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  1. and Christ, why wasn''t daryl sutch taking all our free kicks and corners?
  2. [quote user="Depraved"]Friendlies have never ever given us a true vision of how a team will play in the league. So, if you''re already starting to have doubts please don''t base them on what you see in a friendly.They mean nothing! :D[/quote] Agreed, you can''t read much into pre season, its just really to build fitness and team spirit and bed in new players didn''t we win all but one of our pre-season games last year......perfect preparation for the first match of the season you would think!!!
  3. sorry skipped a page as I was rushed i''ll get my coat
  4. a bit of beach boys....Surman USA needs a bit of adaption which I will leave to you more creative types
  5. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Also thinking about it, Lambo said at the start of the season that they didn''t feature. He then managed to get them to perform. So are we really that suprised??[/quote] An excellent post and spot on in my opinion......furthermore, it would not surprise me one bit if the decision was mutually agreed. After all, as you so rightly highlighted, they do have history, so Doc knows what the manager thinks / thought of him and Lambert has a touch of egg on his face. A mutual separation seems logical to me, and possibly agreed many months ago.
  6. volcanic dust my foot.....they have been cleaning out the trophy cabinets at portman road!
  7. Some great posts here .... thanks Any recommendations for the longer odds yankee type bet where if two or three out of four come in you are quids in?
  8. Thanks Allez17 - Good post   Any chance of posting a league accumulator / yankee style prediction weekly? Jimmy the Book used to post one on the MFW website and I enjoyed playing that and it used to come in quite regularly and Im sure I was up on the season.   Just gives those like me who like the longer odds something to play with and keeps it interseting when the results are coming in at quarter to five on a saturday on the walk back to the car.   Cheers, keep up the good work
  9. Dare I say it now that Worthless was in fact correct letting him go back then, much to everyone''s (including mine) dismay.
  10. [quote user="Dogger in 7th"] [quote user="The Chirp"]i think he is a left back isn''t he? I would say that we have good cover there. maybe he also plays at centre back. [/quote] Can play central too [/quote] agreed, im pretty sure he is a centre half by trade that has been filling in (well) at left back recently
  11. [quote user="crab"]The shot that hit the bar at the river end against Inter Milan. Would have squared the tie. Think it was Chippy (or did he blast the rebound over?).[/quote]   that was van goss    
  12. the fact that exeter have gone public suggests to me they are ready to do business......weve just got to agree a price
  13. possibly the first tackle chadwick has ever made without getting injured himself.....typical
  14. certainly suggests unambiguously that McNally was the driving force behind the sacking nice to have a chief exec with some balls at last
  15. looks like theres going to be some goals with that line up at both ends is my guess.
  16. [quote user="ACE"]Well today will test him alright! [/quote]   certainly will, is it me, or is that team and formation a bit gung-ho?   poor old boy will be doing the defending for the whole midfield and probably the full back(s)
  17. They also play a cup replay tomorrow, so saturdays games will be their 5th in 15 days.....it will only be our 3rd. Thus, we should be fresher and at an advantage Am I clutching at straws again?
  18. Quite right too, we have a new management team we all support, lets have 25000 behind the boys every home match from now until the end of the season. You never know, we might just manage it.
  19. I think its unfair that a club can charge more for away fans than their away fans are charged in the returning fixture. Blackpool and Chelsea (in prem season) are a great example. In my opinion there should be a league rule where the 2 clubs agree before the start of the season what they will charge for away fansd and it will be the same in both fixtures. So then if Chelsea charge us 40 - 50 quid a ticket to sit in their average atmosphere lacking stadium, we can at least charge their away fans the same and make more money for our club. Swindon was always my worst away trip, you either got soaked or the sun in your eyes.
  20. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]Anything  would  be  a  bonus. may  be  to  our  advantage  if  the  game  is  called  off  gives  the  new  players  time  to  settle  in. Bristol  City  is  the  big  one  for  us  at  the  weekend, the  type  of  fixture  we  must  and  should  win[/quote]   dont agree YC, we have had an extra day to prepare as we played friday and also, we are on a mini unbeaten run and thus have a little bit of momentum. New signings and new manager also push morale up so Im of the opinion that there is no better time to play the league leaders away. Im sticking my pound on a 1-0 Clingan at 230-1 Agreed though that Bristol City is our biggest game and what momentum we would have with a result tonight
  21. [quote user="lincoln canary"]                                   marshall                     kennedy docherty  drury semmy                                                   bertrand                      bell   clingan   hoolahan                             lita      lupoli   roeder please play this team it is our best eleven! i would feel very confident of this team beating forest! [/quote]   sorry LC, I must have missed your tenure as England Manager 
  22. [quote user="Thirst Wizard"][quote user="fat lip"] [quote user="rum-ole-boy"]for Gods sake!!!! why oh why?? another unknown bloody loanee......we cannot play all of these players, this is what went wrong last season......my patience is wearing thin [/quote] such as ched evans, ryan bertrand, alex pearce....you are wrong, these players kept us up last season....fact [/quote] so thats the aim for this season? to just about stay up [/quote] it was last season from november onwards and in doing so, we almost hit top 6 form. If you add a hoolahan, a stefanovic and a clingan to that mix, we may not be far off
  23. [quote user="rum-ole-boy"]for Gods sake!!!! why oh why?? another unknown bloody loanee......we cannot play all of these players, this is what went wrong last season......my patience is wearing thin [/quote] such as ched evans, ryan bertrand, alex pearce....you are wrong, these players kept us up last season....fact
  24. [quote user="The Walking Man"] [quote user="fat lip"]unless drury or semmy are on their way out?[/quote]   Drury to Man City for £25million... now that''s a rumour [Y] [/quote]   id settle for a straight swap for chedwyn
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