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  1. With news of Cotterill from Bristol City? Cuffley n Balls get your fingers out!
  2. I think he''ll join Ipswich. He''s done a fantastic job with Colchester, but Ipswich are a far bigger club - facilities, support etc. Parkinson is ambitious and presumably Ipswich will pay around the same salary Royle was on. Apparently, when interviewed on SGR radio he didn''t deny/refute the chance of joining Ipswich. Sad to say Ipswich have a shedful of young talent and any young manager would relish the chance of working with such potential. Oh well.....we''ve got Worthy!
  3. Let''s face it the chap who has set up the Worthyout.co.uk did it in his lunch break....yet people are falling over themselves to get a quote from him as if he''s some god or something.....as if the Board are going to take any notice of what this bloke says!!
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