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  1. SE London Canary

    I'm finally off the fence

    Agree totally, He has to go. Its been so poor and so embarrassing.

  2. 4-1.... Goal machine Johnson??

  3. Feel for you fella... Im watching Sky Sports news and feel like walking out the house!
  4. SE London Canary

    Ayala - Done Deal

    He was at the Wigan game today!
  5. SE London Canary

    Team For Tonight Then Against Brentford?

    Best team by far.

    Where is Hughes? No one seems to talk about him. Is he injured?
  6. SE London Canary

    10am press conference

  7. SE London Canary

    Mike Newell ?

    Grimsby boss Newell is my man for the job

    We all have out own opinions on this and i would be happy with Newell.

  8. SE London Canary

    Paul Ince is the man

    Id be happy with Paul Ince. But its unlikley having just got a job back at MK Dons.

    I really am getting upset at the thought of another ex-norwich player as manager. (Unless O''Neil wanted to come back that is!)

    My money is on Mike Newell
  9. SE London Canary

    *** Manager Choices!!!

    Mike Newell anyone?
  10. SE London Canary

    sky sports breaking news

    Just seen the news on the scrolling bar on sky sports news.

    I really dont want either of them, Adkins or Robins. Trust me if it is one of them we will be in this leauge next season.... if we are lucky

  11. SE London Canary


    Rubbish.... JFH no way, i know our board are thick but surley not that thcik
  12. SE London Canary


    Paul Jewell

    Dennis Wise

    Alan Curbishly

    Someone with balls, who isant her to make friends but to get us going.

    Lets avoid the ex player route, why do we all get wrapped up with nostalgia.... What has Robins done? We get Robins and we will stay in this leauge.

  13. SE London Canary

    Re: Mark robins!

    Am i the only one that dont want Robins!
  14. SE London Canary

    Will David McNally find us another Roy Hodgson ?

    Paul Jewell.....simple
  15. SE London Canary

    Worst fans you have experienced on away trips????

    I''m suprised about Charlton?

    Birmingham at St Andrews wasnt pleasant  - The fans there were mental?