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  1. Yesterday was an insult, I sat and moaned all the way through the game, I couldn''t help it, I want to get behind the side but I just can''t when Players are not even prepared to TRY. Too much money, Too many players picking themselves each week, Half of them, for those reasons, couldn''t give a toss. You could have the best players in the world, If they aint gonna break a sweat, and they don''t care, well there is only one way for the club to go. Feels like a duty to go at the minute, Not a pleasure. Disgusted.  
  2. Agreed, Chadwicks keen to impress and his work rate and attitude is what is needed in the centre.
  3. I would sign, yes sir. Specially If I was A midfielder, You get paid thousands for doing piss all.
  4. Yeah. tright thru the middle of the park is where our problems lie. Complete overhaul needed in the centre.
  5. Totally. That attitude breeds throughout the team, We desperatley need some new blood in the side and I can''t honestly see much happening on that front. There is some big time charlies at my club and i int frikkin happy about it.
  6. Nah, we''ll be alright, we only need some defenders, a new midfield, another striker..........., Oh, * Robinson and Etuhu out.
  7. Yeah, what the hell happened to him? When we made the play off''s he was one of the best players in the side. Now he''s just another leech, just happy sit to sit on his arse and get paid thousands. Lot of that going about. 
  8. Its the total lack of effort that concerns me, the squad is tiny, granted, but when some of the players won''t even break a sweat to try and grind summit out, well, shocking. Midfield clowns in particular.
  9. Dickson Etuhu.  All this crap about confidence, the guy can''t even be bothered to break a sweat. He hardly ever moves out of the centre circle, neither defending or attacking, putting in a tackle. Bout time someone said it, instead of all this, "Oh, he''s a powerhouse, with a great work rate, and great potential" B*****ks.
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