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  1. Culverhouse is services are required at the club, you will find it hard to better him.Karsa not sure, could have played a part in City''s turn around but mainly because its two fingers up at Lambert.
  2. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]I think Karsa''s only there because he''s Lambert''s brother-in-law. As "Director of Operations", I don''t think he does anything useful.[/quote]There''s no way that Karsa would still be here if he was related to Lambert as he would have been shown the door.
  3. Contracts can be can be re-signed rolling or not within the club.Culverhouse is priority, but if Karsa has a role to play why not sign both.
  4. Getting these two with a 3 year deal would be a massive boost for the club and players alike as Hughton''s first signings. Just to see this announced "Culverhouse and Karsa sign new 3 year deal" would be fantastic.Please make this happen McNally & Hughton.
  5. [quote user="AJ"]Yeah, they are automatic clauses installed in contracts that the club can activate and of which the players have no say in[/quote] Who would decide to activate these extented contracts, which players they want to keep without any manager.  
  6. Has this got anything to do with Fox,Jackson & Ward signing contracts knowing that Culverhouse is staying. Yes I know 2+2=5. just a thought.
  7. Nope, I feel shat-on. Holt you are an idiot if you leave, playing your best football at Norwich in the premiership, every boys dream....... Tell your agent where you whant to play like a true Norwich legend did.
  8. lambert often said we were a division 1 team, no we had bad management for a while. I belive when McNally came in we would have had got any manager who whould have got Norwich out of that division. My point is that Norwich is not a small club, just got run badly and secondly Lambert will be leaving a bigger club than he thinks and we are not new to the premiership just wiser.
  9. I would be more upset if we lost McNally.I also trust that he will find us a top manager to carry on from Lambert with premiership experience who then bringin premiership players.So chin-up
  10. Why not have Lambert sign a 3-4 year contract, this would stop speculation year-on-year.
  11. [quote user="ron obvious"]http://www.leedsunited.com/news/20120118/offer-accepted-for-jonny_2247585_2580741?[/quote]Snodgrass interest must be over then as I can''t see any more Leeds players arriving.
  12. Personally I can''t see us going for Howson if Lambert is keen on Snodgrass, if Howson is still injured what helpwould he be to the team?
  13. Why don''t people use the Transfer Talk subforum instead of posting transfer new in the main message board. It might aswell not be there as everyone apart from a few actually ad-hear to it. Moan over.
  14. I was a massive Forster fan until now. Ruddy I was wrong. Brill......
  15. Ok cheers, didn''t see that post. I''ve been doing the Dreamteam for several years and would like to think that I could get a Norwich player in and some decent points.
  16. Who would pick to but in the Sun''s Dreamteam and get you the most points from our Norwich squad. I would not pick anyone from the defence including GK as cleansheets are a must, so maybe Wes would be my choice. Whats yours?
  17.  Good signing, under Lambert he will be a great signing
  18. Oldham have confirmed they have approached Cody McDonald and Clayton Donaldson about joining the club. McDonald, 25, is a Norwich City player but scored 25 goals on loan at League Two side Gillingham last season. Donaldson, 27, scored 29 goals at Crewe last year and was crowned League Two player of the year. Manager Paul Dickov told the club website: "I am not stupid and realise that goal scorers of their calibre are going to attract a lot of interest." Dickov has lost a number of strikers from last season with only Warren Feeney, Reuben Reid and the club''s new non-league signing Matt Smith currently in the squad. "I have spoken to both, but there are a lot of clubs in for them," he added. "If it is purely down to money, then they are not my type of player. "I want footballers who will buy into what we are trying to achieve here.http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/o/oldham_athletic/9517439.stm
  19. I don''t think anyone is writing us off, It''s just not the nicest of remaining games.
  20. Gotta to be safe by end of March to have a chance of staying up.
  21. Skysports Newcastle manager Alan Pardew appears to have no intention of allowing Fraser Forster to return to Celtic after criticising the standard of the SPL. Wants to get Fraser tested (Premier League maybe) wonder where he will go!!!! Would not want him back here on loan unless its on a permanent contract.
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