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  1. Well Done Granty, Couldn''t agree more with some of your comments. The crowd at Carrow road have over the last three years have become a very fickle bunch (full of whingers,and glory hunters!).I have been a season ticket holder for well over 20 years and I have never known the atmosphere to be so strained. Yes we lost at Ipswich and played badly but before a ball was kicked on Saturday the boo boys were ready. These are the same morons who derided Worthy for not playing any of the youth system and in the same breath moan everytime young eagle made a mistake, you cant have your cake and eat it. Although the performance of the team was dire against a rubbish Hull team, how are the players meant to respond when they constantly live in fear of the crowd baying for blood. What we need to do is get behind the team and encourage. It is not Grants fault that he has inherited a paper thin squad,and why shouldn''t he slate the players and fans if they are crap. Most of the whining seems to be generated by the new fans who jumped on the Promotion band wagon of a few years ago. My advise is if you give it out why should you be imune to receiving some banter back  
  2. How ridiculous of course Norwich can compete with Southampton! Raziak was with Burley at Derby,Wright at Ipswich, so you would imagine the manager would already now the players and have an advantage over your other championship managers. Raziak was so woeful at Tottenham that he was regulary booed, if Mido hadn''t gone  to the African Nations he would of been given away in the transfer window funny enough Mido is on a plane back and he has been released. Wright couldn''t hold down a place in the leeds team and was again farmed out on loan to Millwall before eventually being given to the saints. Seems to me that these two would hardly of set Norwich alight. You are right on etuhu not having one good game yet,but again Safri took a while to find his feet so we can but only pray he will come good!How you can judge Johansen on one game and about three training session seems very harsh. If you take that tact Earnshaw didn''t score on Saturday so he must be rubbish as well!      
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