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  1. [quote user="Smudger"] Exactly Mello... just as I thought... [;)] [/quote] Smudgers thoughts. Now there''s an oxymoron.  
  2. [quote user="greenTshirt"]I shall be taking the chance to get out of the River End. Whilst I like the seat I have midway back centre lower, I am sick to death of the moany gits - I''m surrounded.[/quote] You''ll never escape. They''re everywhere.  
  3. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Dicky"] Why are the majority of posters on here now whingeing and moaning about the board, the manager, the lack of signings etc. Under Glenn we have hauled ourselves out of the relegation zone, we are on a 9 game unbeaten league run and are playing good football. Cheer up, we follow a great team that is on the up. Off to St Mary''s now - OTBC [/quote] Sorry Dicky but today has just highlighted whats wrong with the club. We have no money and this board are not prepared to take a gamble or put anymore of their own money in. I am very happy with what Glen has done for us but it''s obvious that he is not going to be backed financially by our board. To be quite honest I can''t say that I am very surprised. [/quote] Can someone turn this long-playing record off?  
  4. [quote user="ricardo"]  Sorry Nutty but this unbeaten run has just hidden the reality of the situation. It has got the board through a bad patch at just the right time to boost the season ticket renewals and allowed them to make a profit rather than an investment out of the playing side. I''m all for Glen building a good team of youngsters but truth is they won''t be our youngsters. Are you really happy that we have become a shop window for other clubs young talent or are you hiding the disappointment that most of us older supporters feel. We deserve better than this and if we are to ever rise again we need a board with both money and ambition. [/quote] The unbeaten run IS the reality of the situation. We are unbeaten because we have a team that has a sprinkling of talent, a good manager and a togetherness and never say die attitude that we had lost. I would rather have had permanent signings, but we haven''t got them so I''m going to have to live with it. I''m not a sheep, blind or any other of the things that you and your ilk would call me. I make my choice to support this club despite some of their failings, it''s what support is all about. Anyone can stand by and whinge when things aren''t exactly what they want. Perhaps you and Arthur should try to display a little bit of backbone and be real supporters.  
  5. Agree with all the sentiments about him coming here, but he wasn''t the only Arsenal starlet released. Mark Randall has gone to Burnley. Article in the Telegraph a few weeks ago that mentions both of them http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2008/01/09/sfnars109.xml&page=1 Includes this...... "Kieran Gibbs Age 18 Moved to Arsenal when Wimbledon’s Academy disbanded. Blessed with a wonderful left foot, the midfielder from Lambeth loves to go hunting for the ball."  
  6. [quote user="ricardo"] Well, as you asked, I was fortunate enough to watch our 3rd place finish and the UEFA cup run from the stands. But so what? This is a coincidence of birth and not the ''right of passage'' that some of you miserable gits believe you''ve earned. Right now the signs look good. Roeder is doing better than any of us expected. If you can''t enjoy this moment then I don''t really see why you bother at all.     Some us saw how long it took to build. You''ve just seen how long it took to throw it away. [/quote] He died in the war for people like you!  
  7. I just read the article. His agent also looks after Alexander Hleb. Any chance of a swap?  
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] i try to look at things realistically.. that can be noth positive and negative Foggo... i cant see a positive viewpoint to this situation jas :) [/quote] Yes, I know you''re not always negative really, but I''d just read umpteen negative posts and you were the final straw - Sorry. [{] There are positives though. We would appear to have four good young players (Time will tell). If they perform well and look back at where they''ve come from at the end of the season, and see no chance of breaking into the squad, we might well have four good young players wanting to stay at Carrow Rd. It happened with David Bentley, although unfortunately not with us, but if we had stayed up he could well be with us rather than Blackburn.    
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] FA rules state we can only play 5 players in a match day squad... we have Bertrand, Evans, Camera, and the 4 who arrived today.. so thats 7.   Supposing that 2 first teamers get injured on saturday we are no better off as we cant play the other loanees!!!!!! so in a sense we havent added to the squad, we have hampered ourselves even further in the event of injuries! players out of position perhaps?   jas :) [/quote] Jas, you currently have  5762 posts. Have any of them been positive?  
  10. [quote user="1st Wizard"] For me 6 out of 10. Initially, very angry and disappointed with the window, but if GR believes in them, then that''ll do for me. I trust Glen''s judgement 100%, however, the board is another matter............................ [/quote] Wiz, do you ever post without mentioning the board? I''m bored.  
  11. [quote user="ricardo"] How easily they satisfy us. Another transfer window passes with no money spent. In fact by my calculations we''ve made another half million profit. That makes about £3 million for this financial year. Put Doncaster in charge of Northern Rock I say. They will soon be out of trouble. Norwich City F.C. Test bed and shop window for clubs with real ambition. [/quote] How easily you are dissatisfied. Success isn''t judged by how much money you spend at the January sales, it''s about how many points you get. We can all make suppositions about what may or may not happen due to our transfer dealings through the window, but until we see the results there''s not really anything worthwhile to say.  
  12. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="YankeeCanary"]   Come on Bly, be a big man and learn to recognise how to to take advantage of any situation created, as in this case where, when you initiate a thread that makes people laugh, enjoy the humour you have created. [/quote] Who''s laughing? I see that you and your American (US type) compatriot are snickering, but snickering doesn''t count over here. OTBC [/quote] I''m laughing BlyBly. If I didn''t you would make me cry. [:''(][:D][:''(][:D][:''(][:D]
  13. [quote user="C.T "]One hour and 5 minutes. Prepare to be disappointed..........[/quote] Did you stay up until the bitter end? I did, but I wasn''t really disappointed, just tired. [S][S][S]
  14. [quote user="C.T "]Once it gets to quarter to 12 Im giving up.[/quote] So are you one of those people who leaves before the end of the game? [:)]
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