den. You could empty half the jails of Britain and most would be too respectable and decent to do that job.Fun times ahead methinks.

  6. What an exceedingly stupid young binner.As stated elsewhere on this forum MEI are paying off NU for £6m (ish). Ipswich Town football club will then owe MEI £32m. MEI have first shout on any dividend payments. The parent company running Ipswich Town FC will decide on any matters financial. See where ity''s going. In bed with a group that is registered offshore. The delicious irony of a bunch of robbing shysters being had over by a bigger bunch.There is no such nonsense as 5 years in the premiership. They can sell the club (and debt at any tine they wish).No agreed money to ''blow on players'' either.I suggest, my little pitchfork juggling, cockney wannabe that you trawl through the search engine of the EADT (3rd Dec)and read what has actually been stated.Any wonder the red faced buffoon was able to stuff you simpletons last time.

  7. Bill

    Pink Un Enquiry

    I should be careful about your pinkun circulation Wiz if you carry on looking at full colour centefolds !
  8. Bill

    I wonder why?

    " Any guesses? "Nope, some folk will grasp at any straw to have a pop at the club.
  9. And how many of those young ''binlets'' are still at poorman road ?Talking of things still being at poorman road the £32m debt will still be there after your hapless chairman has handed over your club to a bunch of asset strippers.So once again we get to laugh at your club''s incompetence.RIPswich
  10. and the result of all that cheerleading  !

    " belt out an imitation of a demented camel "No, I couldn''t say bless her, she meant well
  11. Hope this helps6-1

    A hat-trick from Martyn Waghorn helped slick Sunderland into the

    fourth round of the FA Youth Cup. The in-form striker scored either side of half-time and late in

    the game as the Black Cats turned on the style in front of Roy


    Jordan Henderson opened the scoring in the 23rd minute but

    Norwich were back on level terms two minutes later. Once Waghorn made it 2-1 in the 28th minute, there was no

    looking back for the Black Cats. Adam Reed, two more from Waghorn, and substitute Ryan Noble

    completed the rout at the Stadium of Light.

    Sunderland had already missed two good chances when they took

    the lead in the 23rd minute through Henderson. The goal stemmed from Waghorn''s hard work. The striker

    closed down Luke Emson, the Canaries keeper, forcing him to miscue

    a clearance. It fell to Henderson and his first-time effort sailed

    over the back-pedalling Emson into the net.

    Norwich hit back two minutes later. Danny Kelly got up at the

    back post to head Damon Lathorpe''s corner through a crowd of

    players and into the corner of the net. The Black Cats were dominant in the first half and they

    deservedly retoook the lead in the 28th minute. Waghorn scored it

    from a near-post position, flicking a header past Emson from

    Henderson''s corner.

    It was 3-1 in the 40th minute. Reed''s shot from outside the

    area hit a defender, wrong-footing the keeper. A mistake by Kelly allowed Sunderland to make it 4-1 in the 58th

    minute. Josh Home-Jackson dispossessed the defender and slotted a

    pass into Waghorn''s path. He had the easy job of finishing the

    move to get his second of the game. A good pass by centre-back Niall McArdle sent Waghorn clear

    in the 62nd minute but this time Kelly did well, getting back to

    block the Sunderland''s man''s shot.

    Nick Davey should have pulled one back for City in the 67th

    minute but he slotted a shot wide from 10 yards. Pacy substutute Noble, who plays the under-16s, made it 5-1

    in the 77th minute, shortly after coming on. The

    striker outpaced a defender, took a touch and slotted it past


    Waghorn was inches away from completing his hat-trick in the

    80th minute, smashing a shot just past the post, and had a shot

    blocked near the end as Sunderland piled forward in search of a


    Waghorn did get his hat-trick in the 89th minute, finishing well

    with his left foot after a terrific through-ball from


  12. " Now run off back to wotb where you can discuss the important issues of

    the day such as how to wash a rugby shirt or what you`re having for

    lunch."Oooooh, get her.Still, personal abuse is much easier than a rational debate.And obligatory if you''ve no argument other than all too predictable attack on the ''boogieman figures'' at the club.
  13. Bill

    cancelled xmas party?

    " Brown will be there with his misses !! "she''s supposed to be a little cracker as well !
  14. stick up the price for chestnut seller''s licenses
  15. " i for one wont hold my breath waiting for them to cough up."What a shame
  16. " .... dimented kind of way) is far more creditible!are you from suffolk at all, you don''t sound too bright ?

  17. Bill

    Poor old binners

    As to the done deal " And with the deal being backed by the current board members and

    investor Michael Spencer, together representing around 49% of the

    existing shares, the vote is likely to prove a formality."Not sure why Evans would look at Coventry, Cardiff, or S''oton. This is simply a money making exercise not ''an investment in football'' that has happened upon the binners.Basically an existing company (part of Marcus Evans group) will own the old company set up to run the club. The latter company will simply wither away. The club ITFC will STILL owe the new company £32m !Ipswich Town FC will still owe nearly £40m with little means to repay that money. Until now. The new company can shift that debt around the other companies.Although there are three old directors and three new directors on the board the new directos have the voting rights (control). These are serious businessmen. They deal in money. They are not there to fulfill the wishes of a bunch of rural hillbillies, they are there to make money. Thta''s why it''s gone rather quiet down the A140. Shame our chairman didn''t have such ''ambition''.RIPswich
  18. " the focus on property development and catering rather than football "Idiot post of the day.Perhaps you could tell me where the money made from both the above should be cut. The catering turns over a surplus so we would be short of that money.The club is sitting on land left by that very naughty man Mr Chase. Perhaps we should return it for the price paid. Then we could spend that money on a lower league player and use the rest to fund his three year contract.As to debt I don''t doubt that the vast majority of fans at Carrow Road have the same debt ratio to income based on their property. The club charges the ticket price it does in part because of the facilities. Perhaps we should all be clinging on to some mud bank whilst the players gad about half naked with their bodies painted yellow and green. Odd how the rest of professional football seems at odds with your silly ideas. Can''t see Arsenal, Man U or Chelsea spending any money on their infrastrucure can we ?
  19. Bill

    Poor old binners

    Re read the first post A1.Those behind the bid to take over the binners are hard faced businessmen. Why on earth would they wish to speculate on some chance of promotion ? That is not what they are about. Of course they are going to come out with some vacuous tosh about ''getting the club back on it''s feet'', it goes with the territory.What they have acquired at a very cheap price is the ability and control to put the squeeze on the binners to carry on coughing up to them as they dictate. Previously NU, with limited control of the club, could not put that squeeze on the club.Find a man with a good job and prospects or a man on death row hoping for a reprieve then tell me who you can get the best terms from.As to their doing well that is the whole point. It was great position to build on. A paper thin squad with an appalling away record was going to falter sooner or later, why not wade in as we have done and ensure that come January you are in a position to keep the momentum going not trying some rescue action.As to whether off field activities are of any interest I would suggest that they determine what happens on the pitch. It was the off field activities that caused the two binners to be a The Valley and not poorman road and what caused such hapless lightweights as Harding and Roberts to be turning out for the binners.Finally, I know it''s easy to laugh ..................

    ............. so why notha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  20. Bill

    Advent Calendar

    Mine has Poorman Road carolsSilent Night (the binners at home)Away Games a DangerOh Little Town of BinnerhamRippoff the Red Faced ChairmanGod Rest Ye Elderly Gentlemen (Winlis, Naylor and De Vos)
  21. Bill

    'Canaries Cancel Christmas'


    Bah, its all humbug anyway!."Thought you might be lighting a few candles and conjuring up a few chants before saturday.............a kind of Hex mass, perhaps

  22. "

    What is happening to our club? The turnaround in every aspect is

    nothing short of miraculous....a few more wins "What absolute rubbish. Very little has changed at the club. The fortunes of the TEAM have improved.Unfortunately this thread has allowed all the witless, cliche mouthing simpletons to come on here and spout out the usual tosh. Sadly like, deep sea fishing, the club''s success in increasing numbers at Carrow Road has dragged in all manner of dross as well.Harsh words but time and time again the accusations are proved flawed. Player who are quoted as being sold simply excercised an option in their clause. Supposed ''lack of ambition'' has seen the funds to acquire the loanees now being praised. The appointment of Roeder was met with howls of protest and the usual tired old phrases, what now then ?No genuine City fan enjoyed the first few months but nor have they enjoyed the endless ill informed bleats on here either.
  23. Bill

    'Canaries Cancel Christmas'

    " "We cancelled our party until the new year,"Not really cancelled, merely postponed as in ......" "The games didn''t really fall right and the situation we were in ........."We are still going to have a night out or whatnot "
  24. Perhaps you could use your magical powers to track down the closet binner Smudger and the rest of his followers.I do hope they are not all the same sad, suffolk creep desperate to cast doubt on our club by posting under various names.I does seem odd that they have ALL stopped posting at once. Maybe they (he) are on tumbleweed collecting duty at poorman road so don''t have the time to post on here at the moment.
  25. Bill

    January Signings...

    " It is believed their contracts will be cancelled in order to allow Roeder to add more faces to his squad "eh ?That''s the whole point of contracts, you cannot just cancel at will. Which suggests the original post is no more than idle and ill informed speculation.