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  1. I thought Lambert wanted money to buy Benteke and the board said NO, and the rest was history.
  2. Karl RobinsonMcCarthyLennonMcCarthy has moved to 16/1 on The Sack Race.
  3. Well done Jas. you had Wrighty in your sights....rat-a-tat-tat and another new post shot down.good shooting.
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Lennon isn''t going to be our next manager... I can say this with some certainty.[/quote]Shame if true.With Bolton in dept. they may have to except a small compo. to release Lennon.
  5. We will always be held back and kept as a small club until Delia sells up.
  6. Still very possible unless he has signed an extension to his 1 year contract with Bolton.
  7. A good start would be a manager and a manager who''s already in a job. The reason if we have to poach a manager means they are good enough to be still wanted by the club. This may cost more but you get to choose the right person. Secondly a manager who has premiership experience because that''s what they will need next season. What would the point of picking an inexperienced manager only to fail in the prem. Another cheap option could cost the club millions.
  8. [quote user="mrs miggins"]I don''t mean to have a go but when people suggest Mccarthy or Howe, are they serious? They''re 1st and 2nd in the league. Yes we have a better squad but they have momentum atm, and we all know how important that is for managers from getting up last time. Also look what happened when Howe decided to move away from Bournemouth as well before, not very inspiring I would suggest.[/quote]Wishful thinking, but we can offer McCarthy more money and on paper, a better squad.
  9. I would welcome Adams back into the fold but not as manager for a good number of years.The board must act quickly to re-appoint a new manager and make use of the transfer window.
  10. [quote user="Herman "]Maybe you and Dibs should write posts with an ounce of credibility and you wouldn''t get so much grief. [/quote]Try reading page.3 of the Annual Report 2014 before talking about credibility.
  11. The longer they leave it the Phelan option looks like a cop out.
  12. Thanks Newton, I was trying to defend JF. I have been hear before as a certain Delia loyal fans base shoots everything down they don''t like. free speech to the few that dare.
  13. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Dibs, I''m bullying nobody. I finally got fed up with your iI''llinformed rants and suggestiins of greed and dishonesty where none exists. If you would like i will lend you my copy of the clubs accounts.[/quote] I am a share holder, so I have them. Thanks
  14. Nige, you have posted more than most, stop bullying others with lesser posts. We are all upset with things regarding the club at the moment, step back.
  15. [quote user="nutty nigel"]People who wrongly see greed and dishonesty in others are likelyto have those things in abundance in themselves. Are you greedy dishonest little scrote Dibs?[/quote] Loyal and honest and I say what I feel, I will also hold back from insulting fellow fans. Check the integrity of the majority shareholders to see where their loyalty sits.
  16. Welcome aboard Adams (Darth). Nothing to do with Delia you say!!!!
  17. Ricardo, I read your post match reports with interest but now question you if you are for real. Bigger investors want a return. You and me are small shareholders have an interest in the club (NCFC) and that all. If you invest a lot of money one day you will want a return that''s the difference between investors and us. I love Norwich but hate the route we are now going.
  18. To suggest that thy hold the club back by drawing money out is the thin edge of the wedge. I wish that this was true in your fairy tale mind.
  19. A new manager will give us fresh optimism and get some renewing, not this time.
  20. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Dibs"]Shareholders have a say on who we pick while protecting their dividends, that''s why they would go with Adams over an experienced manager.[/quote]I''ve been a shareholder for 40 years but never had a say nor a dividend. You are seriously deluded my friend.[/quote] Deluded am not, so shareholders put money into a club for no return? I am also a small shareholder.
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