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  1. What amazed me about the interview with Roeder after the game was after being asked why we didn`t go more diect in the second half his reply was that we do not have the players to play a more direct style. - Forgive me but i thought Carl Cort was a big centre forward.  
  2. The anoying thing today is Lupoli has probably saved Roaders job!
  3. Over recent times in derby games Ipswich have always impressed me with their technical ability and have as a result normally been vicorious. Today was completely different. I thought Norwich were head and shoulders above Ipswich on Technical ability and made the tractor boys look pedestrian at times. Some of the Norwich build up play was very good and pleasing on the eye. Combined with the commitment shown by the whole team it was the complete performance. Ipswich can have no complaints - they were beaten by the better team. Onto Watford. What will happen ? Which Norwich City will turn up ? We will have to wait and see.
  4. I was at the game and Sheringham were a credit to their club & the Anglian Combination. Dereham had all the possesion in the second half but Sheringham refused to buckle and showed the required commitment to snatch victory. All local footballers have the ambition to play at Carrow Road and view it as the pinacle of local football be it at junior or senior levels. I intend to attend both Saturday County finals at Carrow Road because I know that all players on view will give 100% and realise how privaliged they are. 
  5. So NCFC have signed another striker. Someone else who will have to wait for the chances to be created by our non existant creative midfield. Our strikers have been crying out for the oportunity to have something to feed off.so I would have thought someone with a bit of creativity would be the priority not another striker. More money wasted ! 
  6. I have been a follower of NCFC all my life and have seen some good and bad times in that period. Putting all the politics with regard to the board to one side at the end of the day it is the responsibility of the manager and his team to entertain. From what I have heard and read this is not what is happening at the moment. Personally I do not attend matches these days as I prefer to watch local non league football as it is more value for money and this evening I shall be watching Wroxham at Trafford Park as I know that I shall be entertained.
  7. At least if he is up there until January he may come back with a Scottish accent. He might then move up the pecking order ! If the club are still looking for a tune to run out onto the pitch to, how about  "Flower of Scotland"
  8. Immediately after Saturdays debacle Delia should have gone into the dressing room and told the players that they would be travelling home by coach instead of making the journey home by plane. In their place some of the loyal fans who travelled by coach (setting off at 4-15a.m.) would be invited to take a less arduous journey home. This would open the eyes of the overpaid overated professionals we seem to have at the club and they hopefully would realise how lucky they are.   A lot of people put a great deal of their money into following NCFC and it is about time the club and the players realised this. I turned my back on professinal football a while ago instead prefering to watch local football where you know "most" people are there because they want to be and give one hundred per cent commitment week in week out although I must say some of influences of watching the prima donnas on t.v. is beginning to creep into the grass roots game.
  9. If Worthy & Delia are such good friends why doesn`t Nigel resign and save Delia the difficult decision of having to sack a friend. He must realise he has taken this club as far as he can - Nowhere ! A new start is required starting with the return of Adrian Boothroyd who seems to be everything Worthy and his coaches are not. Act now before it is too late !!!!
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