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  1. i agree, that would be the end of my assosiation with the club if it was bought out by a foreigner.  Foreign players playing for foreign managers owned by foreigners in the English league??  Not for me thanks;
  2. exactly, he was allowed to slide and to take the team down with him (not just etuhu granted but that very same idle attitude).  We all know what he''s capable of,  a damm good player,  so fella why doesnt he play like that week in week out like what he''s paid to do?
  3. we''re in this mess because of that mamby-pamby attitude "get behind him,  its his confidence,  be positive ...bla-bla-bla"  What a load of bull...  We cant afford to carry lazy players like etuhu.  Hes meant to be a professional,  we cant wait for him to slowly get his act together and play for us with passion one day.  But it seems PG does have this soft attitude and its because of that we''re fighting off relegation.  I agree with you about hughes, he''s not the best player (by far) we''ve had but he tries and has plenty of guts, for that we should be thankful.  But dont, dont tell me to get behind and encourage a lazy gutless player like etuhu.  He gets paid too much and doesn''t bat an eye lid when he collects his ill-gotten-gains! If players like him had the kick up the backside at the start of our slide down the table we wouldn''t be in this sorry situation.
  4. No I wont be nor is my son! Clubs owned by foreigners, run by foreigners played by foreigners.  I want to watch English football ,,,,,,,   The football bubble will burst.
  5. i agree with you fella but i cant be doin with all this fluffy "lets get behind the team" rubbish. Because of the fact  the players are taking the p**s.  I pay ma money i think that allows me to let them know my dissatifaction.   But your right we were sold short with the appointment of PG.  We cant afford to be guinea pigs for him to learn his trade!  By the time he learns about tactics and strategies we''ll be in div 3!
  6. i struggle wiv this "sack the board" mentality,  r u putting your own money into the club??  I doubt it so why slag other people for not doing it? and by the way I booed cos they were crap!  Can somone please tell me why ETUHU gets a game week after week,  he''s one of the laziest players ive ever seen???   The football bubble is bursting...
  7. we''ve one of the biggest away followings in the league and that includes premier clubs.  who r u to begrudge people the chance to see the premier champions and to enjoy part of the greatest cup competition in the world!!!   Follow follow follow ....
  8. we went by train but were talking about the long day and the changes we had to make (coach Nch to Diss undergrounds and same return).  We got back to Norwich at 2100 hrs what time did the coaches get back?  We were going to do the club cabbage thing for some other games but i''m having doubts now ''cause of your post.  (Y) 
  9. As I''ve said before Blackpool showed us for what we really are ..... an average league 1 side (div 3 in old money). 
  10. good choice and I''d probably concur, but ...... dont you think Blackpool showed us for what we really are,  a good league 1 team (div 3 in old money).  If it wasnt for Hux, earnie and dion we would be down there IMO.
  11. Good point ridgeman, but something else Doomcaster said caused me more concern.  The "expenses" weren''t covered causing a "loss" that the club had to cover. So that means we (supporters, life blood of the club) pay good money not once but twice for these highly paid prima-donnas to get taken in over expensive travel to play the game that they''re being payed to play!  If you''re a player its all take, take take and its us suckers who pay pay pay!   The bubble will burst and players will have to earn a living!!!
  12. I always thought MLJ was like a tampax..... in for a week out for three!!!
  13. [quote user="I OWN THIS CLUB"] [quote user="Cobain18"]Steve Mclaren is a joke just like the England team. Admittedly we''re playing below par under Mclaren but the fact is England are just not good enough to win anything - I think Mclare should be fired but I also think it''s about time the nation realised that Engand aren''t that good compared toother nations they just don''t have the quality![/quote] Cobain i dont agree that we dont have the quality e.g Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Woodgate, Cole. These are world class players. We have never had enough quality on the coaching side. The FA this time have settled for the cheap option, just like little old Norwich with Grant. I think our time will come, but not whilst Mclaren is in charge. [/quote] I couldnt agree more with what you are saying.  We do have the quality I just think the problem is with the incentive for the players.  There''s no pride to play any more even for your country.  Lets face it we see players playing with no pride or passion week after week.  Its the same for our so called international players.  The problem in my view is the simple fact that they are over paid and get their wages reardless of how they perform.  What other profession do you know pays their workers even if they are poor performers. They may get dropped from the first team but hey who cares cause they still get paid the same over inflatted wages.  Whats more in their favour (players) is that clubs like ours dont have the strength in depth to drop poor performing players cause we just dont have anyone to replace them all.  All in all this attitude has festered in English football untill we got this greedy, prideless, self centred "professional" called players.  The answer is wage capping, performance related bonuses and limiting (like we used to) the amount of foreign players in our clubs so the English game came regenerate and thrive like it used to. The football bubble is bursting mark my words...! Rant over!
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