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  1. Playing well, although rumour has it that  there was a very heated half time at Palace after he had been critical of our most senior player in the first half.
  2. Real blow to lose Chadwick for 3 months. Certainly more of a threat down the right than any other player currently on the books. Targets crosses in to forwards rather than hopeful punts, scores goals  and is comfortable on the ball. Yet another position to occupy Roeder this January.
  3. Roeders "Lets worry about  new contracts later in the season" is more about whether Hucks and co are worth offering a new contract.  Whilst we are on the subject, am I the only one who thinks Croft is all huff and puff and no end product. How many goals has he scored? How many assists has he? Perhaps Roeder and Grant knows more about football than the average City fan!
  4. I may seem in the minority here but I agree with "Keep the faith." Being a Barclay boy in the good old 70''s when the Barclay was worthy of the name we had some near the knuckle songs, but the " C" word did not get used. Perhaps we are from a different era or possibly hipocritical but C... is a step too far. "Pardew your''e a C.." is hardly very inteligent or original. Is that the best the Barclay of today can come up with?
  5. Yeah, well done for cutting and pasting an article from the Evening Star web site, or did they pinch your posting, I don''t think!
  6. Gary''s got the goal in there with Martin O''Neils last minute free kick at Ipswich to win 3-2.Those were the days when we stood in the North Stand directly in line with the flight of the ball as it went in the top corner.Andy Townsend''s goal to win 1-0 at Anfield about 1988 a close second. In those days you could count the away fans in double figures and also when Liverpool were the team to beat.
  7. Bottom of the league and still getting 24500 even when we have been rubbish. Town can''t even break the 20000 barrier when winning every game. What does that say about their supporters?
  8. We all follow the City, over land and sea, "AND IPSWICH"Why oh why do the Barclay sing "and Ipswich," in this song. None of us do so why on earth sing it?
  9. Has to be Martin O''Neils last minute winner for 3-2 at Portman Road in 1982. Free kick straight into the top corner. Those were the days when we were penned into the corner of the North Stand, so even more pleasing to stuff the Blues. The only game I have been to where I have been kissed by a bloke on the cheek because we had just scored. Must have been happy because I didn''t smack him one.
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