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  1. Agree totally, He has to go. Its been so poor and so embarrassing.
  2. Feel for you fella... Im watching Sky Sports news and feel like walking out the house!
  3. Best team by far. Where is Hughes? No one seems to talk about him. Is he injured?
  4. Grimsby boss Newell is my man for the job We all have out own opinions on this and i would be happy with Newell.
  5. Id be happy with Paul Ince. But its unlikley having just got a job back at MK Dons. I really am getting upset at the thought of another ex-norwich player as manager. (Unless O''Neil wanted to come back that is!) My money is on Mike Newell
  6. Just seen the news on the scrolling bar on sky sports news. I really dont want either of them, Adkins or Robins. Trust me if it is one of them we will be in this leauge next season.... if we are lucky
  7. Rubbish.... JFH no way, i know our board are thick but surley not that thcik
  8. Paul Jewell Dennis Wise Alan Curbishly Someone with balls, who isant her to make friends but to get us going. Lets avoid the ex player route, why do we all get wrapped up with nostalgia.... What has Robins done? We get Robins and we will stay in this leauge.
  9. I''m suprised about Charlton? Birmingham at St Andrews wasnt pleasant  - The fans there were mental?  
  10. Warnock did look very moody, as he does most games. His managment and tatics are so pradictable. Big guy at the back big guy up front, Big guy at the back hooofs it up to big guy up front. We out played them and at parts it looked pleasing on the eye.  
  11. I went last night and my confidence in norwich getting out of this leauge has grown. I have no doubt that we will be  aforce in this leauge. The whole team looked very useful. Holt looked like a warhorse battle for everthing, Should have scored but worked hard to set up the goal. Wes in the 2nd half  was quality, he drifted in the middle looking for the ball and had palace worried. I have to disagree with the comment about Martin looking good. I thought he was poor, ok in the first half but not intrested in the 2nd. I know it was only a friendly but god Palace were poor.   The only bad news other than Nelson getting KO''d was the £2.50 for a small coke in the bar. :(
  12. It has to be Paul Jewell.... 1. Jewell 2. Ince 3. Martin Allen 4. Peter Taylor  
  13. Could always ask him - His mobile number is on his website! No Picture of him in a norwich Shirt???? Dundee and Reading only! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.polston/
  15. Not that interesting but........................ Did anyone esle notice Rob Green at Chelsea on Saturday.
  16. I saw them strolling past the west stand - I said to my brother oh looks it Peter Thorne, Paul Mcveigh and "Beckham want to be" Eagle. My brother a chelsea supporer summed it up by saying "who?" And another thing  - I was sitting in the West as i couldnt get a ticket anwhere elses and who do you think was sitting directly behind me.......... ROB GREEN - with his agent and Mum and Dad. Did anyone else see ROB GREEN
  17. I agree... Lets hope we out in a decent show. I could only get a ticket in the chelsea East stand. (How akwrd is that going to be when Hucks gets the winner?)
  18. here here.... what a great squad player to bring in and NOTHING! Pay as you play contract he will bite our hands of, Simple as that Happy Days. We need back ups!
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