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  1. Unable to make the game today but would like to konw what you thought of seaborne. Sign him or Avoid
  2. I would just like to say Well Done to McNally for acting swiftly and getting the Right manager, Lambert for acting swiftly in the transfer market and getting players to play football and wanting to win, finally a Norwich squad playing as a team for each other. This was the best two weeks for results over the Christmas period for a very long time. C''mon City
  3. Paul Lambert needs to act quickly and rule himself out of the running for the Burnley job, hopefully before the Saturday game.
  4. Barclayman - how do you get this Bl**dly quote thig to work?
  5. [quote user="Dibs"]I just feel that we will cash-in instead of a free tranfer in the summer plus he''s a high earner, which i can''t see him lowering his pay much.[/quote] Doc this is.....
  6. I just feel that we will cash-in instead of a free tranfer in the summer plus he''s a high earner, which i can''t see him lowering his pay much.
  7. Doc will be sold in Jan., Askou with Nelson/Whitbread as Central Defence. Don''t forget since Nelson has been playing he has clean sheets to his name.
  8. "Methinks you''ve been surfing the wrong website Dibs - still its tricky with webbed fingers so I understand." Bloody windows 7 with dual internet exploer screens, got it wrong. The idea is the same.
  9. I was thinking that it would be great to sign or unsettle a few Colchester players in January. D.Gleeson (R-Back) or better still Brian Saah (C-Def) which would hopefully ruin their defence and chances of keeping up with us.
  10. Probably get snapped up by a Prem club, be out on loan until their third/forth keeper is injured. The money will be better but the grass may not be greener.
  11. Agree. We need to keep Nelson to partership Askou when Doc''s form drops (or to keep Doc on his toes.)
  12. Fraser is being scouted by Spurs and Arsenal. Bugger
  13. It was the Askou and Nelson partnership which started our turn around after the Colchester hammering.
  14. The defence kept a clean sheet, so why attack Nelson? Doc has his share of bad moments.
  15. [quote user="canary_82"]Dibs, I''ve been an avid, yet passive reader of the pinkun message board now for years. However this evening I felt I cannot simply read and not comment. Are you totally insane?! You really think that the Doc should be sold in Jan?!! Who replaces him? He has been bloody brilliant this year! You Sir are a complete p*at[/quote] Great first post idiot, as you have not read my reason for Doc. NCFC managers have released good players in the passed i.e. Malky/Huckerby etc. this is nothing new.
  16. I put Doherty in the January pot because I prefered Nelson until Lambert finds another Askou. I don''t dislike the Doc as he gives 100% and aslong as its a high ball he''s great, but there''s better and cheaper on the wage bill out there.
  17. Thinking which players I would release in January. 1. Michael Theoklitos 2. Jon Otsemobor 3. Paul McVeigh 4. Jamie Cureton 5. Gary Doherty only if he can be replaced. (still worries me when he holds)
  18. Just thinking that if Newcastle return to the Prem and we are in with a chance of returning to the championship it might be possible to get him. We also require a quality back-up keeper which is Rudd.
  19. I think we should give Forster a Permanent deal as he would be a great signing, plus is very happy here. Money has to be found in January or we will not only loose any chance of good signings but also Lambert. Delia better not f**k this up come January if she still here.
  20. We might aswell gone into administration.
  21. Is our Gunn squad really this crap?, Lambert is going to require a few pennies to get us out of Div.1. Urgent funding required NOW.
  22. Delia is to blame, but Gunn took the job. Workings as a porter in a hospital dose not make you a brain surgeon although the pay is better.
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