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  1. Well, durr - who else is there to report to???
  2. Trouble is when he starts he is ineffective - he seems far more effective as a sub nowadays,  and usually once the game has already been lost  But is does not really seem good enough - and nor does Rusty out on the right,  nor spillane in the middle - which leaves us constantly on the back foot.   
  3. Not sure there is anyone out there who will unite the fans bar Jewell.   However this time last year there were plenty of posters championing Parkinson - how quickly the world changes. What is it with the attraction to Alan Pardews no2s - fnarr fnarr 
  4. Can anything have an active psychology - which I thought was the study of behaviour?   Surely is the philosphy of the club we should be studying?   I am sure some docs could answer this for me... Maybe a psychiatrist would be better for most of us on here?!?
  5. .. At the moment can we name anyone who are ''''good players'''' in the team?
  6. he may be a ''football expert'' but he isn''t right for our team....thats why he doesn''t seem that good!!!
  7. woah! must be bad! well i am looking forward to watching the football but not looking forward to is manager! as we do look good against a small club that isn''t very good:D:D
  8. the suns shining :) :) and norwich aren''t playing so i dont have to be reminded of how rubbish our manager is :) :) :) :)
  9.  everyones had enough of protesting! hardly anyone will come and its a waste of time! think of something to get everyone involved it dont have to be about us wanting worthy to go because that''ll only get the poeple who want worthy to go involved! if you want 2 make some money think of a better way instead of putting worthys head on a dartboard! 
  10. wayne - I was not suggesting that Nigel should pick the team fans want but was simply pointing out that if a large section of fans (amateur coaches at best) can see fundamental flaws with team selection and tactics and then suggest alternatives which, when eventually chosen from Man U home game onwards, prove successful, it does beggar the question why a highly qualified coach and one of the brightest young managers in the land could not identify the same solution earlier?   To chose that team simply because he didnt want players to claim they were not given a chance suggested he would not have arrived at that team in any other circumstances  - had we done so earlier we may have secured the couple of extra points needed to avoid relegation.   
  11. Just been happily posting and have realised my daughter has been logged in - just assumed it was mine as normal. Apologies for any confusion on other threads dated 20th April after 7pm.   ZippersLeftFoot[:$]
  12. Good to see you back Konstantin - an a shame that the lack of tolerance of anyone elses view will mean you are unlikely to return. It is a sad day when people can not express their opinion, which ever side of the glass fence that has been built it comes from, without a post descending into irrational vitriole.  Just because you (not you KP) do not agree with an opinion or a course of action does not automatically make it wrong - it just makes it different.  Something are intrinsically wrong but everything else is a freedom of expression and as with animal rights campaigners there are those who will make a protest illegally by using bombs, kidnapping and desecrating graves etc but that does not mean all animal liberationalists are that extreme.  Its the same with the WO/KTF groups. Its easy to assume all fan booing hughes were worthy outers - this is not the case as some fervent worthy inners were seen abusing him too, but I as a worthy outer did not, as did many others on this board.  Likewise NCISA & worthyout.co.uk have both nailed their colours to the mast on how they view and want to express their opinions.   The latter have made their ''behaviour code'' clear and they deserve paludits for that and the way they have worked with the authorities too.   That does not mean that they organise and orchestrate every out chant or negative atmosphere - that goes to the whole fan base - inners outers and hoeky cokeyers all inclusive. Why civilised fans cannot discuss the current state of affairs without resorting violence is beyond me - one lad in the lower barclay had his eye patched up after a bust up on monday and another was excluded from the snakepite - from which side of the divide either sat does not matter - they all tovividly demonstrate that the PC culture of monocular thinking pervades our club to the core which may take far to long to resolve even once Worthy has left the club. Its not the singing that is embarrasing - its the lack of tolerance of anothers view that is.        
  13. Peter Raven has hit the nail on the head - never go back. Those of you who decry the ''kters'' for always harping on about keeping nigel because he was good once are guilty of shocking hypocrisy - both were good once but are not any good now...        
  14. The ''organisers'' of the worthyout group are a relatively small group of posters with a background not from this board, but theoffy site and others.  Knowing many of them I know that suggesting they are dominating this board is simply not true - they do post occassionally on here but I and cityangel probably the most populous posters from this site on there and while cityangel is (wo)manfully contributing to their campaign I remain an intermittent contributor due to work and family committements.  Not all ''WO'' are members of worthyout.co.uk - even though the two groups have the same aims. For meWO.co.uk is now a  banned ''advocacy'' site! which quite amuses me.  
  15. Like Leon he would not have changed our season purely because we would never have seen him in his best position which is as an attacking central midfielder.  He has a good touch and good vision and IF used with Safri I am sure we would have been far more competetive this season that we have been.   He could take a good free kick but his corners we are variable as any other corer taker! However as a right midfielder he was ALWAYS coming central as a result over exposing the right flank when we defendingetc and not giving the midfield the width or space it needed - as a result I woudl say he was positionally weak as he could not keep the shape the team needed.  As a right midfielder he would have filled the gap just as jj, hughes, WLY, hendo etc etc have been asked to do.   Our midfield has been a distaster because we only started the season with 4 central midfielders, too many of whom were back up rather than startng players, and no wide midfielders for either flank. When spending in Jan we only brought in cover for the leaving players - Marney and JJ.  Trying to go through a season with just 4 recognised midfielder, 3 new to the club and one of them an inexperienced loanee expected to play out of position really is an example of failing to plan being planning to fail. 
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