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  1. why should we give him any more time he''s had 5 seasons.go now
  2. worthington say''s he will decide in the next 48 hours whether to play croft again''st leeds on saturday , evidently it all depends on his fitness level, what difference will  48 hours make. Or is it all part of a grand plan to confuse leeds. it sure as hell confuses me[8o|]
  3. A new board of directors made up of a consortium of wealthy businessmen, All who are well known derby county fans. the clubs debts are down to somewhere around £8 million. A new manager and a whole new coaching staff have been appointed. All derby county fans are delighted and extremely optimistic about the coming season. Another team to add to the eleven teams to finish above the canaries. Gawd help us.[:''(]
  4.             could Derby county player Tommy smith  be the right sided [he can also play left side ] player we are seeking ?.
  5. Worthington says these type of games home or away are always tough, so expect an early exit AGAIN
  6. So, that''s it then, Worthington''s going nowhere and he is taking us with him. What fools we were not to  have done  more to got shot of him ,when things went so disastrously wrong at craven cottage, followed by a season of abysmal performances ,caused by Worthingtons complete ineptitude to manage a football team . I  predict he will take OUR CLUB to depths from which it will take 10 seasons to recover from.PLEASE GET RID OF THE BUFFON.[8o|][8o|]
  7. Is worthington morphing into professor Stanley Unwin, personally i''am undecided if he looks or sounds more like stanley, maybe both. Anyway I would prefer Stan as our  manager or if not perhaps Paul Simpson of carlisle.
  8. So foley''s contract is terminanted, was this decision taken by delia & co if so was the worthless one''s opinion asked for?
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