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  1. The only reason that I will cancel is the only way I can protest against the Board and the appointment of Gunn. The money side is minimal compared to the hate I now have to Delia for drip feeding the club to the point of starvation and making the decision between her & hubby (majority vote) for Gunn. The fans I feel are bottom on her f**king list, as long as her pocket money run club keeps bringing in her revenue.

                I really want to support the players but feel so strong about what has happened that I don’t know what else to do, and can be done.


                Thanks all for your replies……..

  2.       I have heard that after the appointment of Gunn season ticket holders are now requesting refunds, now with the sale of Marshall and free crofty plus with the potential sale of Wes and Clingan. I would like to know what the actual number of season tickets that are being returned after Gunn’s bad appointment.

          Plus how many first team players we actually own, plus how the hell we are going to replace them?

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